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Yacht Carrying 5 British Nationals Stopped by Iranian Forces, Taken to Iran

No link yet. Got it.

…”On 25 November, a racing yacht owned by Sail Bahrain and crewed by five British nationals, was stopped by Iranian naval vessels,” reads a statement from Britain’s Foreign Office.

“The yacht was on its way from Bahrain to Dubai and may have strayed inadvertently into Iranian waters…”

I wouldn’t be so sure of a quick release in this day and age.

Swiss Vote To Ban Minarets

Well, this is a bit of a surprise:

A right-wing campaign to outlaw minarets on mosques in a referendum being held in Switzerland today has received an unlikely boost from radical feminists arguing that the tower-like structures are “male power symbols” and reminders of Islam’s oppression of women.

A “stop the minarets” campaign has provoked ferment in the land of Heidi, where women are more likely than men to vote for the ban after warnings from prominent feminists that Islam threatens their rights.

Forget about tranquil Alpine scenery and cowbells: one of the most startling features of the referendum campaign has been a poster showing a menacing woman in a burqa beside minarets rising from the Swiss flag.

It seems to have struck a nerve in Langenthal, a small town near Bern where Muslims plan to put up a minaret next to their prayer room in a bleak former paint factory.

“If we give them a minaret, they’ll have us all wearing burqas,” said Julia Werner, a local housewife. “Before you know it, we’ll have sharia law and women being stoned to death in our streets. We won’t be Swiss any more.”

The measure was approved by voters rather convincingly, much to…France’s chagrin

France’s foreign minister has condemned Switzerland’s referendum vote to ban the building of minarets.

Bernard Kouchner said he was shocked by the decision which, he said, showed “intolerance” and should be reversed.

More than 57.5% of voters and 22 out of 26 cantons – or provinces – voted in favour of the ban on Sunday.

The proposal had been put forward by the Swiss People’s Party, (SVP), the largest party in parliament, which says minarets are a sign of Islamisation.

I’m sure that you’re allowed to build Cathedrals or Synagogues in Saudi Arabia, right?

Actually, what’s most interesting is how the feminists in Switzerland supported this. I’m not sure what has finally opened their eyes to the oppression of women in the islamic world but I’m glad they’re finally starting to see it.

Judging By What’s Playing

…it’s Thanksgiving weekend at Casa de major dad. Kcruella would comment, but she has to protect her bowl o’ popcorn from rampaging Scotties.

Enough Turkey! It’s Time For Bacon

Here’s a nice bacon-based recipe for our bud WunderKraut.

I like to buy whole tenderloins and cut the filets off myself. A-because then I can cut the steaks to exactly the size I need, and B-it’s a hell of a lot cheaper this way. So after cutting off steaks I end up with the Shat-Ho Brian end that I always try to think of fun ways to roast.


I mean, let’s be honest: tenderloin is melt-in-your-mouth buttery tender soft but it really doesn’t have a lot of flavor.

and what does have flavor, Dear Readers?


You betcha!

Time to activate my highly-refined weaving skills



lovingly place the tenderloin amidst this net of smoky porcine ethereal bliss and coyly drape a few more slices for complete coverage


wrap up and place in the roasting rack thence into the oven at 325


It’s a work of piggin’ art!

Oh baby, I lurves it when you sizzle and crispyfy


lovingly transfer to a platter when the internal temperature reaches 140 or so for rare (sooner if the smell-o-bacon filling the house drives you absolutely wild with desire)


perfectly done for me; probably a tad too rare for some of y’all


but that leaves more for me!

Dubai Dumps Debts

“We’ll pay you…later…much

Fears of a dangerous new phase in the economic crisis swept around the globe yesterday as traders responded to the shock announcement that a debt-laden Dubai state corporation was unable to meet its interest bill.

Shares plunged, weak currencies were battered and more than £14 billion was wiped from the value of British banks on fears that they would be left nursing new losses.

…Although the scale of Dubai’s debts is comparatively modest at $80 billion (£48 billion), the uncertainty spooked the markets, with no one sure who its creditors are. Several banks rushed out statements to reassure investors that their exposure was small.

…Dubai World, the state-owned corporation that began the panic on Wednesday by demanding a standstill on its interest payments, worsened the mood when it postponed a teleconference for its bond holders, saying the phone lines were overwhelmed.

I may try that line of approach with my mortgage company: “I’m not paying any more interest. Nyah. (sticks out tongue)”

We’ll see how things hold up this morning, if this “job-loss recovery” that noted tax cheat Tim Geithner has engineered for us can stand some minor shocks.

The Calm Before The Storm


May all our Dear Swillers have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving, secure in the many blessings that those who have gone before have secured for us.

May we be ever mindful of and thankful for their sacrifices and of those who daily risk all they have to keep us safe.

Just Because I Can


Today’s Posts

Are brought to you by SMS Von der Tann


Whenever your life calls for the services of that something extra we here at the Swilling hope you will consider the Von der Tann line of fine Battlecruiser Products.

Thank you.

Finally, Someone Has Connected All The Gorebal Warmening Dots

Of course you know it had to be Bush’s Fault.

Quote of the Day

Courtesy of Jonah Goldberg.

…That’s not how science is supposed to work.

Skeptics who’ve received a tote bag from some oil company are branded as shills, but scientists who live off of climate change obsessed foundations or congressional fiefdoms are objective, call-it-like-they-see-it truth seekers.

Question these folks and you get a Bill Murrayesque “Back off, man. We’re scientists.”

I am also curious what we’ll hear from editors of the journals manipulated by the CRU crew. I know I’D be pissed. Probably to the point of, schmaybe, publishing something addressing the issue.

With a cover photo of Mann being beaten by a fat, hockeystick wielding polar bear.

But that’s just me.

Thought For The Day


The Hockey Stick Is Now A Fudgesicle

As we’ve mentioned below and has been extensively covered elsewhere it seems that those impartial paragons of detached civic virtue known as “climate scientists” have evidently shown themselves to be just as virtuous as, er, um, politicians. From fudging the data to fit their theories to seemingly coming close to colluding to keep dissenting opinions from being published to handing out advice on how to get the maximum governmental funding these emails and documents have something for everyone. And now it looks like there may be some more attention of a more official nature given all of this.


Sounds Like a Good Place to Be On Saturday Dec. 5

…if you live anywhere in the Tri-State area.

I’ll be joining Debra Burlingame, Rep. Pete King (R., N.Y.), Tim Brown, and Peter Regan at a press conference tomorrow in lower Manhattan, in anticipation of a big rally the 9/11 Never Forget Coalition is organizing for Saturday, December 5, to protest the Obama administration’s decision to give the 9/11 jihadists a civilian trial.

More details here.

I Wonder How Many of These Health Professionals Advising Women

…to “just do what you’ve always done” in the face of the government breast/cervical cancer panels’ new ~ and hotly disputed ~ guidelines advocate for Obamacare?

Especially since most insurance companies only pay for what the GOVERNMENT recommendations are?

Anything over that and you’re on your own, Shirley.

And all those seniors paying AARP dues when they get thrown under the bus at 75, with NO mammographies recommended? I mean, they’re gonna die some time soon anyway, right? Sooner than later saves money!

Clever, CLEVER Mr. Blair!

It’s all, “Come to Australia and see all the fuzzy, friendly little animals! [insert cute wombat pic]” all the time. The TRUTH…is very different.

(ed: Photo courtesy of a very heavily armed Mr. Summers)
BLAIR is using illegally obtained Anthropogenic Global Warmering emails to “hide the decline”…in KANGAROO CIVILITY, no less! The seas have risen as Al Gore predicted and the longtailed, hoppy marsupial BASTARDS are taking their revenge!!!!

An Australian man was in stable condition Monday after being slashed across the abdomen and face by a kangaroo that was holding his dog underwater.

KANGAROOS’ve resorted to drowning puppies? (Sound psychotically familiar?)

Try to find THIS little bit of news on the Australian’s blog, why doncha.

Oh, yeah. We gotcher frequency, Kenneth.

Pr0n Giovanni

So we went to see Don Giovanni yesterday. As the review had said there were some “interesting” directorial choices in the staging. Oh, the singing was fine for the most part (aside from yet another somewhat reedy tenor) and Daughter and Bride agreed that both Don Giovanni and Leporello were stud muffins.

I guess the one thing I sort of liked about the staging was the cyclical nature, how the tableaux that opens the opera also closed it, showing that even though this particular Don Giovanni is gone there will be another to replace him because the fickle and corrupt fallen nature of Man will always allow it, will always fall prey to one with his charms and devices; indeed, we always want to be enchanted/enticed/ensnared in some way. But the staging itself was very barren, and the characters who were not singing moved in a very slow, stylized way which was…odd to my provincial sensibilities. I must give props to the lighting designer, because one neat aspect with the staging was how the shadows of the characters interacted on the walls in a manner that was somewhat different from how they were interacting on stage yet perhaps more evocative of their true meanings…that was well done.

But what turned me off about the overall experience was the over-the-top gropey lewdness. Hands were constantly on breasts (not mine), under skirts, in pants and crotches, and various sexual acts were pretty graphically simulated on a dining room table next to a casket. I mean, was this really necessary? I don’t think so. It was cringe-inducing and added nothing to the production; in fact it took a lot away.

As did the idiot sitting next to me who kept humming along to several of the melodies. Like I paid good money to come and sit next to him to listen to him. Ass.

One of the Most Memorable Birthday Recollections


A very late (and mercifully very cool) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to da Skyler.

Now He’s a Slappy, Happy Monkey

Little Red Monkey, acting so fidgety!

I dedicate this to Harry Reid. I thought it was perfect: the creep factor is “high”.

What Da Hell Was DAT Sh*t


Soylent Green Is Peruvians!

Or should I say “Soy lent verde”

(CNN) — Peruvian authorities say they have arrested four members of a gang that specialized in selling fat obtained from dead humans.

Officials are investigating the disappearance of at least 60 people who may have been killed by gang members in two mountainous states in central Peru, the nation’s attorney general said in a release Wednesday.

The four suspects have been charged with murder.

Two of the suspects were arrested November 3 as they left a transport business with a plastic container with human fat in it.

The fat was sold in Peru and Europe and used for commercial purposes, Peruvian officials said.

“Commercial purposes”?


Ick ick ick.

The BBC Can Not Be Bothered

…to even mention what I refer to below, as they have far more interesting crap to deal with.

But I must give them credit where it is due for this extremely vital news

Alcohol ‘protects men’s hearts’

Drinking alcohol every day cuts the risk of heart disease in men by more than a third, a major study suggests.

The Spanish research involving more than 15,500 men and 26,000 women found large quantities of alcohol could be even more beneficial for men.

Now that’s science you can believe in.


Female drinkers did not benefit to the same extent, the study in Heart found.

However, men were shown to benefit in other ways from female drinkers.

Oh My Goodness

Speaking of Mother Gaia and Gorebal Warmening, it seems like there is a mighty big Mother of All Scandals brewing. Follow all the links at Tim’s, especially the one to Andrew Bolt.

To summarize, it appears that one of the largest climate research centers has been hacked into, and thousands of emails and data files have been released…and they sure seem to indicate that there is one hell of a conspiracy amongst some of these scientists to manipulate the data to promote their global warming agenda.

Very very very interesting reading.

I’m going to download this stuff tonight when i get home.

I Take It All Back! I Am A Believer!

He promised that if he was elected the oceans would stop rising and the planet would begin to heal…so let it be written, so shall it be done

Global warming appears to have stalled. Climatologists are puzzled as to why average global temperatures have stopped rising over the last 10 years. Some attribute the trend to a lack of sunspots, while others explain it through ocean currents.

At least the weather in Copenhagen is likely to be cooperating. The Danish Meteorological Institute predicts that temperatures in December, when the city will host the United Nations Climate Change Conference, will be one degree above the long-term average.

Otherwise, however, not much is happening with global warming at the moment. The Earth’s average temperatures have stopped climbing since the beginning of the millennium, and it even looks as though global warming could come to a standstill this year.

Ironically, climate change appears to have stalled in the run-up to the upcoming world summit in the Danish capital, where thousands of politicians, bureaucrats, scientists, business leaders and environmental activists plan to negotiate a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Billions of euros are at stake in the negotiations.


It’s what the Ferrous Wheel of Life is made of.

Read the whole piece; there’s some great hummana-hummana-ing going on, in a “the science is settled” sort of way.

Things Will Get Better!

Unless they, um, get a lot worse

Société Générale has advised clients to be ready for a possible “global economic collapse” over the next two years, mapping a strategy of defensive investments to avoid wealth destruction.

In a report entitled “Worst-case debt scenario”, the bank’s asset team said state rescue packages over the last year have merely transferred private liabilities onto sagging sovereign shoulders, creating a fresh set of problems.

Overall debt is still far too high in almost all rich economies as a share of GDP (350pc in the US), whether public or private. It must be reduced by the hard slog of “deleveraging”, for years.

All the government officials holding hands and saying “Rejoice! We have delivered you!” doesn’t mean squat as unemployment continues to rise.

Let’s see how cheery the upcoming Christmas sale season is.

Maybe “2012” Is On To Something…

I imagine this made the baggage-handlers’ lives rather interesting

KINSHASA, Congo — A U.N.-run radio station says a passenger plane overshot a runway in eastern Congo and landed in lava, injuring 20 people.
Radio Okapi said the plane was flying from Kinshasa to Goma on Thursday and passengers had warned the crew that there were heavy clouds. One passenger told the station that the plane had landed in lava near Goma’s airport.

Gaia is not amused…

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