(You’re dyin’ to know, aren’t ya?
First one to guess gets a Janeane Garafolo doll.)
An eagle eyed Army Captain points out the busy little Photo Shoppers to Michelle Malkin.
A uniform is a uniform is a uniform, right? Mark in Mexico says left nyet.
Michael Jackson, PETA and NOW It’s not like a gift, it IS one. God, I LOVE the smell of Italian White Phosphorus in the morning!

Blackberry Whine?

Won’t Washington come to a screeching halt?

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. was dealt another legal setback in a key patent infringement case on Wednesday, raising pressure to settle or face a possible shutdown of its U.S. mobile e-mail service.
…Spencer said he would request briefs and set a hearing date to deal with NTP’s request for damages against RIM and an injunction that would halt U.S. sales of the BlackBerry and shut its service.

We Need to Chill Out

Well, those of us who use natural gas. Sigh. That’s what God made sweats for.

The Atlanta district reported that production in the Gulf of Mexico had improved since September. However nearly 40 percent of natural gas and half of oil production still remained off-line.
“Most of the petroleum refining capacity in Louisiana and Mississippi was back on-line, but natural gas processing remains a concern as repair of processing facilities is taking longer than expected,” the Fed said.

Oh, Those Wacky Nut Jobs at PETA

…have gone and done it again, the impish devils. When last you saw your intrepid reporter, she was covering a protest at a local school against FISH STICKS. Now PETA’s going after


Michael Jackson and PETA all in the same day. It’s like a gift.

So Ken Read A New Book…

Ken had just finished reading the book “MAN OF THE HOUSE”.
He stormed into the kitchen and walked directly up to his wife. Pointing a finger in her face he said “From now on I want you to know I am the man of this house, and my word is law ! I want you to prepare me a gourmet meal tonight, and when I’m finished eating my meal, I expect a sumptuous dessert afterward. Then, after dinner, you are going to draw me my bath so I can relax. And when I’m finished with my bath, guess who’s going to dress me and comb my hair?”
His wife replied…

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“Ewwww, ICK!” of the Day

Report: Jackson’s ex says he didn’t father kids
The mother of two of Michael Jackson’s children has reportedly said that the babies were conceived from a test tube.

I’ve never been able to reconcile Michael Jackson and procreational sex. The revulsion factor kicks in too quickly to even finish the thought. Test tube, outer space, black hole…anywhere, any place but from him. Now, if they can wrest those poor children free, they may stand a chance at some point far, far away.

Er, I’m Supposed To Want This Guy To Live?

#999 isn’t quite the poster boy for the anti-death penalty folks that they wanted:

Hicks offered a tearful apology for the 1985 murders in an interview earlier this month with Ohio Parole Board members, and said he loved both victims — 56-year-old Maxine Armstrong and 5-year-old Brandy Green. He detailed the killings and said his cocaine high made him desperate and paranoid.
Hicks had traded his VCR for about $50 worth of cocaine, court records show. After taking the drugs, he realized that he needed to get the VCR back before his wife wondered where it was, so he decided to steal money from Armstrong.
Hicks found his stepdaughter asleep on the couch at Armstrong’s apartment. He woke her and brought her to bed and then strangled Armstrong, first with his hands and then with a clothesline.
He left her apartment with about $300 and some credit cards. He used some of the money to buy back his VCR and purchase more cocaine.
Realizing Green could identify him as the last person at the apartment, he returned and attempted to suffocate the 5-year-old with a pillow then strangle her with his hands. She struggled, and Hicks covered her mouth and nose with duct tape.

I think a bunch of folks are happy he’s no longer around.

Hmm, Maybe Insta’s Blender Broke Over Thanksgiving?

This isn’t his usual method…

“Only America Has Riots”

Meanwhile out in Planet Europe, in the Goofball Nebula, French Prime Minister, Dominique de Villepin (who is a man) spoke to CNN:

Amanpour: You know, many people, after hurricane Katrina struck the United States said, that it exposed the poverty and racism that exist in the United States. Many people in France said that … around the world said it. Many people also said that the riots in the ghettos if you like… in the suburbs …
De Villepin: I am not sure you can call them riots. It’s very different from the situation you have known in 1992 in L.A. for example. You had at that time 54 people that died, and you had 2,000 people wounded. In France during the 2 weeks period of unrest, nobody died in France. So, I think you can’t compare this social unrest with any kind of riots.
Amanpour: What do you call it then?
De Villepin: Social unrest, you have to understand also, there were no guns in the streets. No adults; mostly young people between 12 and 20 … so it is very special movement.

I have “very special movements” after too many bean burritos; 9000 car-b-ques seems to deserve a tad stronger language, n’est c’est pas?
Read the rest if you have a strong stomach, both for Amanpoop’s innane leading questions and Dominique’s (who is a man) EuroTurd answers.

Gird Your Blog

and your loins. George Will points out infringements and inequities.

But liberals’ abhorrence of political money is selective. Roll Call, the Capitol Hill newspaper, recently reported that when Democratic senators met in a Capitol room near the Senate floor to plan strategy, their leader, Harry Reid, permitted Stephen Bing to attend. In 2004, Bing, 40, gave more than $14 million of his inherited wealth to Democratic candidates and liberal groups supporting them.
Was there any appearance of impropriety—say, cash purchasing access? Gosh, no, said Democrats to Roll Call: “Reid’s aides and other Senate Democrats said there is nothing wrong with such a big donor attending meetings otherwise open to only senators and a few top aides, because Bing is not a lobbyist and is not seeking any favors from Democrats.” Sen. Barbara Boxer explained that Bing is “just really interested in making this country better.” Oh, well, in that case…

Breaking News

Those little camcorder, slap happy bastards have released a video of the kidnapped peace activists/aid workers.

G.I. Joe

Lieberman, that is, bless his heart! For those of you I didn’t send it to already, here’s the link. The only downside? His words are in the Opinion Journal, where he’s preaching to the choir. They need to be in the NYT, the LA Times, the Washington Post, the…you get the picture, ’cause you’re sure not gonna hear him quoted on the networks.

The Grey Lady, Collusion and Tap Dancing

This November 21st article (complete text below) about an Italian “documentary” film, headlined:

THE REACH OF WAR: WEAPONS; Defense of Phosphorus Use Turns Into Damage Control
…Daryl G. Kimball, director of the Arms Control Association, a nonprofit organization that researches nuclear issues, was more cautious. In light of the issues raised since the film was shown, he said, the Defense Department, and perhaps an independent body, should review whether American use of white phosphorus had been consistent with international weapons conventions.
”There are legitimate questions that need to be asked,” Mr. Kimball said. Given the history of Saddam Hussein’s use of chemical weapons in Iraq, he said, ”we have to be extremely careful” to comply with treaties and the rules of war.
…The Italian documentary, titled ”Falluja: The Hidden Massacre,” included gruesome images of victims of the fierce fighting in the city in November 2004. American and Iraqi troops recaptured the city from insurgents, in battles that destroyed an estimated 60 percent of the buildings.
Opening with prolonged shots of Vietnamese children and villages burned by American use of napalm in 1972, the film suggested an equivalence between Mr. Hussein’s use of chemical weapons in the 1980’s and the use of white phosphorus by the American-led forces.

…has now been quietly corrected.

Correction: November 29, 2005, Tuesday An article on Nov. 21 about an Italian documentary film accusing the United States of misusing white phosphorus munitions in Iraq referred imprecisely to footage of napalm use in Vietnam. The film shows United States Air Force jets dropping napalm on Vietnamese villages and includes famous footage from 1972 of Kim Phuc Phan Thi, a 9-year-old girl, fleeing after napalm burned her clothing off. But the aircraft that dropped the napalm on her village in 1972 was South Vietnamese, not American.

A thinly disguised smack at the administration’s bungled response. All the while leaving the impression that there is something to the film’s claims, thanks to the few sentences refuting them scattered among the paragraphs of film scenes/quotes from folks like Mr. Kimball. How upsetting to have to correct such a carefully crafted storyboard. For the record, Major Dad adds:

Those lying Italian Communist’s. WP does nothing remotely similar to napalm.

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Scratch Another Word Out of Your Vocabulary

Cameron Diaz has been accused of being insensitive to the disabled.
The “In Her Shoes” star, while discussing her awkward adolescence, confessed that she was so thin and unattractive other kids nicknamed her “Skeletor.”
“I was wild, like an animal and I was kind of spastic, with my arms and legs going in all directions,” she said.
That brought a sharp rebuke from Scope, a U.K. organization that represents people with cerebral palsy. “We are keen to remind Cameron Diaz that, as a role model, she should watch her language,” said a spokesman for Scope, according to IrelandOnLine. “Likening her ‘wild days’ to acting like a ‘spastic’ is extremely offensive to people with cerebral palsy and perpetuates negative assumptions about disabled people.”

I hate to break it to the Brits, but ‘spastic’ doesn’t mean the same thing here that it does there. Ignorant, youthful me, I was educated while touring Scotland. There was a great, imposing facade of a building…plastered with “Scottish Society for Spastics”. After getting the hilarity under control, I was all set to sign Bingley up.
Separated by a common language, that’s us.

Do We Have a Shirt for Him!!

GREENPEACE Hijacks Blair Speech
Protestors have dramatically disrupted Tony Blair’s speech on nuclear power.
Greenpeace activists clambered onto a roof and demanded they be given 10 minutes to speak to the conference – or they would disrupt Mr Blair’s speech.
But the boss of the Confederation of British Industry, Digby Jones, refused to bow to their demands and moved everyone into another room.
He said: “The democratically-elected leader has a right to speak and we have a right to ask him questions but no-one has a special right.”

Basically, Mr. Digby Jones said “Sod Off Swampy!

This one’s for you!

Damn Bushie McChimpyHitler!

Thank God MSM keeps this stuff under wraps, couching it in shades of doom and gloom, or people might feel better about the guy. (And we can’t have that.)

The U.S. economy has been surprisingly resilient this year and is expected to grow by 3.6 percent in 2005 despite the difficulties posed by both oil prices and hurricanes — the latter cutting 0.5 percentage points from growth on an annual basis in the second half of the year.
Overall activity is expected to return to trend in early 2006 and then be somewhat higher, taking growth for the full year to 3.5 percent, 20 basis points higher than the 3.3 percent forecast by the OECD in its last report in May.
…Business spending is also growing quickly, unemployment has dropped toward its equilibrium level and export growth is being supported by the respending of higher oil revenues by oil producers.

UPDATE: More bad news, delivered in a surprisingly chirpy manner!!

Consumer Confidence Comes Roaring Back
Falling gas prices boost sentiment; factory orders, new-home sales surge

Banning Piglet Can’t Save You

Iraq Bus Attack Kills Two British Muslims
Gunmen ambushed a bus Monday carrying British Muslims to Shiite shrines, killing two Britons and wounding three.

These vermin need eradication. I say we lift off and nuke the site from orbit.

It’s the only way to be sure.

While Ramsay Clark Was Explaining Why He Was There

…an Iraqi court official asked the important question.

“Where was Ramsay Clark when Saddam Hussein was killing the Iraqi people?”

I’d be curious to hear Mr. Clark’s answer.

What a Disgrace

Rep. Cunningham pleads guilty to tax violations
California Republican admits to taking $2.4 million in bribes

Greed, pure and simple. Good riddance.

You Gotta Love Europe

…if only for the entertainment value. A round-up of tidbits and pointers.
1) Don’t be an immigrant, homeless or poor and old in France.
You’ll wind up like an Eskimo grandmother who’s lost her teeth and can’t chew sealskin anymore. But they will ask people to be vigilant and report your body blocking traffic.
2) On second thought, even rich old French bastards are having a rough time of it.

Ageing Francophiles are being purged as the EU tries to get back to basics, writes Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Once the bastion of Franco-German corporatism, the European Commission is now slipping ever further under the control of “Thatcherites”.

Thatcherites“, “English as the lingua franca of the EU system” and worse; a Maoist turned free-market crusader (Does no one stick to their principles anymore?) who just happens to be le grande frommage in Brussels. Oh OUCH, this all has to hurt. Filthy peasents.
3) Sneaky, sneaky record companies never learn. They just change venues.

However the media industry, in the form of the newly-launched ‘”Creative and Media Business Alliance”, want to use this data to hunt down people who they think may be involved in the far less serious offence of sharing copyright material over the internet.
They have the gall to believe that their business is as important as the protection of our lives from acts of indiscriminate terror, and want the stored data to be available to the police when investigating any criminal offence, not just the serious ones it currently covers.
The CMBA has written to every member of the European Parliament saying that limiting the proposal to “serious” offences would hamper enforcement activities for other forms of criminal offence.

Personally, I think anyone who ever bought and shared a Britany Spears mpeg should be hunted down like the dogs they are with all means necessary, but I know there have to be limits. We can watch it all shake out in Europe.

Maybe BP’s Latest Ad Campaign

In the past, some environmentalists have criticized BP’s renewables activities as a sop aimed at greening the firm’s oily image.

isn’t just schmaltz, huh? Putting your money where your commercials are lends a certain credence, I think.

The London-based oil giant will form a new unit called BP Alternative Energy to manage a fleet of projects that BP said had the potential to deliver sales around $6 billion a year within a decade.
An initial $1.8 billion would be invested over the next three years, spread in broadly equal proportions between solar, wind, hydrogen and combined cycle gas turbines. Cox said the larger part of this would be invested in the United States.
…BP’s move is at odds with the views of some in the oil industry, including the world’s largest private oil and gas firm, Exxon Mobil , which argues renewables are a poor use of investors’ funds.

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

…and, baby, all four of us love you.

Four Saudi women teaching in a remote village school have married their driver so they can live closer to work, Al-Watan newspaper said on Monday.

I suppose there’s hope in that these girls were “teachers”, instead of the usual forced Islamic recluses. I’m still waiting for the shrill sisters of the left to speak out for their Muslim counterparts.

What If You Had a Meeting

…and nobody came?

BARCELONA, Spain (AFP) – The European Union hopes to finalize an anti-terrorism code of conduct with its mostly Muslim southern neighbours, at the end of a summit clouded by the absence of most Arab leaders.
However there was deep discord over the definition of terrorism, and the tensions simmering under the surface at the two-day gathering were reflected when an Algerian minister lashed out at European demands for reform in exchange for more money at the meeting in Barcelona.
We find it humiliating that the Europeans demand reforms from us in exchange for a few euros,” said Abdelaziz Belkhadem shortly after the Euromed summit opened.

If your unsuccessful form of extortion is too embarassing, how ’bout you do it because it’s the right thing to do? Be a hero. Pffft. They have no intention of changing a bloody thing and the EU perpetuates this whole mess by offering the bribe before the demands. As far as the discord over an EU “definition of terrorism”, more on that here.

Kinda Lonely Out There in Crawford, Huh?

I went through about fifty odd snippets in this slide show before I couldn’t take any more. While suffering for this report, I did notice a dearth of fresh faces, like, you know…fellow peace-niks, Mother Sheehan alcolyte-types. 18 folks holdin’ up the “Hey ya Cindy” sign. No crowds. Pretty much 80+ angles of the same six folks. Maybe it’s just me, since I will admit to my eyes glazing over about 1/4 of the way through this manufactured story, but dang.

Do it in six relevant pictures, already, not eighty-eight. Gimme some 88 Marine pictures, how ’bout it?

Stories to Be Thankful For

We’d never hear about these guys otherwise.

As he approached the town, Ieva was looking into the backyards of the first row of duplexes. The two platoons on the left were coming in from the side. Those men had to sprint across 75 yards of open ground under fire to get to a protected building. “Aggressiveness and speed got them into the city,” Ieva says.
From there, the marines began house-to-house fighting. They would blast holes in the walls and charge in – as Ieva joked, like Starsky and Hutch – or they would climb roof to roof, throwing explosive devices into houses before they entered. One building had insurgent snipers on the roof, but a bomb, timed to go off just above, killed them.
Ieva’s men came across a fortified terrorist stronghold, where one of his men, Lawrence R. Philippon, was killed. At another stronghold in that town, according to a gripping piece by Ellen Knickmeyer of The Washington Post, insurgents had built a crawl space under the front door; they lay on their backs and shot upwards through the floor with armor-piercing bullets at marines who came through. The marines needed five assaults and 500-pound bombs from an F/A-18 attack plane to finally take and destroy that house.
I don’t have space to describe how Ieva and the other marines fought on that hot spring day, but by the end, about 75 insurgents had been killed and 17 captured.
Two points are worth making. After the Marines took Ubaydi, they didn’t have the troops to hold it, and it again became a terrorist safe haven. Over the past two weeks, the Marines have been back in Ubaydi for more bloody fighting. This time they have enough trained Iraqi forces to hold the area, but why weren’t there enough troops last spring? Every time you delve into the situation in Iraq, you come away with the phrase “not enough troops” ringing in your head, and I hope someday we will find out how this travesty came about.
Second, why aren’t there more stories about war heroes like Christopher Ieva? The casual courage he and his men displayed is awe-inspiring, but most Americans couldn’t name a single hero from this war.

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