Wow, Nance, Old Girl!

I didn’t know that!

…Americans know that thanks to the two oilmen in the White House, consumers are now paying $4 a gallon for gas.

I’ll bet everyone else was thinking it was draconian environmental restrictions instead.

6 Responses to “Wow, Nance, Old Girl!”

  1. Gunslinger says:

    Oh sure, It couldn’t be the fault of a certain dried up old prune of a House Speaker and her traitorcrat cronies reneging on their 2006 promise to address gas prices now, could it?
    Orf wit’ ‘er ‘ead!!!

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    I swear, all those Botox injections are plasticizing her brains.

  3. nightfly says:

    Actually, we’re now paying $3.85 and falling. But that’s not thanks to the oilman who lifted his office’s moratorium on offshore drilling – right?

  4. Lisa says:

    I’m paying $3.71. It went down 22 cents in one week.

  5. I’m moving to Arkansas!!!

  6. Lisa says:

    When I left for lunch, a mere two hours after I typed that, it was $3.69.

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