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With Apologies To Merle

I hear Hocul talking trash ’bout the way

That we live here in New Jersey

Laughing at the way we drive and argue ’bout

The names of things we eat.

She loves our taxpayer money

That built the place her teams find defeat in

And then you call us “West of Manhattan” Ma’am

And still expect we’ll pay congestion fees

Yeah tax us, toll us, charge congestion fees

Never mind the crime and grime, we’re told

The City, that’s the place to be

Well guess what we can leave it

Let this song be a warning

Us folks in “West Manhattan”

We’re gonna start working remotely

Happy Burfday THS!!!!!

Happy Birthday, BINGLEY!

International Man of Mystery
Globalist from Birth

Happy Burfday Crusader!!!

You know who you is and where you are.

And so do they…

God Bless America

Happy Fourth of July!!!

(HOLY CRAP!!! A screenshot I never thought I’d see!)

I’m Not a Biologist

…but I laughed anyway.

Prince Would Have Been 64


My all-time favorite song of his.

Play it loud. You can’t help but smile.

Elizabeth Rex


We will NEVER see the likes of her again.

Happy Jubilee, Your Majesty.

America’s Paper of Record

…strikes again.

Happy Birthday THS!!!

You’re almost as old as Pelosi now!!


Almost Friday.

Let’s Dance


You old man, you!

Hoppy Burfday To The Bestest Sister EVUH



Happy Birthday THS!!!

WHO Are the Haters


Biden should have to wear his shame like a scarlet letter on his jammies.

Big Tent Party

WHO says we’re not inclusive?

More of: Life With ths

If anyone was startled by the sound of a man howling something in the middle of the street last night, I apologize.

It was my husband.

The neighbors had moved out, and left their ghastly birdbath – which I had LONG coveted – ON. THE. CURB.???

I saw it sitting there, in pieces, forlornly gracing the side of the road just a smidge after 9 as we were walking Maggie.

“Puta madre! I MUST HAVE IT!?

major dad. ?“Oh, HELL, no.”

On the way back, I snatched up the top piece – a lifelike sculptural representation of two doves, cooing lovingly at each other (Kinda like me and him, no? Okay, no.), and hoofed it home, ALL THE WHILE listening to “WE’RE NOT TAKING THAT.”? I was prepared to go it alone, as always.? “I’ll get the dolly. Never you mind.”

So, well, he gets the car (??), we pop down the street, and hoist the remaining two (what seem like 70 lbs a piece?) sections into the trunk. And, before closing said lid, he throws his arms to the sky and wails.


Like I said, sorry.????

Man. That birdbath is SO ugly, it’s bitchin’. #score

UPDATE: Since certain people in the comments can’t leave well enough alone…

Coo Coo Kachoo


Pirate kittehs.

Oh Somehow I Don’t Think This Is The First Time

Hillary has written quite a lot of fiction before.

But, hey, at this point what does it matter?

In Life, Be Rigorous and Never, EVER

…let your front “fall off.”

An Evening for Scotsmen

A happy Robert Burns Night to my fellow Scots (Clan MacEwan, Barony of Otter here), and those who wish they could be!

In a bit of a quandary, as I’d like to celebrate in more than spirit, BUT. I’m nae a Scotch drinker, and, perusing traditional, haggis-free Scottish side dish recipes, I find they’re all just as loathsome and bland as the food was when I spent ten days rambling around the homeland of my ancestors and my own heart.

God help me, I love it all, but they can’t cook for shit.

However YOU celebrate, a wonderful evening to you, and lang may yer lum reek!

Some hae meat and canna eat,

And some wad eat that want it,

But we hae meat and we can eat,

And sae the Lord be thankit.”

Busy Weekend

The Squid Terrorist decided we needed to get going installing the fortress battlements between the houses (also known as: new, IMPROVED, ‘try knocking THIS down, you hurricanes, you‘ fence?????).

Then major dad worked his magic over an oak fire for a perfect Santa Maria tri-tip Sunday supper.

NOW it can it rain.

The Gift

…that keeps on giving.


Bestest bro of Mystery in the Whole Wide WORLD!!!

Birthday Breakfast Done Right

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