Yesterday’s Heroes Are Criminals Today

Ah, who else longs for those halcyon days of yore when the government told us to consume as much omega-3 as possible?

Fish-oil supplements credited with a range of health benefits could trigger prostate cancer.

Experts found that omega-3 fatty acids may raise the risk of the most lethal form of the disease by more than 70 per cent.

Researchers warned against omega-3 pills, and recommended eating just one or two meals of oily fish per week.

Fish-oil supplements are said to protect against heart attacks and strokes, stave off arthritis, boost brain power and prevent behaviour disorders in children.

However, scientists found that those with the highest levels of omega-3 in their blood were 71 per cent more likely to develop fast-growing, hard-to-treat prostate tumours.

They were also more likely to contract the slower, less deadly form of the disease, with the overall prostate cancer risk raised by 43 per cent.

Enough of this.

I’m just sticking with my bacon cheeseburger and red wine supplements.

5 Responses to “Yesterday’s Heroes Are Criminals Today”

  1. leelu says:

    Back in the early 70’s (1970s!), I told myself that I’d give up on these studies when I heard one that said sex causes cancer. I did. (Rates of cervical cancer were higher for sexually active women than for a control group of nuns, who presumably weren’t.)

    Bah effing humbug!!

  2. leelu says:

    Oh, and apparently salt is OK this week…

  3. BlackDog says:

    I think its the stress of the studies themselves that causes the cancers. sex bad? D*mb*ss*s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. JeffS says:

    Sex with salt — or in salt — must cause cancer as well.

    What sort of control group would THAT require, I wonder?

  5. Syd B. says:

    The thought of having sex with a nun actually makes me think of fish oil and I don’t know why.

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