“We’re In the Wild WILD West”

…The local police station here bears fresh scars from rocket attacks, young men still hide grenades in the streets, and civic leaders continue to be targeted by hit squads.
The marines are now in a scramble to oust insurgents tied to Al Qaeda in Iraq. The mission’s priority was underscored by a recent visit to the outpost by Maj. Gen. John Kelly, commander of all multinational forces in western Iraq. General Kelly and his staff traveled by heavily armored convoy to Rutbah to meet with city leaders in hopes of understanding why the insurgency hasn’t yet fizzled.
…The mayor of this town of 50,000, who goes by the name Qasim, fingered the gold watch hanging from his wrist, offered a pained smile and says, “The economy? We don’t have one.”
…Qasim knows that many Americans want even more troops to leave Iraq. He urged the general to tell his leaders in Washington that the troops should stay.

“Withdrawal right now means handing Iraq to Iran. This will fulfill the dreams of the Iranians for an empire”…

I’m assuming the Presidential candidates listening and lecturing Gen. Petreus won’t be asking for Qasim’s subject matter expert opinion.

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