Train Surfing

Just got a little more…dodgy

Railway staff in Indonesia have started hanging concrete balls above train tracks in a bid to prevent commuters from riding on carriage roofs.

They want to prevent this

so they’re hanging these


I guess this is one mode of commuting I’ll pass on.

8 Responses to “Train Surfing”

  1. JeffS says:

    I realize that commuting can be a headache, but jeez….

  2. aelfheld says:

    Are they trying for a strike or a split?

  3. Larry says:

    Y’know, in other places they would add trains or cars to the route to take care of the overflow…

  4. Gunslinger says:

    It could make for some interesting Youtube videos.

  5. Skyler says:

    If they still use the Common Law, they’re in big trouble.

  6. Yojimbo says:

    Well, the institution of marriage is going south so those balls and chains have to go somewhere.

  7. Laura says:

    I would pay to watch the first train pass under these.

  8. All kidding aside, I have been to India (not indonesia) and once I rode the train and people packed on top of them just like this picture. I bought a ticket and rode on the inside but still it was quite an experience.

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