A Free the Grapes Call to Action Alert for FLORIDA!!

Florida: Support Wine Direct Shipping!

Since March 2006, Florida’s adult consumers have enjoyed the right to purchase wines directly from wineries across the country. But that could change.

The state’s powerful wholesaler monopoly is trying to turn back the clock and eliminate direct shipping.

There’s a message form at the link to personalize that these guys are VERY effective at getting out to the correct people.

I can’t believe we have to keep fighting these battles over and over.

Quote Of The Day

“When you think you’re dying,” his son-in-law once heard him quip, “don’t.”

RIP and thanks Frank Buckles, the last Doughboy.

Dead at 110.

And, in a ROUSING Victory for Common Sense

…WattsUpWithThat appears to have won the Best Science Blog Award in the 2011 Bloggies!!!.

Many thanks to all the Swillers who contributed their one man/one vote, to defeat the Forces of Darkness.

Al Gore’s gonna need another Twinkie to deal with this crusher.

Raging Against the Machine

And soft butterfly kisses for the quiet wallflowers in the corner. This was buried in the Fashion Mag (NASCAR Neanderthals don’t appreciate the genius of Galliano!), so it wouldn’t be sullied by all those incredulous H8R voices laughing…perhaps even hooting (Quelle horreur!) derisively.
(And why do we crack about Sarah FIRST, ALWAYS? Loser.)

We know that Sarah Palin hunts animals on reality TV and cheers her daughter on ‘‘Dancing With the Stars’’ — but do we know that both conservative and liberal scholars rate Nancy Pelosi as one of the most successful speakers of the House in United States history?

We know that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann gave the Tea Party’s State of the Union response, believes that the founding fathers abolished slavery and urged her Minnesota constituents to be ‘‘armed and dangerous’’ — but do we know that Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California is calling for the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan?

We know that Christine O’Donnell assured voters she was no longer a witch or antimasturbation yet lost her bid to be a United States senator from Delaware — but do we know that Senator Barbara Boxer supported reproductive freedom and restricting of shore oil drilling yet defeated her Republican challenger, Carly Fiorina?

If you answered ‘‘no’’ to any of the above, you have the right to protest media that cover sideshows instead of the main event.

I am Privileged Liberal Wimmin. Hear me Whine.

Spam Of The Day

This is the most informative blog on ice vending that I have ever come across

Yet another service we cheerfully provide!


Now He’s Gone TOO FAR

Seriously, as far as Hollywood/TV folks go I am the most out-of-touch there is. I just don’t watch any of these shows or see that many movies, so the latest dramas and traumas of the Hiltons or Lohans or Kardashians or Pitts mean nothing to me and excite zero interest.

But sometimes, well, sometimes one of these spoiled little children crosses the line that MUST NOT be crossed

After one rant the host, Alex Jones, tells Charlie he sounds like Thomas Jefferson. Charlie’s response, “I’m not Thomas Jefferson. He was a p***y! But I dare anyone to debate me on things.”

You, sir, are a cur and beneath contempt.

“I Think They Should Interfere, Ma’am”

“The United States should do something. They’re not gonna say like they say in Egypt or in Tunisia, okay well. Not doing anything until they knew the regime was gone and then they stepped in. And this is what they’re doing in Libya right now. They are staying away until they knew the people are taking over and THEN they’re gonna come in. But we want them to do that before that happens. We want them to do that and show that they are for the people. For the Constitution, for freedom.
This country has suffered a lot. Forty-two years.
That’s enough.”

A 58 year old Libyan businessman named Muhammed braves bullets and tanks at a violent protest to report via cell phone to NPR’s Michele Norris. His natural dignity is amazing, his sense of calm, surreal, and his commitment is unwavering. He is the epitome of a gentleman through the entire piece.

As sounds of fierce fighting begin erupting around his position, she asks what he wants the world to do, what he wants America to do. His reply is the most eloquent and poignant exegesis of the moral vacancy of the Obama Administration’s attitude thus far.

Sadly, it’s also an excruciating reminder that the “Bright Shining Light”, our beacon into the dark places of the world ~ the implied promise of an ardent defense of those who strive righteously towards Freedom ~ is now a frail, uncertain and feeble wash of frosty hue, and fickle about whom the beam brushes.


“Thank you ma’am. You have good day.”

Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

Alabama Senator Richard Shelby lays a verbal hammer.

“…Only Chicago politics could tip the scales in favor of Boeing’s inferior plane. EADS clearly offers the more capable aircraft….

I’m sure Boeing receiving EADS proprietary bid information courtesy of the AirForce (and Boeing never would confirm or deny if they looked at what they received) had nothing to do with anything.

Here’s a Musical Number Just for Me

Ebola Wants to Make Up for Heart Filled, Bacon Covered Chocolate Cakes

…by offering a little cultural break.

I’m Gonna Have To Get Me Some Nescafe

It’s THE beverage when you need to Fight The Man

(Moammar Gadhafi) says those revolting are “loyal to bin Laden … This is al-Qaida that the whole world is fighting.”

He says al-Qaida militants are “exploiting” teenagers, giving them “hallucinogenic pills in their coffee with milk, like Nescafe.”

Since Their Actions Are Alien to Most Americans Anyway

…how about an inspirational video for the technically impaired, fleebagging Wisconsin Senatorial Democrats?

…So, just to clarify, lawmakers who have fled the state, who are calling in to CNN from an undisclosed location with a list of demands, are complaining that the governor is hard to reach.

Has anyone started a countdown calender for paycheck pickup time?

Phrase For The Day


Pre-armadillo, she’s got kind of a Japanese Loretta Lynn look to her.

Not that that’s a name any Japanese child would ever get.

You know, if Japanese filmmakers didn’t exist, could any of us possibly invent them?

(h/t rdbrewer at Ace’s)

The Things You Learn With Ebola Home

Cooking videos featuring chicken hearts stuffed in heart-shaped cupcakes with bacon sprinkles, for instance, and words of emotional wisdom, like:

“On Valentine’s Day, even a douchebag has a heart.”

Hey, Everybody! GREAT News!!

(Or not, as it were.)

@jaketapper Deputies of relevant agencies meeting in White House Situation room right now to discuss Libya.

How ’bout that. Finally got around to it before the end of the week.

Some kinda frickin’ record or something.

Bingley Update: BREAKING NEWS! Not a peep about Libya, but on a Really Really Important Subject

President Barack Obama has ordered the Justice Department to stop defending the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as only between a man and woman, according to a Justice Department statement Wednesday.

Continuing This Week’s Theme

Lara Logan and the Daily Harassment of Egyptian Women

We watched this discussion Monday night on the NewsHour. Margaret Warner, a just slightly less adventurous PBS version of Martha Radditz, interviewed two women in a round table format:

…The attack on Logan unleashed a torrent of articles about the culture of sexual intimidation experienced by many Egyptian women. In a 2008 survey, 83 percent of Egyptian women in Cairo said they had been sexually harassed.

We take up the issue now with Nihal Elwan, who works on social development in the Middle East for the World Bank — Egyptian by birth, she formerly worked for the United Nations in Cairo — and Diane Singerman, a professor and director of Middle East studies at American University in Washington, D.C.

(An Egyptian woman, but then one, earnest, well-fed American academic pontificating from the safety of her Georgetown book group. I know, I know. Trouble already.)

Watch below (or read) if you will, and perhaps you’ll find what’s lacking as fascinating as major dad and I did.

For example:

NIHAL ELWAN: Yes. I think there are several dynamics at work here.

I feel that, to begin with, the Egyptian people have been going through decades of economic hardship, poverty. And in a sense, I feel — I think they’re completely disempowered. And the only way they can regain ownership or a sense of manhood is by gaining ownership of the street.

The street is becoming a male territory. Women who decide to go down, walk down the street sort of lend themselves and — and challenge the patriarchy. And that makes men want to challenge back. And I think it is a form of challenging all the pressures that are surrounding Egyptian men. This is the only form of defense against everything else that’s making them depressed and oppressed.

MARGARET WARNER: What would you add to that?

DIANE SINGERMAN: I think I would also say that, in the streets especially, there is a sort of notion of women’s place belonging at home, sort of female domesticity.

There are more women working now. There are more young women obviously going to school. And so — rightly so, sort of public space is more contested. And, in that sense, there’s also countering discourses from the state as well and from sort of conservative religious forces that — that women maybe shouldn’t be in some of the places that they’re in.

And — and, at the same time, the government also has somewhat of a tradition of being a little bit abusive or not really…


“Egyptian guys have had it tough and that makes them pigs.”

Wait a minute! Considering what Obama’s Recovery Bummer has done to the American male, PBS isn’t convening roundtables to discuss groping in Green Bay, are they? (Madison is an altogether different story…) “That couldn’t POSSIBLY be the WHOLE thing!” we thought, besides my snarky, “Weakweakweakweak!!”, with a “Chickenshit” thrown in for good measure. (“H8R”)(I know.)

For all the long list of behavioural excuses for Egyptian men (believe me, they chew through more in the piece), and most I would imagine (by extrapolation from the givens they cite) are generally applicable to Middle Eastern males under similar circumstances, there are two glaring, related omissions.

In the whole 1700 or so words, not ONE of them is “Islam” or “Muslim”.



You’re fooling yourself with those glasses, you know.

US Fired First?

Good. And we also fired last

The U.S. military today reacted with fury after the pirates who killed four Americans claimed the Navy shot at them first.

Jean and Scott Adam, from California, were killed alongside Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle from Seattle, Washington, in the early hours of yesterday.

U.S. Navy officials had been negotiating with the pirates when, without warning, the bandits fired a rocket-propelled grenade at their warship.

The grenade missed the USS Sterett, which was 600 yards from the hijacked yacht, the Quest.

Immediately afterwards, at around at around 9am local time (3am ET) gunfire erupted inside the cabin of the Quest, the Navy said.

Several pirates then moved onto deck with the hands in the air – as if to surrender – as a rescue force of 15 Navy Seals rushed onboard. The pirates began shooting at the Seals, and in the ensuing battle, two of the bandits were killed.

I find it incredible that armed pirates who boarded a vessel in the open sea and took people hostage would complain that someone fired at them?

What I do not understand, in my neanderthalic gunclingy way, is why there were “negotiations” and why this small yacht was being allowed to be under way. That destroyer should have been parked in front of the yacht preventing it from moving. The pirates should have been told in no uncertain terms that if any harm happened to the US citizens on board that they would all be dead.

And the 13 pirates that have been captured should all be hanging from the Quest’s rigging by their necks right now.

Update: Snaqwells over at Dan’s has a plan I like

it’s time to use the full force of the American military on these shitheads. Run some bait ships through the area with nothing but a small contingent of Navy Seals. No prisoners, no trials, no 33 year sentences for guilty pirates.

Exactly right.

This Morning On Amazon

There’s this in the “Gold Box Deals”

Upcoming Deal
Zombie Alert!

Just sayin’.

The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

Sadly, our government is woefully unprepared

Emergency Preparedness and Response: A-Z Index

There are no items listed for the letter “Z.”



4 Americans on hijacked yacht dead off Somalia
U.S. Navy warship shadowing seized vessel takes action after gunshots are heard; 4 hostages apparently killed by captors, some pirates dead

After what they found, I would wish them ALL dead.

How indescribably horrible. Our hearts go out for their suffering and our sincere condolences to their families.

To Americans: God bless your Christian instincts, BUT. Sweet Mother of GOD. Those people are ANIMALS.

Use the head God gave you and LISTEN when you’re told to stay CLEAR. PLEASE.
Please. Please.

(Thanks to JammieWearingFool for the sad heads up)


Those big brave pirates have murdered retirees

Four U.S. citizens on a yacht hijacked by pirates last week are dead, a defense official with knowledge of military activities in the region confirmed Tuesday.

CNBC Breaking News

…and no link yet. (Might I add, it’s “unexpected”, no doubt?)

Case-Shiller Index Shows Home Prices Fall 1.2% in 10-City Index, Down 2.4% in 20-City Index, Down for 6th Straight Month (story developing)

UPDATE: Ah, there it is:

Home Prices Continue Swoon as Double-Dip Fear Persists

U.S. single-family home prices fell for the sixth month in a row in December, in line with expectations, a closely watched survey said Tuesday.

Oh. They were expecting it. My bust completely. **eyeroll**

Checking the homepage charts, gasoline is already at $2.66 gal on the wholesale market, oil’s at $92 and WalMart’s just reported it’s 7th consecutive quarter drop in same-store sales.

Bummer news all around.

He’s a Big Purple Cheerleader

And no, it ain’t Barney.

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