What The Hell Is The House Thinking?

What Republican voted for this amendment?

The House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday approved a 2014 Homeland Security funding bill with a bipartisan voice vote. The bill is expected on the House floor in June.

In a surprise development, the committee approved an amendment from Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), which would effectively end immigration from Brazil.

The provision was included in order to pressure Brazil to extradite Brazilian-born Claudia Hoerig to the United States for trial in the murder of her husband, Air Force Major Karl Hoerig. The Ryan amendment does not affect travel visas or visas for temporary workers, an aide said.

It was passed despite urgings from Homeland subcommittee Chairman John Carter (R-Texas) and ranking member David Price (D-N.C.) that it would have far-reaching implications. The text of the amendment withholds all funding from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to process any immigration visa request for a Brazilian national.

You bet your ass it’s going to have far-reaching implications.

Yes, brilliant. Punish hard working people who want to come here LEGALLY and give your *wink wink* amnesty to all the ones who came here ill-friggin-egally.

The ONE country in LatAm that is getting its act together and we continually go out of our way to snub them.

We need all the Brazilians here we can get.

One Response to “What The Hell Is The House Thinking?”

  1. Skyler says:

    This is the closest anyone on this blog has come to addressing why Rubio is endorsing amnesty. More is needed.

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