You’d Think That If Your Brain Was Really ~ As Advertized ~ “All That Smart

…it MIGHT just check in with your outstretched hand before it engaged your big mouth.

Connecticut Senate Candidate Forced to Explain PAC Donations

HARTFORD, Conn. — Richard Blumenthal’s words are haunting him again.

Already forced to apologize for saying he had served “in” Vietnam in the Marine Reserve rather than stateside, the state attorney general’s campaign for U.S. Senate is now being challenged to explain his assertion that he had “never taken PAC money” and has “rejected all special interest money.”

Federal records show that he has accepted $480,000 in political action committee money since he made that claim in January. Moreover, his Republican opponent, former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon, points to nearly $17,000 Blumenthal received as a state legislative candidate in the 1980s — a figure Blumenthal’s campaign does not dispute.

Blumenthal’s campaign insists he did not lie — as McMahon says — when he said in an interview on MSNBC the day after he announced he was running for the seat of retiring Sen. Chris Dodd that he had never taken PAC money.

His campaign says he was referring only to his 20 years as attorney general.

Specifics, schemifics.

“I only took this much, which, of course, means, ‘NONE’. Which is, incidentally, how high the Mekong River in Vietnam is at flood stage. Or so I’ve heard, since I actually wasn’t IN there,” explains Connecticut State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

3 Responses to “You’d Think That If Your Brain Was Really ~ As Advertized ~ “All That Smart“”

  1. JeffS says:

    I just love after-the-fact-qualifiers. It makes the liar, er, ah, ummmmmmm, speaker look like a real idiot.

  2. Syd says:

    Apparently, his time in Nam has impacted in memory.

  3. alwyr says:

    “Well…….I am NOT a crook” Richard Milhouse Nixon.

    “I have never taken PAC $$$” Richard Blumenthal

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