“Draconian, Inhumane and Ludicrous.”

That’s what her supporters are saying about the government wanting to put convicted terrorism enabler Lynne Stewart away for thirty years. I dunno ~ I sure don’t see it that way. Dumped in a spider hole until Ahmadinejad’s Iman of the Twelfth of Never comes back and THEN some isn’t long enough for my thinking.
But it’s neither here nor there now.

Civil rights lawyer jailed on terror charges
Attorney helped sheik who wanted to blow up New York City landmarks
Civil rights lawyer Lynne Stewart was sentenced Monday to 28 months in prison on a terrorism charge for helping a client, a blind sheik who plotted to blow up New York City landmarks, communicate with his followers.
Stewart, 67, could have faced up to 30 years in prison.
She smiled as the judge announced his decision to send her to prison for less than 2½ years.

5 Responses to ““Draconian, Inhumane and Ludicrous.””

  1. Gunslinger says:

    Here’s hoping the traitor gets shanked behind bars.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    28 stupid months?

  3. Should have gone the way of the Rozzzzzzz!enbergs.

  4. Terrorist’s Amigo Gets 28 Months In Federal Prison

    The terrorist sympatizer and Queen of the Scumbags was sentenced to 2+ years inside a Federal country club:
    A firebrand civil rights lawyer who has defended Black Panthers and anti-war radicals was sentenced Monday to nearly 2 1/2 years in prison — …

  5. The_Real_JeffS says:

    I’ll bet she gets sent to a minimum security prison. The treasonous b**ch.

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