You Said “Engage Auto Pilot”?

Silly me! I thought you said Eroto-Pilot

LOS ANGELES — A helicopter pilot who was videotaped receiving oral sex from a woman as he flew her around San Diego acted so recklessly that his license must be revoked, the National Transportation Safety Board said. The actions of David Martz were so dangerous, the NTSB concluded in a written ruling, that they put the lives of everyone on his aircraft and on the ground below him in danger.
…In rejecting his appeal, the NTSB said both Martz and the woman unfastened their safety restraints during the flight and that her body blocked his access to controls vital to operating the aircraft in an emergency.

Let the jokes begin.
Update: We have an exclusive photo from inside the helicopter:

9 Responses to “You Said “Engage Auto Pilot”?”

  1. Strange how we hit upon a theme at the same time from across the country and with no prior contact. Great minds…

  2. ricki says:

    Before I had even scrolled down that scene from “Airplane!” popped into my head.
    It’s bad when real life becomes like old comedy movies, right? Surely that’s a sign of something.

  3. Rob says:

    In Airplane, that WAS an emergency procedure. Maybe helicopters are different.

  4. Cullen says:

    She certainly knew his vector, Victor.

  5. Cullen says:

    She certainly knew his vector, Victor.

  6. nightfly says:

    I prefer my helicopters black… like my men.

  7. Dave E. says:

    I’d bet on spur of the moment, Rob. She just decided to give it a whirl.

  8. Rob says:

    That sounds painful, Dave.

  9. Gunslinger says:

    Here’s the “after” shot.

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