We Watch “The News Hour” Every Evening

…anticipating the occasional blood pressure spike. But we know that. On last Monday’s broadcast, they did the first of their candidate “leadership style” profiles: McCain. And it was pretty stunning, even by their standards. There were the obligatory GOP fellows who worked for and with McCain, natch. Quick enough, they switched to noted McCain supporter…um…Gary Hart.

GARY HART: I have hesitation, probably would have were John McCain a Democrat, about a personality in the Oval Office who is more impulsive and intuitive, if you will, than analytical and thoughtful.
Now, John McCain is not seat-of-the-pants. I’m not — I don’t want to give the impression that he just — whatever he had for breakfast makes the decision of going to war.
It’s not quite like that. But I think, again, on a scale, I’d prefer somebody who’s a little more thoughtful, a little less impulsive, and a little more analytical.

Okay. Fair enough, I guess, to point out that people feel that way. Don’t want to be thought of as “in the tank” for the Republican, now do we? But next there was this guy (only more rumpled and kicking back in his office at the time). ..
…and he’s the “Oh, HELL no!” to in-the-tank.
His name’s Norman Ornstein (worked with McCain on campaign finance) and this is what he had to say:

NORMAN ORNSTEIN, American Enterprise Institute: John McCain is a fighter pilot. A lot of his persona comes from being a fighter pilot.
This is a man who not only constantly questions authority, but is fond of making last-minute, from-the-gut, impulsive, risk-taking decisions, and believing to his bones that there may be a risk here, but it will pay off.
An impulsive decision-making style is fine if you’re riding a jet. An impulsive decision-making style is fine if you’re piloting a jet in combat. It’s fine if you’re a senator where the consequences are not going to be that long-lasting. It’s a real question mark when you move into the presidency.

Hammer that message home, PBS. McCain’s a finger-on-the-hair-trigger-whackdoodle.
Catch your breath and head for calmer waters. Like the Obama “leadership style” profile the very next day.

Confidence, Openness Mark Obama’s Decision Making Style

Ah. Soothing is it not? I’d sense a trend if my brain wasn’t filled with visions of children’s choruses.
And now Authoress Ifill gets to moderate a debate? Oh, BLISS.
What election…?
UPDATE: Ace notes the commission’s “What book?” confusion and links. A WARM Swill welcome to all, including those debonair VodkaPundit visitors. Thanks guys!

5 Responses to “We Watch “The News Hour” Every Evening”

  1. nightfly says:

    Ultimately, the Left dislikes elections, because people aren’t enlightened enough to vote for their betters. They would do away with them if they possibly could. The next best thing is just to rig them.

  2. Skyler says:

    It’s hard to defend McCain, especially after his impulsive reaction to the bailout. He is consistently against freedom of speech and freedom of the wallet.
    But I really do wish that Obama’s communist leanings and associations got more attention than they do. My brother just simply doesn’t believe it since it’s not on the mainstream tv news.

  3. Frank Martin says:

    Remember kids, they aren’t laughing at McCain or Palin, they are laughing at you. McCain and Palin are just proxies to allow them to say out loud how they really think of all of us, the great unwashed out here in flyover country.

  4. BumperStickerist says:

    I don’t even mention McCain anymore when talking about the Presidential election.
    Whenever my lib friends start touting Obama, I simply reply that I’m voting for the candidate who’s running the less fascistic campaign.
    This has the benefit of 1) getting them off-script which renders them mute for about 30 seconds and 2) I get to describe this:
    Top fund-raisers from one campaign charging the stage to interrupt the other candidate’s event? Twice. Check – Check.
    Wall size murals of Dear Leader in campaign headquarters? Check
    Photo Editors channeling Leni Reifenstahl when they choose which photos to publish? Check, Check, Check, Check.
    Reporters who’ve become house organs for the campaign? check.
    Creation of a Candidate Youth Movement and the writing and filming and producing of said children singing dumb songs under a poster of Dear Leader? check.
    Creaton of movement-specific salute? check.
    Direction of useful idiots to disrupt public forums where the reality of Dear Leader’s actions are being discussed? Check, Check.
    and then I say that I have to vote for McCain – I’m not a fan of fascism.

  5. KellOmar says:

    OMG. Did you hear? Russia attacks USA…
    More info here: hotusanewx.blogspot.com

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