131,000 more people lost their jobs last month.

Let me rephrase that headline and I quote:

“Losing more jobs than expected.”

Doncha just love these guys? If I could still find anybody who’d voted for them, I’m sure they’d agree with me.
I’d like to dedicate a song to all those new folks making new friends on unemployment and foodstamp lines during this dynamic Recovery Bummer. It helps to have something upbeat to tap your feet along to ~ you know, keep them from falling asleep while you wait your turn. Hell, you probably already know the words.

One Response to “Unexpectedly

  1. greg newsom says:

    Great Hoyt Axton song.He also-ironically- wrote ‘Greenback dollar’ made famous by the Kingston Trio.That’s before the Flood,pre-British invasion. Ah,the good old days..When men went to work in factories and could buy a house and actually afford to send his kids to college.

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