Yes, the Swill Campaign Gear You ALWAYS Wanted

is now available for the discriminating pink patriot OR the patriot confident enough in his masculinity to wear pink. Like, for instance, major dad!

No less an expert than the Vodka Pundit, his OWN self told Bingley to quit being a p-word and let sister sell it to purchase toilet paper the volunteers* desperately need.
Bingley crumbled like a four day old Melba Toast.
Somedays you gotta call in the big dogs to get something done.
UPDATE: *A healthy portion of the SARAHcuda Collection
profits will benefit the Veterans for John McCain ~ Pensacola, FL office, and their ongoing scrabble for monies to purchase toilet paper, bottled water and fatty snacks for the hard working volunteers.
Like tree hugging sister.

2 Responses to “Yes, the Swill Campaign Gear You ALWAYS Wanted”

  1. Wahoo! A Vodkalanche!
    And bless you for your volunteerism, non-mandatory though it may be.

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Fatty snacks? Like these?

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