Tough Times In New Zealand

First the Prime Minister has to mediate a Hobbit dispute of gigantic proportion.

Now they get Gaia remaking the “Silence of the Lambs”

Following a reasonably benign winter, the Southland region of New Zealand (NZ) has in the past week been hit by “the worst spring storm in living memory” according to the NZ Herald.

Six days of blizzards have caused deaths among new lambs numbering in the hundreds of thousands, and raised concern over the welfare of ewes yet to lamb.

Those darn Ewes are always getting messed up in things, ain’t they?

In a related note, thousands of charcoal grills ignited over the weekend to make good use of the fresh Spring lamb on the market…

2 Responses to “Tough Times In New Zealand”

  1. Dave E. says:

    Just make sure it’s genuine New Zealand fresh lamb. You wouldn’t want to get fleeced.

  2. ROFL!!!! So, they lit their barbies up and helped to warm up the place. Win!!

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