35 Years Ago Today

And nothing’s changed.

They’re still the murderous goat fuckers they’ve been from the beginning.

We Are So Grateful

Barely a blow over 40 mph and half inch of rain here. A 50 mile wobble westward, and it would have been a very different story.

Say a prayer for Wunderkraut and his family as Michael steamrolls towards them in Georgia.

In the meanwhile, Pensacola is very thankful.
And looks forward to helping our neighbors recover.

Busy Hurricane Michael Morning

Hatches damn near battened.

And last shot at a poop and pooped out.

He’s finally started that turn to the NE. I’m torn, as always. Breathe a little easier if it continues, but would never, EVER wish that horror on anyone.

May God bless and keep all in his path safe.

Hurricane Michael

From the NHC discussion:

“As a result, Michael is now explicitly forecast to
become a category 4 hurricane before landfall occurs.”


Tomorrow should be a blast.


We Have a New SCOTUS Justice

Thank you to Brett Kavanaugh for his courage under fire, and to Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Grassley and Susan Collins for their own unique acts of courageous obstinance in the face of vicious lies, acts of perfidy and the mob spawned by them.

If you ever have a doubt that this was a complete set-up from start to finish, and that the orchestrated women’s campaign against men in this country isn’t real, please believe it.

Catholic Vote put out the most moving, most DAMNING ad I’ve ever seen before Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

I have a son. A husband, and all my siblings are brothers.

This rent my heart thinking about it.

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