This Is Like Being “Un-Friended” On Facebook, Right?

Say, like, for instance, Krugman calls you ‘clueless’.

…Obama thinks his key to electoral success is to trumpet “the influence corporate leaders have had on his economic policies.”

We’re doomed.

Oh, “ouchie”, right?
But then along comes an AP (!?!?!) headline like this

PROMISES, PROMISES: Jobs bill won’t add many jobs

(CHINGOW! Oooo, stings a little.)…and a guy really starts to wonder if he’s lost his mojo, right? Or he should start to wonder…actually should have started wondering a while ago…well, normally it would be distressing, right?

Unless he’s…


3 Responses to “This Is Like Being “Un-Friended” On Facebook, Right?”

  1. JeffS says:

    Heh! Love that cartoon!

  2. Is that little door in the front of the Presidential desk a hangover from the Clinton regime?

  3. Kathy K says:

    Umm, no, Winston. It has been there since the desk has, as far as I know. Very famous pic of JFK Jr. looking through that door

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