Words Are Just…Words I Guess

Students are held accountable to this

Upon every individual who is a part of Emory University falls the responsibility for maintaining in the life of Emory a standard of unimpeachable honor in all academic work. The following articles, to be known collectively as the Honor Code of Emory College, are based on the fundamental assumption that every loyal person of the University not only will conduct his or her own life according to the dictates of the highest honor, but will also refuse to tolerate in others action which would sully the good name of the institution.

The Administrators? Not so much

Emory University intentionally misreported data about its students for at least 12 years to groups that rank colleges, President Jim Wagner said Friday.

The deception meant that U.S. News & World Report, Peterson’s and others that have long ranked Emory as one of the nation’s top colleges did so with inflated data. Students and their families rely heavily on these rankings when deciding where to apply and enroll.

“They cooked the books and lied to students who think the university is better than it is,” said Mark Schneider, vice president for new education initiatives with the American Institutes for Research. “What we are talking about is a violation of consumer choice.”

Actually, what we are talking about is fraud.

(hat tip to the BlogFaddah)

2 Responses to “Words Are Just…Words I Guess”

  1. JeffS says:

    But but but…..it’s for the children!

  2. Kathy Kinsley says:

    That was actually one of the places I considered for ‘higher education’ – glad I didn’t chose it, I’d be very unhappy to be considered an alumni if I had.

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