THIS Is Where Bingley’s Unabashed, Unabated Indulgences Have Brought Us To

Way to ruin Happy Hour for EVERYONE on FREAKING EARTH, big guy…

Deadly Alcohol Needs Global Regulation, Health Expert Says

When considering the world’s worst killers, alcohol likely doesn’t come to mind. Yet alcohol kills more than 2.5 million people annually, more than AIDS, malaria or tuberculosis.

For middle-income people, who constitute half the world’s population, alcohol is the top health risk factor, greater than obesity, inactivity and even tobacco.

The World Health Organization has meticulously documented the extent of alcohol abuse in recent years and has published solid recommendations on how to reduce alcohol-related deaths, but this doesn’t go far enough, according to Devi Sridhar, a health-policy expert at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

In a commentary appearing today (Feb. 15) in the journal Nature, Sridhar argues that the WHO should regulate alcohol at the global level, enforcing such regulations as a minimum drinking age, zero-tolerance drunken driving, and bans on unlimited drink specials. Abiding by the regulations would be mandatory for the WHO’s 194 member states.

Drink up, Shriners. You know Obama’s going for it…

22 Responses to “THIS Is Where Bingley’s Unabashed, Unabated Indulgences Have Brought Us To”

  1. JeffS says:

    Gee, I guess those idiots at the WHO never heard of “Prohibition”, and how well that didn’t work. Or how other attempts to regulate alcohol just create new market opportunities for shady entrepreneurs.

  2. AliceH says:

    I’m stuck at “…middle-income people, who constitute half the world’s population…”

    When did THAT happen? I thought the whole world was suffering abject poverty except some small portion of stinky, greedy, colonizing imperialist Westerners – mostly white Europeans.

  3. AliceH says:

    Not that that gets Bingley off the hook, of course.

  4. Yojimbo says:

    Nothing should get Bingley off the hook, just on general principles.

    TRJ: I don’t think the WHO would care how well this actually works, it’s about power and control.

    The UN has probably let 2.5 million die without even breaking a sweat.

  5. Skyler says:

    Sure, B. Hussein will be all for anything that increases government power. He’d be just like JFK, hoarding Cuban cigars before banning them.

  6. Mr. Bingley says:


  7. JeffS says:

    Yojimbo, true dat. I mean, WHO is part of the United Nations, an organization that recruits thieves, rapists, pedophiles, and pimps for duty as “peace keepers”.

  8. Dr Alice says:

    Malaria kills more people, I am sure. But we can’t use DDT any more because it’s BAAAD… Maybe we can introduce the skeeters to Scotch and kill them that way?

  9. aelfheld says:

    Aren’t these the same schmucks who twist themselves into knots about overpopulation?

    I wish they’d make up what passes for their minds.

  10. Gunslinger says:

    I’d like to see those morons try to enforce their temperance pipe dream.

  11. Yojimbo says:

    I’ll drink to that, Guns’.

  12. JeffS says:

    That’s why I brought up Prohibition, Guns. Even before that bout of insanity, illegal distillation was a high art in America.

  13. major dad says:

    How do you say “blow it out your ass” so everyone understands? What next no cheeseburgers? God I hope we defeat these douche bags till then drink up!

  14. Michael Lonie says:

    Al Capone, call your office.

  15. Kate P says:

    I think I need to mix up a bacon martini just to stick it to these guys. Maybe two.

  16. Ave says:

    Oh goody, I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to be a Shady Entrepreneur!

  17. Skyler says:

    My grandfather made and sold beer in Chicago during prohibition. So will I.

  18. Ebola says:

    Vaguely off subject, but it still boggles my mind that the Republican party put such a dumbass collection of candidates. How the hell can it even be plausible to lose to this administration? Seriously, even his own people are bailing on him and he still has the god damn advantage right now.

  19. Dr Alice says:

    Ebola, you’re right and it really upsets me. I don’t know why we have such a batch of losers running this year and I’m not happy with any of them.

  20. Kathy Kinsley says:

    @JeffS says:
    February 16, 2012 at 9:12 pm
    “That’s why I brought up Prohibition, Guns. Even before that bout of insanity, illegal distillation was a high art in America.”
    Last I checked (admittedly a few years back – but not that many – it still IS.

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