As Kliban Once Cartooned: MOUSE



You’ll notice the mouse doesn’t actually USE the legislative NAME of “Florida legislation” that became law today. Also, please note they’re not interested in standing up for the “rights and safety” of the 5, 6 and 7 year old CHILDREN, nor their families, who also comprise communities across Florida.

Another Potential International Embarrassment

THIS should be a laugh riot.

I can hear Puddin’ Head now:

“But you said Brussel SPROUTS! I KNOW you did! Who are these people anyway?”

Liberal Privilege

The privileged wife of NYT White House correspondent Pete Baker took time out of her busy day to offer her condolences to the family of a Fox photographer killed in Ukraine, and remind everyone that liberal media elites are soulless scumbags who want you dead.

In point of fact, she only did one of those things. GUESS.

How Did I Miss THIS Headline?

Sweet little old LADY couldn’t possibl…wait.

HER name was…Harvey??

“Ms. Marcelin — who was listed as male in earlier court records but now identifies as a woman…”


Happy Birthday THS!!!

You’re almost as old as Pelosi now!!


Almost Friday.

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