Time to (Yet Again) Find a Kinder, Gentler Way

…to call them what they are.

Call for Bush to stop using ‘Islamic fascists
Feingold says term offensive and unconnected to global terrorism fight
Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold called on President Bush to refrain from using the phrase “Islamic fascists,” saying it was offensive to Muslims and has nothing to do with global terrorists fighting the United States.
We must avoid using misleading and offensive terms that link Islam with those who subvert this great religion or who distort its teachings to justify terrorist activities,” Feingold said Tuesday in a speech to the Arab American Institute on Capitol Hill.

Well, first point, Russ…this is about the sixth thing the President has called these murdering bastards because of the general outcry when trying to find something inoffensive to call these Muslim (whoops) Islamic extremist (can’t use that anymore) homicidal (nope ~ right out) murdering bastards terrorists Presbyterians of Peace. (See, Russ? It’s really hard.)
Secondly ~ as far as “linking Islam” to these murdering bastards? A fine point: THEY DID THAT THEIR OWNSELVES, YO. (Remember? “9/11”, “jihad”, “fatwa”, “infidel”, “Allah Akbar”, blahblahblah… W’s pretty smart and deviously evil, but even ROVE couldn’t pull all that out his patootie.)
There also seems to be a disconnect between how Muslims Islamics THOSE people view their situation and how they act. On World News Tonight last night (yes, LAST night, the 9/11 anniversiary) ABC sensitively aired a short piece on “Islamophobia”. Specifically in London. (yes, the same London of the bombings) They spoke to three of THOSE people, who:
a) talked of the lack of opportunity for these young murderers people being a root cause of their season of discontent. (the male interviewee)
b) complained that people move to a seat as far away from her as possible when she sits next to them on a public conveyence in her full Islamic regalia. (Fatima, the first female interviewee)
c) says that even a hairdresser said how pretty she was (“I am Miss England!”) but her looks are different than the usual beauty contestant. “But I am also a Muslim,” she replied. (Miss England)
All of THESE people complain about the reaction Joe Brit in the street has to them. And they all piss and moan and ululate, but not one of them ever addresses the rot within their own society ~ at their very doorstep. The hate and ignorance that gets passed out and fomented in the mosques of their own neighborhoods, by their own neighbors. Yet Joe Brit, who gets blown to bits on the tram ride home, should take care not to hurt feelings. He should understand they feel marginalized. Or the President of the United States ~ who watches helplessly as citizens die in the most cowardly, heinous, barbaric manner ~ should mind his tongue. They never address those things they do which marginalize themselves ~ they want to remain in splendid isolation, with the rest of us abdicating to their needs.
I can’t imagine, say, Vanessa Williams (when she still had her Miss America crown) answering her hair dresser’s compliments (“I am so proud to be the first black Miss America!”) with “But I am also a Baptist/Catholic/Druid/WTF EVER/*insert your religion here.”
No you’re not, baby. You’re Miss England (perhaps the first of whatever country’s ancestry to make it, granted). You should be delighted to be so and that’s as much as anyone should hear from you.
You sure wouldn’t be wearing that crown or snappy pink suit in Afghanistan.

6 Responses to “Time to (Yet Again) Find a Kinder, Gentler Way”

  1. Nightfly says:

    Amen. If they don’t like it, they can work to correct that stubborn misconception by acting like civilized people, and not like howling banshees.
    And now I’ve gone and offended the Irish. Sorry.

  2. Gunslinger says:

    “Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold called on President Bush to refrain from using the phrase “Islamic fascists,” saying it was offensive to Muslims and has nothing to do with global terrorists fighting the United States.”
    Fine then, we’ll call them “Feingolds”. They’re both a blight on humanity and they’re both a threat to this country.

  3. Wow, this was written so well, that I would have laughed heartily at the sarcasm, but the subject is too serious.

  4. Well, if “islamic fascist” is offlimits, just drop the “fascist”.

  5. DirtCrashr says:

    Typical that this attempt at speech-muzzling comes from one of the writers of the Anti 1st Amendment McCain-Feingold Incumbent Protection Racket.

  6. major dad says:

    I think “fascist ragheads” is descriptive/accurate enough

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