A Visit To The MRE Factory

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Happy Birthday to the One Guy Onstage Last Year With the Balls to Call Out Obama For What He Really Is

Unfortunately, almost everyone’s gotten the “joke” by now. Right in the keester.

Happy Birthday, Clint. You tried.

Well Europe Has Recovered Swimmingly

or maybe I should say drowningly

(Reuters) – Unemployment has reached a new high in the euro zone and inflation remains well below the European Central Bank’s target, underscoring just how severe a challenge EU leaders face to revive the bloc’s sickly economy.

Joblessness in the 17-nation currency area rose to 12.2 percent in April, statistics agency Eurostat said on Friday, marking a new record since the data series began in 1995.

Ah, for those halcyon days of yore when a “jobless recovery” was seen as a bad thing.

Good times, good times.

Arvind Takes the Spelling Bee!!

What a pumpkin knaidel.

“Internet Postings That Violate Civil Rights Are Subject to Federal Jurisdiction.”

“That’s what everybody needs to understand,” he said.

Well, I don’t understand. WTF does that mean to your average Joe?

Let’s let the government man in the suit ‘splain:

Group sets meeting to increase tolerance of Muslims, culture

A special meeting has been scheduled for the stated purpose of increasing awareness and understanding that American Muslims are not the terrorists some have made them out to be in social media and other circles.

“Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society” will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 4, at the Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center, 147 Hospitality Blvd.

Special speakers for the event will be Bill Killian, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, and Kenneth Moore, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Knoxville Division.

Sponsor of the event is the American Muslim Advisory Council of Tennessee — a 15-member board formed two years ago when the General Assembly was considering passing legislation that would restrict those who worship Sharia Law, which is followed by Muslims.

Killian and Moore will provide input on how civil rights can be violated by those who post inflammatory documents targeted at Muslims on social media.

This is an educational effort with civil rights laws as they play into freedom of religion and exercising freedom of religion,” Killian told The News Monday. “This is also to inform the public what federal laws are in effect and what the consequences are.

Killian said the presentation will also focus on Muslim culture and how, that although terrorist acts have been committed by some in the faith, they are no different from those in other religions.

They helpfully point our CHRISTIAN TERRORIST TIMOTHY MCVEIGH WHO BLOWED UP A BUILDING, THE WORSTEST TERRORIST THING EVER, UNTIL SEPTEMBER 11 and those other terrorists. (They sneak the Sikh temple RIGHT WING SHOOTER in there, too.) So SEE?!?!?! NO DIFFERENCE!!!!!

LISTEN and LEARN from the GOVERNMENT MAN: APPARENTLY there are only threatened LAWS and CONSEQUENCES for RELIGIOUS FREEDOM if you pick on…MUSLIMS.

NO DIFFERENCE, SEE?!?!?!?! So you can be mean to Baptists, puke on Pastafarians, piss on Presbyterians, crap on Christ and Hoot at Hindus ALL YOU FAROOKIN want.



Maverick: Go Home. Sit Down.


Syrian militants pledge allegiance to al-Qaida

BEIRUT (AP) — The leader of an Islamic extremist rebel group in Syria pledged allegiance on Wednesday to al-Qaida and its leader for the first time.
Abu Mohammad al-Golani, head of Jabhat al-Nusra or the Nusra Front, confirmed his rebel group was tied to al-Qaida in Iraq in an audio message posted on militant websites.
Al-Qaida in Iraq said Tuesday it had joined forces with the Nusra Front — the most effective of a disparate patchwork of rebel groups fighting to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad. He said the new alliance would be called the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.

Your Tax Rate May Vary

The NYT has an interesting 2007-2012 corporate tax chart out, based on circles representing market capitalization. In a stand-alone paragraph that absolutely had to KILL them to write, they concede:

Three big energy firms paid the most taxes in absolute terms: Exxon $146 billion; Chevron $85 billion; and ConocoPhillips $58 billion

Plus the gazillions they plough into research and development.

Gosh, you just never hear about that. EE-ville, EEEEE-VILLE, filthy, nasty, reprehensible oil pays (besides high wages) through the A.S.S. and touchy, feely, dooooo-goody, everybody’s cuddlebear Apple pays (besides slave wages at factories in Asia) what?

Just Get Rid Of The Athletic Department

Seriously. What value does Rutgers derive from it? Press and news like this?

How can they possibly justify the enormous deficits they run every year? $28 million. Disgusting and unconscionable.

Disband it.

major dad Likes To Refer To Me As “Pencil Neck”

…I’m hoping he doesn’t upgrade me to “Pencil Head”

BERLIN (AP) — German doctors say a man spent 15 years with a pencil in his head following a childhood accident.

Aachen University Hospital says the 24-year-old man from Afghanistan sought help in 2011 after suffering for years from headaches, constant colds and worsening vision in one eye. A scan showed that a 10-centimeter (4-inch) pencil was lodged from his sinus to his pharynx and had injured his right eye socket.

The unnamed man said he didn’t know how the pencil got there but recalled that he once fell badly as a child.

Say ~ Let’s All Forget About the Army Base Name

tempest in a teapot, shall we?

Remember That Frightening Commercial Where the Chinese Control Our Country?

It’s for reals now.

They’re gonna OWN OUR BACON

China’s Shuanghui to Buy Smithfield Foods

Chinese meat producer Shuanghui International Holdings Ltd. agreed to acquire Smithfield Foods Inc. SFD +0.23% for about $4.7 billion, striking what would be the largest takeover of a U.S. company by a Chinese buyer—should it get past what is likely to be heavy regulatory scrutiny.

Shuanghui agreed to pay $34 per share for Smithfield, the world’s largest hog farmer and pork processor, marking a 31% premium to Smithfield’s Tuesday closing price of $25.97. Including debt, the deal values Smithfield at $7.1 billion.

Smithfield owns an array of household names, including Armour, Farmland and Healthy Ones, and is sold in 12 countries, according to its website. The company’s shares soared 33% to $34.50 in pre-market trading after The Wall Street Journal reported the potential deal.

There’s Never Been A Happy Marriage In France Before?

Kind of surprising but that’s what this headline is telling me

France prepares for first gay marriage

After His Bowling And Basketball Exploits…

…this should not be a surprise from our Athlete-In-Chief

‘Touchdown Fever’ Arcade in Jersey: Obama Goes 0 for 5

oh and in case you’re wondering

Christie Nails it on First Try

from Mark Knoller’s twitter feed:

Those Mom Jeans must restrict his throwing motion.

Headline Of The Day


Skateboarder repels cougar attack

but oddly there’s no mention of Demi Moore in the article…

There’s A New Holiday In The Spanish Navy

Via Ace, we learn it’s called “Cinco de Sub

“In the era of total CAD and CAM, is it even possible to come up with a fundamentally flawed design ? Turns out, yes. This a fascinating engineering SNAFU. Spain’s newly built submarine is 100 tons too heavy, which means it is unable to float.”

I suppose I should find it amazing that given the Spanish Government’s financial situation they have invested so much in such a vanity project that has gone way over budget.

But I don’t. That’s what governments do.

Memorial Piggie Update

Why look who just came in!



No Fort “George Washington”, “Patton”, “Pershing”, “Bradley”, OR “Douglas MacArthur”?

But we have ALL these bases named after CONFEDERATES?!?! I never put it together.

Sorry, but I’m totally with this guy. I don’t care how long it’s been that way. Time to CHANGE THAT SH*T.HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, FORGET I EVER MENTIONED IT

Misplaced Honor

N the complex and not entirely complete process of reconciliation after the Civil War, honoring the dead with markers, tributes and ceremonies has played a crucial role. Some of these gestures, like Memorial Day, have been very successful. The practice of decorating the graves arose in many towns, north and south, some even before the war had ended. This humble idea quickly spread throughout the country, and the recognition of common loss helped reconcile North and South.

ut other gestures had a more a political edge. Equivalence of experience was stretched to impute an equivalence of legitimacy. The idea that “now, we are all Americans” served to whitewash the actions of the rebels. The most egregious example of this was the naming of United States Army bases after Confederate generals.

Today there are at least 10 of them. Yes — the United States Army maintains bases named after generals who led soldiers who fought and killed United States Army soldiers; indeed, who may have killed such soldiers themselves.

Only a couple of the officers are famous. Fort Lee, in Virginia, is of course named for Robert E. Lee, a man widely respected for his integrity and his military skills. Yet, as the documentarian Ken Burns has noted, he was responsible for the deaths of more Army soldiers than Hitler and Tojo. John Bell Hood, for whom Fort Hood, Tex., is named, led a hard-fighting brigade known for ferocious straight-on assaults. During these attacks, Hood lost the use of an arm at Gettysburg and a leg at Chickamauga, but he delivered victories, at least for a while. Later, when the gallant but tactically inflexible Hood launched such assaults at Nashville and Franklin, Tenn., his armies were smashed.

Fort Benning in Georgia is named for Henry Benning, a State Supreme Court associate justice who became one of Lee’s more effective subordinates. Before the war, this ardent secessionist inflamed fears of abolition, which he predicted would inevitably lead to black governors, juries, legislatures and more. “Is it to be supposed that the white race will stand for that?” Benning wrote. “We will be overpowered and our men will be compelled to wander like vagabonds all over the earth, and as for our women, the horrors of their state we cannot contemplate in imagination.”

Another installation in Georgia, Fort Gordon, is named for John B. Gordon, one of Lee’s most dependable commanders in the latter part of the war. Before Fort Sumter, Gordon, a lawyer, defended slavery as “the hand-maid of civil liberty.” After the war, he became a United States senator, fought Reconstruction, and is generally thought to have headed the Ku Klux Klan in Georgia. He “may not have condoned the violence employed by Klan members,” says his biographer, Ralph Lowell Eckert, “but he did not question or oppose it when he felt it was justified.”

Not all the honorees were even good generals; many were mediocrities or worse. Braxton Bragg, for whom Fort Bragg in North Carolina is named, was irascible, ineffective, argumentative with subordinates and superiors alike, and probably would have been replaced before inflicting half the damage that he caused had he and President Jefferson Davis not been close friends. Fort Polk in Louisiana is named after Rev. Leonidas Polk, who abandoned his military career after West Point for the clergy. He became an Episcopal bishop, owned a large plantation and several hundred slaves, and joined the Confederate Army when the war began. His frequently disastrous service ended when he was split open by a cannonball. Fort Pickett in Virginia is named after the flamboyant George Pickett, whose division was famously decimated at Gettysburg. Pickett was accused of war crimes for ordering the execution of 22 Union prisoners; his defense was that they had all deserted from the Confederate Army, and he was not tried…

By the way, the is some absolutely fascinating combined American/Army history contained in these posts: “Posts” being used in both the Army base AND blog sense.

Remember My Friend, Mike Hill, Who Just Won His Republican Primary for Florida House District Two?

This is what his Democratic opponent tweeted day before yesterday:

Clever fellow, isn’t he?

I think he has “Tea Party” and The Reid/Pelosi Democratic Majority’s ObamaCare Death Panels confused, don’t you?

I mean, besides being too clever by half.

(My post on Mike here.)

Why WE Must NEVER Become

like THEM.

Parking Tickets Issued on Wrecks while Stockholm Burns

STOCKHOLM (FRIA TIDER). Owners of cars destroyed in the riots fined for parking illegally while police adopt non-intervention policy.

Since last Sunday, May 19, rioters have taken to the streets of Stockholm’s suburbs every night, torching cars, schools, stores, office buildings and residential complexes. Yesterday, a police station in Rågsved, a suburb four kilometers south of Stockholm, was attacked and set on fire.

But while the Stockholm riots keep spreading and intensifying, Swedish police have adopted a tactic of non-interference. ”Our ambition is really to do as little as possible,” Stockholm Chief of Police Mats Löfving explained to the Swedish newspaper Expressen on Tuesday.

”We go to the crime scenes, but when we get there we stand and wait,” elaborated Lars Byström, the media relations officer of the Stockholm Police Department.

”If we see a burning car, we let it burn if there is no risk of the fire spreading to other cars or buildings nearby. By doing so we minimize the risk of having rocks thrown at us.

Swedish parking laws, however, continue to be rigidly enforced despite the increasingly chaotic situation. Early Wednesday, while documenting the destruction after a night of rioting in the Stockholm suburb of Alby, a reporter from Fria Tider observed a parking enforcement officer writing a ticket for a burnt-out Ford.

The parking enforcement lass apparently couldn’t read/FIND the driver’s proof of arrival at that particular parking spot. No doubt it was carbon based and had gone up in flames with the rest of the vehicle, BUT REGULATIONS ARE REGULATIONS.

Thanks goodness there were no miscreants “throwing rocks” about. THAT would have been terrible and scary, scary, SCARY.

Don’t Look Know Now, But

…Google has a teeny, TINY American flag and yellow ribbon on their search page today.

Oh, yes, they do.

I’ll be a socialistic monkey’s uncle.

Memorial Piggie

Got up a tad earlier than I cared to this morning to get the 12lbs of pork butt on the smoker



The knockout roses are looking quite neony


and it was exceedingly pleasant sitting on the deck working my way through a pot of coffee


(gratuitous multi-grill pr0n)

Makes Me Cry

The Garden State

Rob has been showing some loverly pictures of the verdant fecundity that is his garden down South. A few years ago we both planted some fig trees at basically the same time.

Here’s his today

And here are its Jersey “siblings”



I am right on the edge of where these things can live per the USDA; the winters are turning them into Fig Banzais…

He also has some nice Roma tomatoes starting to fill out where as mine are just starting to grow


Ah well…there ain’t much ‘victory’ in this garden at this point!

It’s About Remembering

A year later. 75 years later. 237 years later. Lexington to Gettysburg.

San Juan Hill to Iwo Jima to Chosin.

Hue City to Kuwait to Fallujah to an American Airman murdered by an Islamic Terrorist in an airport:

The Procession to Honor Airman Zachary Ryan Cuddeback

Murdered in Germany, but much loved by his hometown.

Crusader was there in the gloaming Friday ~ with SO MANY others ~ to raise a flag, a prayer and a thank you.

…to a number one country song, written by someone who overheard a heartwrenching radio interview with the dad of a Medal of Honor winner…who never came home.

To those grandpas, Pops, Moms, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, sweetest daughters and dearest baby boys who never came home:

We remember you. All.

Layers And Layers Of Fact Checkers

Remember, folks, when you look at Professional Journalist™ sites like Sports Illustrated that they are so much better than you rank amateurs in your thread-bare pajamas


They deserve protections you don’t.

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