Well, Gosh I Feel Safer Already!

Just knowing that New Jersey’s Senatorial Dynamic Duo is on the job

NEWARK – This morning, on the northern end of Newark, Gov.-elect Chris Christie attended the North Ward Center’s Three Kings celebration at the Cathedral Basilica, while U.S. senators Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez took turns at a podium in front of the ticket counters at Newark Liberty Airport and called for beefed up security measures at the site of a holiday breach.

“This can be attributed to a management failure,” Lautenberg said of Sunday’s incident, when a man walked through an exit door and left undetected and unidentified.

But I thought the system worked?

And once again, it was not the exceedingly expensive Government Agency that responded to the incident

On Sunday in Newark, a bystander waiting for relatives noticed the unidentified man who bypassed security and entered Terminal C, a “sterile area,” through an exit door.

The bystander notified the officer assigned to guard the exit, who hadn’t seen the man enter.

The guards have other, more pressing tasks.

Like asking Michael Yon what his income is.

One Response to “Well, Gosh I Feel Safer Already!”

  1. Jim - PRS says:

    Apparently the officer was preoccupied talking on the cell phone at the time. Farookin’ great.

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