What About All the Jobs at the Hefty Garbage Bag Factory?

All those scientists and technicians employed to make the next greatest, stretchiest, strongest tall kitchen cinch sack with self ties and odor control?

Rubbish ‘banned’
FOOD, glass and drinks cans could all be banned from our rubbish bins under government proposals to be outlined today.

Nobody cares about the lives of those evil-doers in a clean, green world.
And I used to laugh at the British penchant for over regulating…

10 Responses to “What About All the Jobs at the Hefty Garbage Bag Factory?”

  1. Rob says:

    Sorry, couldn’t get past the Veet ad. Was there something else at that link?

  2. Rob says:

    It’s a rotating ad. You might have to refresh the page a few times. I don’t have sound at work but I didn’t care. 🙂

  3. ricki says:

    THEY can ban it. But they don’t have American Cockroaches in Britain.
    If I were made to save up all my empty food containers, potato peelings, etc., so I could tote them off to the Approved Recycling Facility – well, I’d be overrun by the a-hole insects.
    And I would be both sad and angry. And would probably consider boxing up a bunch of the a-hole insects and sending them to whatever brilliant a-hole told us we can’t throw trash out any more.

  4. JeffS says:

    This would be about the time when I start emptying my trash on the steps of the nearest Federal building.

  5. That’s basically where most of the vermin are anyway…

  6. nightfly says:

    JeffS – please, Don’t Feed the Bureaucrats! If they lose their fear of humans we’ll never be rid of them.

  7. Retread says:

    The Brits that conquered the world must have been spirited away somewhere. Those people now living in the British Isles cannot be their descendants.

  8. Ave says:

    Somehow most Americans think that throwing garbage wherever we please is a Constitutional right. Americans aren’t required to be very disciplined about our garbage creation and disposal, therefore most of us aren’t. I have learned this by the experience of living in Zurich where the laws governing garbage disposal are quite specific and so are the penalties. Newspapers are collected at the curb once per month, and collapsed cardboard is collected at the curb once per quarter. Metal, glass and plastic containers must be pre-sorted and deposited in local recyling bins that conveniently stand in every neighborhood. We even have to sort the glass by color – green, brown and clear. Other household garbage can only be disposed of in special plastic drawstring bags, called “Zuribags”, which one must purchase from the city at a cost of about $1.80 per bag. Any other garbage (styrofoam, old electronics/appliances etc.) must be transported to a designated collection station and often one must pay a fee to drop it there. There are no dumpsters, few large public waste bins and product packaging is space-saving and minimal. The rule is “don’t create waste to begin with” otherwise you pay, and pay, and pay. I shop often but buy and cook only as much food as we consume in a day or two. Storage space is limited and food is not sold in bulk (a la Costco) here. At first it was hard to get used to this new shopping and “waste management” style. But now I understand that I never needed to produce so much waste to begin with, and I was living in a way that was, well, wasteful. People here don’t complain about these waste management rules, the country is spotless and it’s lovely to live that way. When I came back to the U.S. recently I noticed how much litter was there in comparison. It was a sad comparison for me to admit. I hope our nation could have the humility to acknowledge our problem and adopt disciplines to create less waste and dispose of it more carefully. It’s not “the public” that creates garbage, it’s every individual one of us.

  9. greg newson says:

    Dear Ave: I worked in San Francisco for twenty years.The city government continues to pass one
    regulation after an other concerning recycling,parking and pollution for residents of the city.Fines for every little infraction,up to 500
    hundred dollars.But, they allow tens of thousands of homeless to invade and overrun the city,sleeping
    on porches and parks.Illegalls to live 100s at
    time in secluded areas shitting in the streets.
    This is the new liberalism:Only punish residents.
    The others don’t have money, so suck the juices
    of the Americans to pay for the government leeches..The governments of the cities,states and
    federal departments of our nation are all run by eighth
    grade rejects who are less qualified than a Round
    Table Pizza delivery guy to run this nation.
    The Pizza delivery guy is probably smarter.But,
    he didn’t get a government job from his Daddy…

  10. Ave says:

    Hi Greg, after nine months I’ve seen about four (possibly) homeless people here in Switzerland’s largest city who habitually hustle handouts at the main train station, and I’ve not seen people sleeping on cardboard or on park benches. I don’t know much yet about Swiss social programs addressing homelessness, but I imagine from our federal and cantonal taxes we contribute handsomely along with all other taxpayers here.

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