Time For A Weiner Palate Cleanser

Buried in a worshipful story on Politico that tries to justify Obama’s golfing exploits is this barftastic gem

Obama is a natural athlete with a smooth left-handed swing off the tee, according to his partners, including Nicholson and Eugene Kang, another White House aide. Photographs, taken through low-hanging boughs with telephoto lenses, show the president has a firm wrist on his putting stroke.

But a rare video of Obama in action — taken on a Hawaii driving range just before he took office — shows an unmistakable jerk in Obama’s backswing with a long iron, causing his head to pull up and the ball to dart off-course.

Now some heartless types might caustically comment that the “unmistakable jerk” lurking in Obama’s backswing just might be the fellow holding the club.

I, of course, would never say, nay nor even think to imply, such a thing.

No, I want to linger on that “natural athlete” line. Now why is it that the Press, when ever they talk about him, do so in such a way that he’s always so superior to the rest of us in whatever it is that he’s doing? He’s a “gifted orator” who is surgically attached to his Teleprompter. He’s “fluent in Spanish” (oops sorry that was Chimpy McStupidstein). He’s a “constitutional scholar” who, er, never published anything. He’s a “concert-level classical pianist” (oops sorry that was Condoleeza) and so on.

Can’t he ever be just a regular schmoe?

I feel for the guy; I really do.

“Natural athlete”?


We’ve seen you bowl.

And pitch

A “natural”

One Response to “Time For A Weiner Palate Cleanser”

  1. greg newsom says:

    Bush has a good arm.Even though I think he was a bad President,we must give him kudos for a good arm.
    Just as Ty Cobb was an a##hole,he was a great baseball player.

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