Maybe They Tried The Pizza

Chuckin’ punches at Chuck E. Cheese’s

The wobbly video shows a group of adults mulling inside Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant in Susquehanna Twp. Suddenly it pans left and captures a fight breaking out.
The 22-second clip, uploaded Sunday to YouTube, is the latest example of what police describe as a disturbing and bizarre crime trend: escalating violence among adults at a place designed for children’s birthday parties.
Susquehanna Township police have been called to the restaurant on Union Deposit Road 12 times in the past year for reports of disorderly conduct, assault and theft. Those calls have resulted in 13 arrests, including six women — five adults and a juvenile — charged with disorderly conduct in a Saturday-night brawl.

I praised Sweet Baby Jeebus when Daughter outgrew that vile den of inequity.

God Bless You, Officer Porcello

via Ace, comes this beautiful story of one of NY’s finest serving one of America’s finest

Sometimes when old Marines die they do fade away into unmarked graves in Potter’s Field.
Such might have been the case for Gaspar Musso, USMC 925050, who fought in the Battle of Tinian in the Marianas Islands in 1944 and who died Nov. 15 at age 84 in a Brooklyn nursing home.
Enter Police Officer Susan Porcello, a PBA delegate at the 68th Precinct in Bay Ridge and one of those big-hearted New Yorkers who still make this the best city on Earth.

A wonderful wonderful story for these cold winter days.

If Only Carl Sagan Were Still Alive…

His trademark phrase “billions and billions” would be appropriated by the Governments “trillions and trillions

Obama also confirmed that he plans to lay out a roughly $775 billion economic stimulus plan on Thursday but indicated that the amount could grow once it gets taken up by Congress.
“We’ve seen ranges from $800 (billion) to $1.3 trillion,” he said. “And our attitude was that given the legislative process, if we start towards the low end of that, we’ll see how it develops.”

How is this money they are throwing about ever going to be repaid?
Sadly, our children are going to be so screwed by all of this.

Offsets Are Bigger Than Al Gore

And that’s BIG.

“Exclusive Rights” To An Inaugural Ceremony?

HBO and the “star-studded event” can kiss my ass

NEW YORK — HBO will kick off coverage of Inauguration Week with an exclusive Sunday, Jan. 18, telecast of the star-studded opening ceremony, two days before the saturation coverage of President Barack Obama’s inauguration begins in earnest.
In 1993, HBO paid $1.5 million to the Presidential Inaugural Committee to exclusively televise Bill Clinton’s kickoff from the Lincoln Memorial, something that annoyed non-HBO subscribers who weren’t able to watch the concert by Bob Dylan and Diana Ross.
This time around, HBO — which has been awarded the rights for an undisclosed sum — is planning to offer the event free to cable and satellite subscribers, regardless of whether they have the pay channel or not. The entertainment lineup for the event, which may also be streamed, hasn’t yet been announced, but both Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are scheduled to attend.

And why is there a “star-studded” opening ceremony in the first place? It’s not the Olympics.
What’s next… “The Washington Monument, brought to you by Viagra”?


No Jeb.
I’m pissed.

Senate Farce

Well, today we’ll see how the Burris and Franken farces play out in the US Senate, that august body of pure statesmanship.
What a national embarrassment.

The Russian Bear Is No Longer Passing Gas

That’s not as good news as you might think

LONDON, England (CNN) — A natural gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine escalated Tuesday when Ukraine accused the Russian supplier of blocking pipelines to Europe, and three European countries said their supply from Russia had been cut or reduced.
Ukraine’s state-run gas company said Gazprom, the Russian energy giant, had reduced the amount of natural gas flowing through Ukraine to nine mostly Eastern European countries.
… Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey told CNN on Tuesday that their supplies of Russian natural gas had been affected.
A spokesman from Bulgaria’s Ministry of Economy and Energy told CNN the supply was halted because of the Russia-Ukraine dispute. And a spokesman for Romania’s Economic Ministry told CNN it had suffered a 75-percent reduction “as a direct result of the dispute.”
A Turkish Energy Ministry spokesman told CNN that Russian gas supplied to Turkey through Ukraine had been completely cut. The country was raising supplies of gas from another pipeline in order to compensate, he said.

Russia’s plans to flex her energy muscles have been severely crimped by the collapse in energy prices, as have her treasury and planned military expenditures. I would not be surprised to see her tighten the screws on the recalcitrant orbit nations even further.
Update: Here are some further thoughts on the problems Russia is facing:

Is there some wild card out there that could make the global economic mess even worse?
For months now, my attention has focused on Russia. The country is big enough, and its problems serious enough, that it could take the global crisis to a new level of danger.
The good news is that Russia is in much better shape than it was the last time it shuddered into crisis, in 1998. The bad news is that Russia’s current problems bear an eerie resemblance to those that took the country into default, led to the fall of a once-popular political leader and forced the U.S. Federal Reserve to organize a bailout in order to prevent a panic in the global financial markets.

Read the whole thing.

Some Good Questions

The Farce that is the BCS system

In what system does an undefeated team that beat six bowl teams, including the No. 1 team for the last half of the season, have no shot at the title? In what system does a former No. 1 team that only played one bad half in September and would be favored to win the national championship by every sports book have no chance to win the championship? And in what system does another former No. 1 team that loses one game on one freaky play get passed over for a title shot in favor of a team it beat on a neutral field by 10 points? It’s a system so absurd and illogical that only Paris Hilton might be able to understand it.

8 game playoff system. Let’s go.

I Don’t Know About You All

…but, right now, THIS on the MSNBC home page?

All it says to me is:

Israel Kills the Little Babies of Very Nice Looking People For No Good Reason

No wonder these guys kicked Coulter off for good. I’d say “damage the brand”, but hey!



It’s hard to get much cooler than that!!

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