Yes, Yes We Cancun

A room with a flu

Hotels in Mexico’s coastal resort of Cancún, one of the world’s most popular getaways, are adopting extreme measures as holidaymakers scramble to cancel bookings in the wake of the swine flu scare.
Visitors to one hotel, The Royal, are being offered a “flu-free guarantee”: anyone who contracts the flu virus within 14 days of checking out gets three free annual holidays.
Discounts abound elsewhere in Cancún, where Bestday, a Mexican-based internet broker, says four in five of the 31,000 hotel rooms it monitors in the city – and in the Riviera Maya coast to the south – are empty. The figure was one in five before the outbreak.

I’m sure their bookings were already down due to the economic mess.

One Response to “Yes, Yes We Cancun”

  1. Rob says:

    I wonder how many tourists might go down there HOPING to catch it. Four holidays for the price of one.

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