Who Knew The WWF Was Providing The In-Flight Entertainment?

The only downside was that it left no one flying the plane

If Indian national carrier, Air India didn’t have enough problems (pilots going on strike last week, a lawsuit by stewardesses sacked for being overweight, and $875 million in losses last year), now the airline has hit the headlines for a brawl between pilots and cabin crew that reportedly left the cockpit unmanned during a flight between Sharjah, UAE to the Indian capital Delhi.

Indian newspaper The Times of India reports that the pilot, Captain Ranbir Arora and co-pilot, Aditya Chopra, on flight IC 884 got into a full-blown brawl with two members of the cabin crew, a man and a woman.

…During the scuffle, the cockpit was reportedly left unmanned for a time, as the aircraft flew over Pakistani territory. As the parties involved hurled abuses at each other, Arora reportedly threatened to land the plane in Karachi, as the 106 passengers onboard watched in shock.

Finally the pilots returned to the cockpit and locked the crew out, landing the plane safely in Delhi, to the relief of passengers.

I wonder if these guys were ex-NorthWorst pilots?

One Response to “Who Knew The WWF Was Providing The In-Flight Entertainment?”

  1. Yojimbo says:

    Look on the bright side-the pilots won. The female cabin attendant was probably overweight and couldn’t “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”.

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