Celebrity Endorsements Are Great, Because They’re Mui Importante People

…and just so damned much SMARTER than the rest of us peasants.


To quote Patton, “GOD help me, I LOVE it!

Totally Stoked to Be Here Today, Dudes


If You Thought “You Can Keep It” Was Bald Faced Lie

…check out THIS puppy from the Ice Queen’s Congressional testimony THIS VERY MORNING:

Sebelius: “The website never crashed. It is functional at a very low speed.”

Whoppers R Us.

ths update: Oopsie! Somebody noticed the misinformation in her testimony and the website conveniently moved real slow to emphasize the same:

I Guess They Wanted Her To Be Well Grounded In Her Studies

Hillary was wrong: it doesn’t take a village to raise a child, it takes voltage

A Connecticut couple was arrested for punishing a 9-year-old girl by strapping an electric dog collar around the child’s throat and forcing her to bark until she was zapped.
Eduardo Montanez, 43, placed the PetSafe bark collar on the little girl inside their Danbury home last week, after she came home from school with a disappointing progress report, police said.

Sometimes I truly despair, I really do.

The New Tunnel Under West Street

Those of us whose daily commute involves walking across West Street were dismayed recently when they closed the footbridge at the end of Vesey last week (for those of you unfamiliar with Lower Manhattan geography this is the immediate north side of the World Trade Center complex) as it meant that we would be exposed to the elements for at least an extra 2 minutes as we waited for the light to change (there are too many bored cops around at 5:30am for even this committed scofflaw to jaywalk too brazenly). The reason, we were told as they started deconstructing our beloved footbridge, was that the tunnel was reopening from the PATH station so we should give that a try.

Tunnel-schmunnel I thought, but as it was only about a half block adjustment to my route I wandered over yesterday.

Oh My God, it is the…oddest darn place, especially when it’s empty at my hour of the morning. It’s this soaring all white marble hallway that either has me expecting to meet Morgan Freeman as God in “Bruce Almighty” or has me looking for Lenin’s Tomb:


The cop sort of politely yelled “no pictures” from down the echoing chasm but i took it anyway for You, Dear Reader, so you could get an idea of this place.

If you’re in the area it’s worth strolling through.

And There Goes NBC…

…backing off. Disappeared COMPLETELY for a while in a…get ready for it…GLITCH!!
Must have been some pretty PISSED OFF PHONE CONVERSATIONS with the White House, ya think?

Changes here: harsh language suddenly…POOF!.

“Hello! I’m the Private Sector!” “And I’m ObamaCare.”

The RNC goes for the jugular and it’s pretty hilarious. Watch all four at The Right Scoop.

And There Goes CNN

Their headline right now is “What did Obama know, and when did he find out?”

Drip drip drip

And There Goes NBC…

Obama admin. knew millions could not keep their health insurance

NBC News

President Obama repeatedly assured Americans that after the Affordable Care Act became law, people who liked their health insurance would be able to keep it. But millions of Americans are getting or are about to get cancellation letters for their health insurance under Obamacare, say experts, and the Obama administration has known that for at least three years.

…Buried in Obamacare regulations from July 2010 is an estimate that because of normal turnover in the individual insurance market, “40 to 67 percent” of customers will not be able to keep their policy. And because many policies will have been changed since the key date, “the percentage of individual market policies losing grandfather status in a given year exceeds the 40 to 67 percent range.”

That means the administration knew that more than 40 to 67 percent of those in the individual market would not be able to keep their plans, even if they liked them.

Yet President Obama, who had promised in 2009, “if you like your health plan, you will be able to keep your health plan,” was still saying in 2012, “If [you] already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance.”

Spin that, mofos.

And you bastards saddled us with this lying, incompetent, socialist narcissist.

If You Don’t Have Time to Watch the WHOLE Thing, Zoom Ahead to 5:50

…and prepare to be amazed.

Those band geeks. Just. Hilarious.

You Knew This Was Coming

Baby You Can Track My Car

Really, I for one have complete faith in the government that any device they place on my car to track the number of miles I drive for taxing purposes will be strictly used for that and nothing else

WASHINGTON — As America’s road planners struggle to find the cash to mend a crumbling highway system, many are beginning to see a solution in a little black box that fits neatly by the dashboard of your car.

The devices, which track every mile a motorist drives and transmit that information to bureaucrats, are at the center of a controversial attempt in Washington and state planning offices to overhaul the outdated system for funding America’s major roads.

The usually dull arena of highway planning has suddenly spawned intense debate and colorful alliances. Libertarians have joined environmental groups in lobbying to allow government to use the little boxes to keep track of the miles you drive, and possibly where you drive them — then use the information to draw up a tax bill.

How could anyone possibly think the government might abuse or misuse this data?

I am sure that if this new taxing scheme goes through than of course they will eliminate all the gasoline taxes, right?

My Bride Is Away This Weekend

and in my sadness that always leads me to do things that I just refrain from doing when she or Daughter are around.

Like have a mushroom and kalamata olive pizza last night along with a bottle of wine.

damn that was good.

Gripping, Ripping Honesty

…authored by you will NEVER guess who…

Sorry liberals, Obamacare’s problems go much deeper than the Web site
By Ezra Klein

There’s been a rash of commentary from some on the left who’ve decided that the real problem with Obamacare isn’t the crippling technological issues that have made it impossible for almost anyone to enroll in the federally run health-insurance exchanges but the media’s coverage of those problems.

It’s not the crime, it’s the lack of a cover-up.

A failure in the press coverage of the health-care exchange’s rocky launch has been in allowing people to believe that the problem is a glitchy Web site. This is a failure of language: “The Web site” has become a confusing stand-in phrase for any problem relating to the law’s underlying infrastructure. No one has a very good word to describe everything that infrastructure encompasses.

In brick-and-mortar terms, it’s the road that leads to the store, the store itself, the payment systems between the store and the government and the manufacturers, the computer system the manufacturers use to fill the orders, the trucks that carry the the product back to the store, the loading dock where the customers pick up the products, and so on.

It’s the problems in that infrastructure — indeed, much more than “just a Web site” — that pose such deep problems for the law.



I Was Just Going to Post the Video in Disgust

…but this Tweet explains it so much more clearly.

Spam Of The Day

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Obama HATES Marines

I can’t f*ckin’ believe this asshole.

Obama wants Marines to wear ‘girly’ hats

A change to the Marine Corps’ uniform hats could take the hard-nosed Leathernecks from the Halls of Montezuma to the shops of Christopher Street.

Thanks to a plan by President Obama to create a “unisex” look for the Corps, officials are on the verge of swapping out the Marines’ iconic caps with a new hat that some have derided as so “girly” that they would make the French blush.

“We don’t even have enough funding to buy bullets, and the DoD is pushing to spend $8 million on covers that look like women’s hats!” one senior Marine source fumed to The Post. “The Marines deserve better. It makes them look ridiculous.”

Lovely new proposed cover that looks JUST LIKE THE WM COVER…is on the right.

Does the MAN have NOTHING BETTER to DO?!


ths update: So here’s another take on it. Supposedly the manufacturer of our SUPER FUGLY WM cover went out of business and that’s what started all this. And Obama ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY had NUFFINK to do with any of it.


The Story About Obama Wanting Marines To Wear ‘Girly’ Hats Is Total B.S.

…But just to make sure, I called Headquarters Marine Corps and a spokesperson confirmed that the process for making changes to Marine uniforms hasn’t changed since I last left the service in 2010.

…”The President in no way, shape, or form directed the Marine Corps to change our uniform cover,” said Capt. Maureen Krebs, a spokesperson for the Marine Corps. “We’re looking for a new cover for our female Marines for the primary reason that the former manufacturer went out of business. The Marine Corps has zero intention of changing the male cover.”

How do you spell, ‘Oh. My. Dyin’. Ass.’?

Finally They Just Come Right Out and Say It

You KNEW this was coming. It was just a question of who.

Dean: Republicans to Blame for Botched Obamacare Rollout

Howard Dean blamed both Republican lawmakers and governors for Obamacare’s woes since its online launch earlier this month. Dean complained that governors forced the Obama administration to implement a large federal exchange by refusing to create their own state-level exchanges.

UNfortunately for that argument, as Charles Cooke succinctly points out, the LAW said they WEREN’T REQUIRED TO

No One Sabotaged Obamacare
Obama still does not appear to have noticed that he’s the executive and accountable.

The temptation to cry “sabotage!” is a genuinely human one, born of the understandable desire to protect one’s worldview and to attribute blame to one’s enemies instead of oneself. Discredited socialists still grumble bitterly about the impurity of the unrealized Soviet Experiment; “false-flag” kooks remain convinced that 9/11 was an “inside job,” despite there being no evidence for this whatsoever; and some conservatives who have never come to terms with the fact that Barack Obama has twice won the American presidency are now more convinced than ever that he must have stolen the elections.

…Salon’s Irin Carmon complained sadly this week that “the federal exchanges [are] being burdened by so many more people than expected because for political reasons, a lot of governors refused to set up their own exchanges.” This line is not just askew, it is deeply presumptuous. While the idea that the system is failing because of excess demand has been widely debunked, Carmon is correct to note that a majority of governors declined to set up exchanges, and that they did so for “political reasons.” But, one might ask, “So what?” Texas is a state in a federal nation, and the law that the president signed allows the states to decide how to respond to what is, ultimately, a federal initiative.

To believe that the states have in some way “nullified” or “sabotaged” the law by choosing not to do the lifting themselves is to believe that the states are merely regional departments of the federal government and that their electing whether or not to expand Medicaid or set up health-care exchanges is illegitimate.

In this case, “political reasons” means doing what the people in their states wanted them to do. What next? That “if Americans had just chosen to sign up, then the system would have worked”?

Back to the drawing board for whines, Howard.

I Must Admit I’m Mostly In This Guy’s Camp

I think this Fed-created bubble in equities, combined with their destruction of saver’s income, has the potential to be a disaster of epic proportions.

And it all has been done with the explicit guidance and blessings of most especially the White House but also Congress.

We Remember Like It Was Yesterday

Thirty years ago today. The HORROR.

‘The worst part for me is that nobody remembers’: Retired Carmel Marine recalls 1983 Beirut bombings

The massive suicide bombing that ripped apart the four-story Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, early Oct. 23, 1983 — killing 241 U.S. troops — violently shook Carmel resident Mark Nevells and other Marines from their Sunday morning slumber, he remembers.

“I grabbed my gear and ran to the barracks,” Nevells, who was 21 and a lance corporal with what was then the 24th Marine Amphibious Unit’s service support group during the terrorist attack, recalled Friday. “We watched as the building dropped then we went over for the recovery mission. There were so many people in that building and we just wanted to get them out.”

The explosion was so violent that it created an 8-foot crater and buried Nevells’ friends and brothers-in-arms under 15 feet of the building’s rubble. He and other Marines spent five days digging for survivors and freeing the bodies of the men they served with during the multinational peacekeeping mission.

“That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” Nevells said while wearing a black Beirut veteran’s hat honoring those who perished during the bombing. “We just did what we had to do.

As always, I recommend The Root by Eric Hammel, if you can find a copy.

Semper Fi.

Not a Pretty Morning in Detroit

And I’m not talking the weather

Streets Shut Down As Protesters Gather Outside Detroit Bankruptcy Trial

Protesters have gathered outside of the federal courthouse in Detroit, where a judge will determine if the largest public bankruptcy in U.S. history really can go forward.

Police were forced to close streets and erect barricades as the crowd of protesters grew larger, many of whom are retirees in wheelchairs or using walkers. Most are concerned about their quality of life if they lose their pension and health care as a causality of the city’s bankruptcy.

Don’t worry. I’m sure YOUR President Saviour will glide in on his magical unicorn any minute now, even though your political expediency has passed.

Keep the faith, fools.

Referring to Bingley, Please Use “Debonair”

…or “svelte”.

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