To Go “Nuclear” And Stand Up To The EU

…requires something that Brown hasn’t got

Britain cannot veto the massive shift in regulatory power to Brussels now under way. Internal market laws are decided by qualified majority voting (QMV), and London has few friends in this fight.
What Gordon Brown can do at next week’s EU summit it to play the Luxembourg card by invoking “vital national interest”, if he is willing to risk a showdown with fellow leaders. This has no legal status. It is the political equivalent of a stamping bull, or a viper’s rattle. It means back off, or we strike.
…Britain has long fudged matters in dealings with the EU, hoping that common sense will prevail, as it often does. But the assault on the City may be a line too far. London has been the centre of global finance for three hundred years. Either the British government controls the City, or the EU apparatus controls it. This cannot be fudged.

A set of stones.

2 Responses to “To Go “Nuclear” And Stand Up To The EU”

  1. mojo says:

    What are the odds? Old John Bull is a eunuch these days.
    (see what I did there?)

  2. Dave J. says:

    Brown is holding on to power for dear life, and dragging Labour down with him, to a degree from which the party will not recover. There will not be another Labour government for a generation or more, and the UK will be the better for it.

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