What Is He Smoking?

Stewart, Stewart…picking my Cavs as his “Upset Winners”???

Maryland (6-3) at Virginia (4-5)
UPSET SPECIAL: It was fun while it lasted for the Terrapins, who started 6-2 and came within 37 seconds of winning at Miami last weekend. But Maryland, with its 101st-ranked offense, has little margin for error. Virginia, which posted a breakthrough win against Miami two weeks ago and put up 48 points on Duke last week in defeat, is well suited to winning a low-scoring contest.

Read the first half of that last line again: Virginia scored 48 points last week…and still lost.

One Response to “What Is He Smoking?”

  1. Yojimbo says:

    Well, the Cavs went and hired a real football coach from Richmond. Evidently he hasn’t gotten around to hiring a real defensive coordinator. I watched some of the Miami/Virginia game and the Cavs were doing real well on defense until about midway through the fourth quarter and then it turned into bizzareistan.

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