To A Small Mind It Looks Big

So I’m listening this morning to the radio as they’re talking about this gunman at the Mall up in Bergen County. It was the first I had heard of it as I spent last night reading about Charlemagne on my Kindle.

Well I was sipping some bourbon too I guess.

Anyhow, they had live coverage from the Mall and the Bergen County Prosecutor was giving a press conference as they had just found this kid’s body about an hour before (this was 4:30ish this morning) and he was asked about the gun. He said it was a “large caliber” weapon that had been legally modified to look like an AK-47, it was “not a handgun, it was a large caliber rifle.” He said this several times, which of course got the assembled Press very a twitter.

And then a few minutes later he said he believed the gun was “a .22 caliber.”


These are our Leaders.

Oh, and of course the Press asked if he played video games.

5 Responses to “To A Small Mind It Looks Big”

  1. Julie says:

    According to my Secret Decoder Ring, this is governmentspeak for “We have no clue what’s going on”. You’re welcome.

  2. major dad says:

    Come on Bing, you know the media and Libs, anything bigger than a BB gun is a large and powerful caliber weapon.

  3. Crusader says:

    What!?!? No grenade launcher?

  4. Skyler says:

    My understanding is that it is a .22LR that resembles an AK-47. No one was hurt, it was a suicide.

  5. Gunslinger says:

    It’s bad enough that presstitutes can’t tell the difference between a firearm and a rolling pin. Law enforcement officials that can’t get their fact straight is downright nauseating.

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