Well! Of ALL the Nerve!

Thank God he’s not running for president or something ~ such behavior would be intolerable.

White House Aide Accused of Plagiarism
WASHINGTON (AP) – A White House aide accused of plagiarism was chastised Friday and his actions were criticized as unacceptable. Timothy Goeglein, who has worked for President Bush since 2001, was accused of lifting material from a Dartmouth College publication and presenting it as his own work in a column about education for The News-Sentinel in Fort Wayne, Ind.
“His behavior is not acceptable and we are disappointed in Tim’s actions,” White House spokeswoman Emily Lawrimore said. “He is offering no excuses and he agrees it was wrong.”
Asked if he would keep his job, she said, “At this point we have nothing more for you on that.”

There’ll be no word thieving in the Bush White House, by George!

“There Are No Angels in the Balkans”

…And in Muslim lands? There has been silence about American deeds in the Balkans. The drums of anti-Americanism are steady, and no one has stepped forth to acknowledge American mercy and American protection. Precious few, even in “moderate” Muslim lands, own up to the fact that Islam survived in Sarajevo only because American power rescued it from the Serbo-Croat campaign of the 1990s.
And yet today, in this tale of Kosovo, the willfulness in Muslim lands is easy to see. Whether Muslims acknowledge it or not, whether Americans themselves admit it or not, the Pax Americana is the provider of order of last resort in the lands of Islam.

I would say that has to stick in collective Islamic craws if I had any belief that Islamic craws were ~ in any fashion ~ capable of rational thought.
But they’re not.

Death In The City Of “Youths”

Maybe I’m getting cynical in my jaded old age, but when I see that the body of an African woman who campaigned against genital mutilation is found in the River Seine in the City of Youths and the police “don’t suspect foul play”…well, let’s see.

Well Done Harry

You’ve done a lot more to restore honor to the Crown than your father ever has

Prince Harry is to be withdrawn from Afghanistan after news broke of him serving there on the front line.
The 23-year-old royal, who has spent the last 10 weeks serving in Helmand Province, is to be flown back to the UK amid concerns for his safety.

I think that unfortunately he does need to be withdrawn back to the UK, but he’s served alongside his countrymen for 10 weeks there. Good for him.

What Do You Call It When “The Gray Lady” Turns In To A Doddering Old Fool?

I mean really, doesn’t Pravda realize how silly they look now?

WASHINGTON — The question has nagged at the parents of Americans born outside the continental United States for generations: Dare their children aspire to grow up and become president? In the case of Senator John McCain of Arizona, the issue is becoming more than a matter of parental daydreaming.
Mr. McCain’s likely nomination as the Republican candidate for president and the happenstance of his birth in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936 are reviving a musty debate that has surfaced periodically since the founders first set quill to parchment and declared that only a “natural-born citizen” can hold the nation’s highest office.
Almost since those words were written in 1787 with scant explanation, their precise meaning has been the stuff of confusion, law school review articles, whisper campaigns and civics class debates over whether only those delivered on American soil can be truly natural born. To date, no American to take the presidential oath has had an official birthplace outside the 50 states.

Hey, if you ignore George Washington, John Adams, Mr. Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, and Martin Van Buren, by god they’re right! When McCain was born there, on an American military base to parents who were both US citizens, the Canal Zone was effectively US territory, it seems to me. Military bases and diplomatic missions have always been considered “US soil” so even if the Zone wasn’t “really” a US territory. I agree there’s always been some uncertainty about this, but it would seem like the weight of tradition and evidence are in McCain’s favor.
But hey, keep those whisper campaigns a’coming.
Next NYT exclusive: John McCain in a guayabera!

Hell, I think “natural born” means that no one born via cesarean section is eligible.

Whoops! You Thought It Was Just Teddy Kennedy

…being an elitist pig.

Wind farms may threaten whooping cranes

Three steps forward and two steps back.

“Squeeze My Juicy Melons”

(And then they get mad if you’re a fruit lover, right?)
A list of some rules to fly by.

Once Again The Swilling Is Your “One Stop” Knowledge Destination

Are you really that surprised that in all of Google we are the only place to find this?
We live to serve, Gentle Reader.
Live to Serve.

Der Surrender Continues

At Der Spiegel. If you follow the link back to Der Spiegel from Fausta’s you will see a picture of a burqa clad woman (I guess) with one of the scariest captions I have ever read

Women who would rather not wear a burqa can now slip around it electronically.

F*ck you buddy. Just f*ck you. No woman anywhere should ever have to wear one of those things, and by God she should always have the option to take it off, not just send some feeble picture out via bluetooth. And that fact that this “advancement” took place at an event in the US

A model demonstrated a prototype of Kison’s garment at the Seamless 2008 design and fashion show in Boston, a high-tech fashion event run with support from the Masschusetts Institute of Technology.

disgusts me to no end. I’m sure the audience applauded and talked about Gosh how this technology really empowers those women, doesn’t it? Aren’t we so culturally non-judgmental that we help their slaves have email! Ooh, pass the vegan canapes and I’d love another glass of that organically grown Chardonnay to toast the liberation this will bring!
It just sickens me to no end how the supposed ‘progressive’ people in this country continually enable the oppression and subjugation of women here and around the world.

Well That’s Because They Over Estimate The Size Of Something Else…

Here’s a shocking discovery

British people perceive themselves to be much slimmer around the waist than they really are, research shows.
Experts fear that by failing to recognise their increasing girth some people may be missing a key warning sign of developing type 2 diabetes.
The University of Leicester study found men under-estimated their waist size by an average of 3.1 inches (7.9cm), women by an average of 2.2 inches (5.5cm).

Who would have thought that people would fub on their estimates of their weight?
funny pictures

The Industrial Version

…of “Feed me, Seymour!”?

BorgWarner expands Hungary plant

Everything’s cute when it’s little…

Sorry, Obama

Accusing Hillary of:

shameful offensive fear-mongering

…won’t wash. In case you hadn’t noticed…

…she’s pretty scary her ownself.
It’s not just us. Most everybody thinks so.

Check Your Figures, Al

For that little gain, I’m not willing to suffer the pain of a $3 chocolate creme-filled Dunkin’ Donut.

Driving is as American as apple pie. At more than 9m barrels a day, gasoline accounts for almost half of US oil demand, and more than a 10th of that of the world. Capitol Hill wants to curb this. Use of biofuels, mainly ethanol, is to be expanded five-fold to 2.4m b/d by 2022. In addition, new cars must achieve
35 miles per gallon by 2020, up from 21 mpg today.
Will it make a difference in 10 years? Ethanol provides only two-thirds the energy gasoline does, and the dominant corn-based variety requires a lot of energy to make. So the extra 1.3m b/d of ethanol possibly on the market by 2017 would actually displace only 700,000 b/d of gasoline consumption.

And I can’t imagine what the corn to feed Bingley’s fat little heifers is gonna run.

I May Not Be Worthy Enough To Fetch His Slippers

But I can own them

A pair of slippers worn by Sir Walter Scott is expected to fetch several thousand pounds at auction.
The famous writer’s footwear will go under the hammer at Edinburgh’s Shapes auctioneers on 1 March.
The slippers were gifted to Scott in 1830 after visitors to his Abbotsford home in the Borders were dismayed at the state of the ones he was wearing.

Hmmm, build up a roaring fire, pour yourself a wee dram and settle in in the library to read Rob Roy in your nice comfy slippers
Works for me.

Dang I Love Porterhouse

Just thought I’d let y’all know.

Today It’s “Iwo To”

They’ve called it something different for the longest time.
And on this day in 1945…

…somebody pretty terrific planted a flag there.

You Know, People Come To The Swilling In Odd Ways

But this morning some one from Lowell, Massachusetts was busy searching for Michelle Wie camel toe”?
You’re just a pig, buddy.
For the record, here’s the only place here she was mentioned.

Just Another Day

…at the office.

Today’s Laugh

From the ever great Theo Spark.
Mildly NSFW

Chimpster Hasn’t Typed “Hamlet” Yet…

But it looks like “Saturday Night Fever” is finished!

Is Al Gore In Town?

We’re finally getting some nice snow, so I just kinda figured…

BIG Badda Boom!

Ebola notes that Lucas got the Death Star explosion just right, judging from the video.
Note to China: See? That’s how we did it.

“I Need To Play The Part”

Aspiring rap lyricist Benjamin Baines Jr. decided that in order to live up to his desired gangsta image the best course of action was to live the dream!

TAMPA – A 21-year-old Clearwater man was arrested at Tampa International Airport this weekend after security personnel found a box cutter in a hollowed-out book, authorities said.
…About 7:30 a.m. Sunday, airport security ran Benjamin Baines Jr.’s backpack through an X-ray machine and saw the image of a box cutter, according to a report from the Transportation Security Administration.
When searching the backpack, a security officer found a book titled “Fear Itself.” The book was hollowed out, and the box cutter was inside.
After Baines was read his rights, he said his cousin had cut away the pages to make the hollow section in the book. Later, reports state, he said he had hollowed it out himself to hide money and marijuana from his roommates.
Baines told officers he was moving to Las Vegas and forgot the cutter was in the book.
Officers found books in the backpack titled “Muhammad in the Bible,” “The Prophet’s Prayer” and “The Noble Qur’an.” He also had a copy of the Quran and the Bible.
Several sheets of paper in the backpack included rap lyrics that referred to police, narcotics, weapons and killing. Baines told officers he is a rapper who writes his own lyrics and that rap music writers need to “play the part,” the report states.

I often forget which books I’ve hollowed out to hold my boxcutters.

I Hope They


38 lacrosse players sue Duke, city over rape case
Former and current Blue Devils claim they suffered emotional distress
…The players accuse Duke of ignoring, suppressing and discrediting evidence that proved the players innocence, with idly standing by while the players suffered abuse and harassment on campus, and with imposing discipline that implied the team was guilty. Duke suspended and then canceled the highly ranked team’s season in the wake of the rape allegation.

Multiple direct hits, please.


Protesters break into U.S. embassy in Serbia
Support for Kosovo independence raised tensions with Balkan nation
A handful of protesters broke into the U.S. embassy in Belgrade on Thursday, cheered on by crowds outside, in a protest at U.S. support for Kosovo’s independence.
Smoke was seen billowing from the building.
The embassy had been closed in anticipation of the demonstration. A spokesman for the State Department said there are no reports of any injuries to Americans, and only security personnel were present. Police were not protecting the building.

Not good. I’m wondering if the Marines are there and what their orders are. Touchy, touchy situation.

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