Where’s the Orbitz Flying Saucer

…when you could really, really use it?

Volcano flight chaos leaves many passengers broke

Andrew and Debbie Jackman of Britain spent more than two years saving up for their family vacation to Australia. They probably wish they’d saved a little longer.

…”We’re at the end of the holiday so we’ve spent all our money,” a weary-eyed Andrew said, as he sat with his family next to the Qantas customer service counter at Sydney Airport. “Because that’s what you do on holiday.”

…Nicolas Ribard, 29, from Avignon, France, was among about a dozen stranded tourists squatting on sleeping bags that Narita [JAPAN] airport officials had lent them. He and three other friends had about 3,000 yen between them, and were surviving on airport-issued crackers, bottled water and coupons for one free shower a day.

Their earliest possible flight would be Taiwan’s EVA Airways on May 12 — but only if they are willing to pay an extra 150 euros ($200).

Otherwise, they have to wait until June, Ribard said.

For their sakes, I hope the month was lost in translation.

I sure hope he had comprehensive trip insurance.

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