Where Boehner BLEW It

He let Bob Schieffer ride roughshod over him with the “tiny 2 1/2%” figure, as far a small businesses with a gross over $250,000 being impacted by the Bush tax cut extension. And that really does sound awfully indefensible, right, when you put it that way? You could see Boehner wanting to stick a finger in his collar, swallow hard and having to resort to “equal for ALL Americans”, before he got lassoed into saying he’d vote for the reduced extension. But he didn’t have to do that.

He could have nailed Schieffer and that argument like Van Helsing at dawn in Père Lachaise.

Jonathon Karl on World News Tonight did a GREAT job explaining what a “tiny” percentage still equates to:

2.5% = 894,000 small businesses

That’s almost a MILLION small businesses, who have ~ AT THE VERY LEAST ~ ONE employee. If they’re grossing over $250K, I’d say there’s a damn good bet they’ve got more than that, so DO THE MATH, John. They even ask some of the folks in their interview, “How many jobs is that tax increase going to cost?”

These guys are their own worst enemies sometimes, I swear to God. We’ve got 350 MILLION people here~ to quote my hero, 2.5% of ANYTHING‘s a BFD. USE the numbers.

Or at least watch the news once in a while.

UPDATE: Ed says rank and file Dems are putting the hammer down, so perhaps the damage is minimal.

3 Responses to “Where Boehner BLEW It”

  1. You know what else pissed me off? That sanctimonious shitbag Schieffer asking Boehner about his smoking stance. Schieffer going on about what a bad example Boehner is, when the biggest transgressor is the Prez.

    Damn, I need a drink now.

  2. major dad says:

    Boehner should have said “yeah, I smoke, I drink and I like sex what’s it to you?” Gotta wonder about Schieffer sometimes.

  3. JeffS says:

    Boehner sounds similar to “boner”, which is why I’m not surprised by this.

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