You Thought Batfink’s “Wings Like a Shield of Steel” Made Him Bulletproof?

You ain’t seen nuthin’, baby.

House Kills Resolution to Oust Rangel From Chair of Tax-Writing Committee
House Republicans on Wednesday attempted to pass a resolution to oust Rep. Charles Rangel from his chairmanship of the powerful tax-writing Ways and Means Committee following the reading of a long and stinging list of alleged wrongdoing.

…A representative from Rangel’s office on Wednesday blasted the resolution as a “highly partisan effort.”

“Let’s look at this resolution for what it really is — a highly partisan effort designed to undermine the important work in Congress on health care reform,” the representative, who declined to be named, told FOX News.

2 Responses to “You Thought Batfink’s “Wings Like a Shield of Steel” Made Him Bulletproof?”

  1. Gary from Jersey says:

    We can expect absolution for Pelosi, Reid, Burris, Dodd, Frank, Murtha, those congressmen from Indiana and Virginia and all the rest. There are so many more my toenails hurt thinking about it.

  2. mojo says:

    Charlie makes old Adam Clayton Powell look like a piker.

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