With Friends Like US

who needs enemies? Let’s just jones the one South American country we get along with so Dems can suck-up to labor unions.

The Democratic Party’s protectionist make-over was completed yesterday, when Nancy Pelosi decided to kill the Colombia free trade agreement. Her objections had nothing to do with the evidence and everything to do with politics, but this was an act of particular bad faith. It will damage the economic and security interests of the U.S. while trashing our best ally in Latin America.
…Democrats say it would have failed anyway, but at least a vote during the next three months would have forced them to show the courage of their protectionist convictions. Instead, they chose to shelve the bill in an election year while paying off organized labor and other antitrade yahoos. The gambit is especially humiliating for Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel, a free-trader who has been trying to strike a deal with the Administration but keeps getting rolled by Ms. Pelosi.

Sucks when that excrement rolls your way, eh Mr. Rangel?

5 Responses to “With Friends Like US”

  1. nightfly says:

    Every time I really work up some ire for jolly Cholly Rangel, he winds up being a free trader, or he says something really insightful and true, and then I’m actually glad that the Left has somebody with at least part of a working brain.
    Pelosi, however, is just teh suq.

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Pelosi is a black hole for anything even remotely linked to intelligence. I’m afraid to get near her, less my brains get sucked into that immense vaccum.

  3. I’m pretty torn on Mr. Rangel, too. he comes off like a blithering asshole so often that you lose sight of what he says that’s really commonsense or, astoundingly enough, un-Democratic. Plus, he was hugely personable when major dad introduced himself while waiting for a flight out of Reagan. They had quite a nice chat, major dad tells me.

  4. Nobrainer says:

    I liked this, too: Pelosi, at a news conference, said that if legislation approving the trade deal were taken up now, it would be defeated, “and what message would that send” to the Colombian people?
    That message, Nancy, is that Democrats hate Colombians.

  5. Ebola says:

    I find it funny that it’s the Democrats toughting “trade and diplomacy” with other countries as being a number one issue with the Bush administration, but it’s interesting that it’s almost always the Democrats that fuck everything up behind first base on the matter.

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