Why Is It A “Coup”…

…when Republicans in the NY Senate do it

COUP IN ALBANY: GOP Takes Over NY State Senate
Malcolm Smith Ousted As Senate Majority Leader; Dems Turn Off Lights, Cut Internet Power In Attempt To Stop Coup
Paterson Goes Ballistic: I’m Here To Stand Up For Democracy
Marcia Kramer
Who’s in charge of New York?
That was the big question Monday night following a political standoff in Albany.
The Republicans said they pulled off a coup, snatching power away from the Senate majority, but the Democrats said it was illegal and that they’re still in control of the Legislature.
And the whole thing has Gov. David Paterson lashing out at lawmakers.
It was a carefully crafted coup — five weeks in the making, with independent Tom Golisano in on the plotting.
And when it was over Republican Sen. Dean Skelos of Rockville Center was back in power as Senate Majority Leader. Dumped was former Democratic leader Malcolm Smith.

but when Democrats in the US Senate do it it’s a “courageous and wonderful display of our democracy in action”?
Just wonderin’.

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