“Wooden Pallets Packed With Euros”

Maybe THAT’S Obama’s secret plan to destroy the Mullahs right there!

U.S. Sent Cash to Iran as Americans Were Freed
Obama administration insists there was no quid pro quo, but critics charge payment amounted to ransom

The Obama administration secretly organized an airlift of $400 million worth of cash to Iran that coincided with the January release of four Americans detained in Tehran, according to U.S. and European officials and congressional staff briefed on the operation afterward.

Wooden pallets stacked with euros, Swiss francs and other currencies were flown into Iran on an unmarked cargo plane, according to these officials. The U.S. procured the money from the central banks of the Netherlands and Switzerland, they said.

Everybody KNOWS Euros aren’t worth shit!

6 Responses to ““Wooden Pallets Packed With Euros””

  1. JeffS says:

    And, of course, if it wasn’t a ransom, why was it kept secret? Because the Obama Administration was ashamed of actually using Euros?

    I think not. Obama has no shame. They just won’t admit to being bent over the table by the Iranian mullahs.

  2. Syd B. says:

    I’d like to know how a POTUS could utilize $400 million in tax revenues in this manner without Congressional approval. Surely to God, somebody, somewhere, should be going to jail. I can live with the odd “unauthorized” expenditure here and there. You know, like a Vegas conference or a hooker or two, but $400 million? Who has the authority within the government to even gather that much cash? So much for money laundering controls.

  3. aelfheld says:

    I guess it’s not getting the same attention as Iran/Contra because we got hostages & made a profit then.

  4. Kathy Kinsley says:

    Seems Iran expects US bribes. Cf. Iran Contra.

  5. Michael Lonie says:

    The way I read it, the money came from 1.7 billion dollars supposedly sequestered by a court from Iranian assets to settle suits against Iran from the families of victims of Iranian-supported terrorist attacks.

    Not only do the Iranians snooker the US, they also boast about it. Obama, Hillary, Kerry, and their consiglieri pay no attention. What is it about “Death to America” that they don’t understand?

    There is an old joke that an ambassador is a man sent to lie abroad for his country’s good. Obama and company have got the “lie” part down perfectly, it’s the “country’s good” part they ignore.

  6. Kathy Kinsley says:


    Sadly, too true.

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