A Little Doob’ll Do Ya

Toke for your health.

A single joint of marijuana obstructs the flow of air as much as smoking up to five tobacco cigarettes, but long-term pot use does not increase the risk of developing emphysema, new research suggests.
…However, the researchers found that the progressive chronic lung disease emphysema, often associated with cigarette smoking, was uncommon among marijuana smokers. Only 1.3 percent of the long-term pot smokers were found to have signs of the disease compared to 16.3 percent of those who combined marijuana and tobacco, and 18.9 percent of those who only smoked tobacco.

But every bit of good news has it’s downside…

…Last week, another study published in The Lancet medical journal suggested that using marijuana may increase the likelihood of becoming psychotic, with even infrequent use potentially raising the overall small risk by up to 40 percent.

I dunno ~ I think they may have had latent psychotic tendencies to begin with, because every doper I’ve ever known was sleepy-time mellow and too stoned to worry about Karl Rove. And who ever heard of a Kiwi killing spree?

…The three-year Thorax study involved 339 people in New Zealand, where pot smoking is fairly common.

That explains why the visuals for LOTR were so intense. Take a little tolkien the pipe…

…and come up with a boss a$$ fantasy.
But there was one last, little info nugget that brought a chortle on…

Jeff Garrett, president of the Australia-New Zealand Thoracic Society, who was not involved in the study

Dude, you are so busted.

Your Moment of Zen

Remember this recent post? God forgive me and restore my sight, there’s actually a picture of the crime scene. And I’ve posted it.
I’d say it’s NSFW, but it’s so far beyond that, that there’s no point.

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A Little Taste Of Brazil In Long Branch

So after daughter got done with her basketball camp on Saturday we went to one of our favorite places for lunch

The West End Bakery and Luncheonette in Long Branch. I swear to you that walking in there is like eating in a nice place in the interior of Brazil; the food is simple but wonderful. Beans, rice, sausages and grilled meat. Yum Yum Yum. And then we went next door and bought a case of Guarana and some Dendê oil.
life is good.

If Sid Viscious Had A Kitchen…

I imagine it would look much like mine, with Extra Virgin olive oil, Sea Salt, aged balsamic vinegar,

…and razor blades.

Getting Off With Gorebal Warmning

It’s good to Al.

Al Gore III pleaded guilty Monday to possessing marijuana and other drugs, but a judge told the former Veep’s son he can withdraw that plea and have the charges dropped if he successfully completes a drug diversion program. What a bargain!

What an understatement. What a gelatinous, worthless a$$hat.
Either Al.

Walking the Walk

…combined with talking the talk. Amazing concept, n’est pas? As the Blogfaddah noted, Michael O’Hanlon of the Brookings Institute had a joint NYT Op-Ed piece this morning, with a pretty astounding headline:

A War We Just Might Win

But major dad and I already knew his opinions had taken a remarkable turn because of his appearance this weekend on CNN’s This Week at War. My immediate reaction was, “Has CNN lost their collective minds broadcasting something this positive?”

…FOREMAN: So what’s the real situation on the ground? Arwa Damon is in our Baghdad bureau. CNN military analyst Brigadier David Grange, U.S. Army retired joins us from Chicago and here in Washington Michael O’Hanlon, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, just back from Iraq. Michael, let me start with you. The basic question, is the surge working?
MICHAEL O’HANLON, BROOKINGS INSTITUTION: In military terms, yes. Two big reasons, one, we are doing very well against al Qaeda in Iraq. I don’t want to jump into this whole debate about whether they’re taking orders from Osama bin Laden or not, but they have an extreme ideology and they have gone so far that the Sunni-Arab tribes are now fighting against them. I walked through the streets of Ramadi a couple of days ago without body armor. That city is turned around, 95 percent reduction of violence because the Sunni sheikhs and tribes are with us now against al Qaeda. That’s going great. The sectarian violence much less well resolved so far, but at least we’ve put a bit of a cap or a lid on it with our greater troop strength. So that’s the more long-term problem.

But the fight against al Qaeda is going brilliantly at the moment.

Wow and I mean WOW. We guessed CNN had not completely given up their agenda, as the actual CNN Baghdad correspondent (ARWA DAMON) was trying mightily to throw cold water on everything O’Hanlon said.

…FOREMAN: Arwa, is there a sense in Baghdad on the ground that that’s exactly what’s happening?
ARWA DAMON, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Tom, actually not when you speak to the Iraqi people. In fact, most of those that I’ve spoken to will not really say that they feel that the situation is getting better. Remember, they’re not measuring their own security in terms of numbers of U.S. casualties or numbers of bodies that were found unidentified throughout the entire capital. They are measuring their sense of whether or not things are getting better by the level of comfort with which they can leave their homes. For most Iraqis, they are still just as petrified of falling victim of sectarian violence or any other sort of attack that could take place in the capital today as they were before the surge began.

Her negativity was surprisingly countered repeatedly by the strength of O’Hanlon’s statements (bolstered, of course, by the fact that he has been on the ground there) and the show’s military consultant’s pointing out of the obvious ~ that you can’t change the fundamental public viewpoint until you prove you mean what you’re about. Trust takes time.

…FOREMAN: General Grange, militarily why is this working now? Is it a different approach or is it just the sheer numbers of the surge?
BRIG. GEN. DAVID GRANGE (RET), CNN MILITARY ANALYST: Well, I think it’s something to do with numbers, but it’s really the new strategy. And it’s funny you hear the debates going on politically about we need a new strategy. We need a new strategy. In fact, there is a new strategy. It was just really implemented full force mid June. So it has to have a little bit of time to work, and I think the new strategy of clear, hold and build – in other words, once you go in the area and you do what you have to do against any adversaries, you start to give people some confidence in the security forces whether it be U.S. or Iraqi and then you actually show you’re going to improve the lifestyle of the area, the quality of life. You start to get in locales, these different locales, a sense of achievement and improvement. I think that’s what’s happening.

Tangible improvements already and all the ‘surge’ elements have only been in place and implemented in full for a little under two months.
On the whole, it was remarkable media exercise, even buried on the weekend as it was. I’m glad O’Hanlon puts his name to it on paper.

I’d Have to Disagree With the Basic Premise

The number of Atlantic hurricanes in an average season has doubled in the last century due in part to warmer seas and changing wind patterns caused by global warming, according to a study released on Sunday.
From 1900 to 1930, Atlantic hurricane seasons saw six storms on average, with four hurricanes and two tropical storms. From 1930 to 1940, the annual average rose to ten, including five hurricanes.

What jumps out at you with these dates? Yes, you’re right up there with my thinking. In 1900 they didn’t even have frickin’ electric street lights (“Gas lighting for streets gave way to low pressure sodium and high pressure mercury lighting in the 1930’s…“), telephones were an obscene luxury (“The first regular telephone exchange was established in New Haven in 1878. Early telephones were leased in pairs to subscribers. The subscriber was required to put up his own line to connect with another.”) and the vast majority of the country had yet to be connected to a power grid , less mind being able to count every low pressure system that developed in the vast Atlantic or even the more exotic reaches of the Gulf of Mexico. No clue. Just ask the folks who watched as the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 rolled ashore ~ to the tune of over 8,000 people dead ~ devoid of the usual warning signals accepted for impending heavy weather of the time.

… The usual signs which herald the approach of hurricanes were not present in this case. The brick-dust sky was not in evidence to the smallest degree. This feature, which has been distinctly observed in other storms that have occurred in this section, was carefully watched for, both on the evening of the 7th and the morning of the 8th. There were cirrus clouds moving from the southeast during the forenoon of the 7th, but by noon only alto-stratus from the northeast were observed. About the middle of the afternoon the clouds were divided between cirrus, alto-stratus, and cumulus, moving from the northeast. A heavy swell from the southeast made its appearance in the Gulf of Mexico during the afternoon of the 7th. The swell continued during the night without diminishing, and the tide rose to an unusual height when it is considered that the wind was from the north and northwest. About 5 a.m. of the 8th Mr. J. L. Cline, Observer, called me and stated that the tide was well up in the low parts of the city, and that we might be able to telegraph important information to Washington.

‘Might be able to telegraph‘ information and expecting what answer? (“Ya’ll be careful out there”?) Washington certainly couldn’t give them particulars or prognostications in return. They could only wait for a damage report. That’s 1900. Let’s take a couple decades’ leap to 1926. The communications and weather forecasting have improved little.

…Therefore, in those days before satellite pictures and reconnaissance aircraft, the hurricane remained somewhat of a mystery, with only a few ship reports to tell of its existence.
In those days, storm warnings were centralized in Washington, DC, and disseminated to field offices like Miami. However, as late as the morning of September 17, less than 24 hours before the category 4 storm’s effects would begin in South Florida, no warnings had been issued. At noon, the Miami Weather Bureau Office was authorized to post storm warnings (one step below hurricane, or winds of 48 to 55 knots). It was only as the barometer began a precipitous fall, around 11 PM the night of September 17, that Gray hoisted hurricane warnings.

If they had no clue in Miami what was about to happen, Pensacola was even worse off…

The 1926 Miami Hurricane made a second landfall in Florida on September 20 near Pensacola before moving on in a weakened state to coastal Mississippi and Louisiana on September 21.

…and might could have used a little warning.

PENSACOLA DAMAGE PUT AT $3,000,000; Naval Air Station Near There Also Hard Hit — Eight Docks in City Destroyed.
September 23, 1926, Thursday
PENSACOLA, Fla., Sept. 22 (By Wireless to The Associated Press, New Orleans). — Destruction of eight docks and numerous small craft, the beaching or damaging of twenty-five fishing smacks and the crippling of public utilities constituted the toll taken by the tropical hurricane which struck Pensacola on Monday.

And damn near a couple hundred dead between us and it’s route out of town through Alabama/Mississippi. But there’s no accurate body count, because there’s no accurate census of our Godforsaken Red-neck of the woods at that time. (Ooooh! Dovetails NICELY into my thesis…) By virtue of NOAA’s own website, if you didn’t have a ship free itself from disaster and report a storm, no one had Clue One what was swirling around out there or on it’s way in. No barometers, no cell phone, no radar (doppler or otherwise), satellite views (either visual or water vapor) ~ no satellites, period. (Werner von Braun was just breaking out his chemistry set as a 12 year old.) Sorry, research types ~ it was all a big mystery right up to the middle of the century. And, even then, folks were still washing out to sea. We simply didn’t have the tools, and, when we finally got them, the interpretive skill set had to evolve. But, if you point out the obvious, you get the head tilt and dreaded ‘S-Word’..

Skeptics say hurricane data from the early decades of the 20th century are not reliable because cyclones likely formed and died in mid-ocean, where no one knew they existed.

‘Skeptic’ as soon as you point out the obvious problem with their data set. ‘Skeptic’ as soon as you question what they so confidently assert. ‘Skeptic’ as soon as you want to know how they know what is basically unknowable.

More reliable data became available in 1944 when researchers had airplane observations, and from 1970 when satellites came into use.
But Holland and Webster said the improved data from the last half of the century cannot be solely responsible for the increase.
We are led to the confident conclusion that the recent upsurge in the tropical cyclone frequency is due in part to greenhouse warming, and this is most likely the dominant effect,” the authors wrote.

Well, I could be confident in asserting ANYTHING if I, as confidently, discount common sense and the complete lack of data bolstering my confident conclusion from ANY source which might upset my confident conclusioning. If I assert wholeheartedly that I KNOW that the period from 1900-1930 had X amount of storms AND NO MORE ~ regardless of scientific observations confirming or discounting my assertion, because of the technological limits of the time ~ it must be SO. And if I then accept I am correct in the unproven basis of my assertion, all that I assert thereafter MUST BE SO.
So there. (I’m blonde ~ it works for me.) (Well, it would if, even as a blonde, I could live with myself so ethically debased/deluded.)
This isn’t tree rings, or layers in an ice core, or geologic stratigraphy, or carbon dating. They’re MAKING. IT. UP.

The MSNBC homepage says:

Study: Rise in storms tied to warming

…but the story headline adds: “U.S. officials call study citing doubling of storms since 1905 ‘sloppy science’”. Talk about misleading and oh, PUHleez ~ call it what it is!
(And since when do maker-uppers get their name in the news as if they were experts? Whatever happened to peer review before a study made the big time news?)
God, these a$$holes are insufferable.

How Do You Know the Guy’s Effective?

When the footdragging status quos and murdering thug lobby want him gone.

Tempers flare between Iraqi, U.S. officials
Iraq prime minister reportedly wants Petraeus replaced for arming Sunnis
A key aide says Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s relations with Gen. David Petraeus are so poor the Iraqi leader may ask Washington to withdraw the overall U.S. commander from his Baghdad post.
…Sami al-Askari, a key aide to al-Maliki and a member of the prime minister’s Dawa Party, said the policy of incorporating one-time Sunni insurgents into the security forces shows Petraeus has a “real bias and it bothers the Shiites,” whose communities have been targeted by Sunnis in Iraq’s sectarian conflict.
“It is possible that we may demand his removal,” al-Askari said.
A lawmaker from the al-Sadr blo, who wouldn’t allow use of his name because of the political sensitivity of the matter, said al-Maliki once told Petraeus:

I can’t deal with you anymore. I will ask for someone else to replace you.

I hope Bush has made it clear this guy’s bulletproof.

Nice Try, Prince Freddy

Like we haven’t heard this from Bingley a THOUSAND times.

Zsa Zsa Hubby Found Naked in Rolls — Claims Hot Girls Carjacked Him

All that money and he can’t come up with something original.

So, IDK, My BFF Kcruella Picks Up My Beloved Nephew Darkstar at Newark

…and all I get is this LOUSY picture…

This is wrong on so many levels.

The ‘Old Dominion’

…and ‘pay-as-you-go‘. Pedal to the metal in your pony car? Expect to pony up. And up.

Virginia’s new $3,550 speeding ticket

Starting July 1, an array of traffic offenses, from expired licenses to speeding, come with a “civil remedial fee” attached. That means a motorist convicted of reckless driving (75 mph in a 55 zone would qualify) faces not only a fine of up to $2,500 and a year in jail, but a non-negotiable $350-a-year tax for three years. The law forbids judges from waiving or reducing the fee.
Many fees dwarf the fines. A driver who disobeys an officer’s order to pull into a weigh station would be fined $35 and required to pay a $61 court processing fee. But the civil remedial fee would be $900 over three years.
Drunken driving? A fee of $1,000 a year for three years, plus fines and court costs. No insurance? That’s $300 a year for three years, plus fines.
It doesn’t stop there. Anyone unlucky enough to have 8 points or more on his license (reckless driving is good for 6 by itself) would pay an additional $100, plus $75 for any points over 8, up to $700 a year.
…In fact, Virginia added a fee rather than increase fines because it wanted the money to improve its roads, and revenue from fines must go to public schools**. The fees are expected to raise $200 million a year…
One twist that has Virginia drivers enraged is that the state can’t charge fees on out-of-state drivers or revoke their licenses. For now, the fees apply only to residents.

And I’m really shocked New Jersey didn’t think of this first.
** But! BUT! The children! Legislators just screwed the CHILDREN!

Goodbye, Dear Jake

Jake the Rescue Dog has died

NEW YORK – A black Labrador that burrowed through smoking debris after Sept. 11 and flooded rubble after Hurricane Katrina in search of survivors has died of cancer.
Owner Mary Flood had 12-year-old Jake put to sleep Wednesday after a last stroll through the fields and a dip in the creek near their home in Oakley, Utah. Flood said Jake had been in pain, shaking with a 105-degree fever as he lay on the lawn.

Thanks, you schweetie.

Oh Barkeep…

Make my caipirinha a double, please.


Good night folks.

Those Cheeky Brits!

She seems rather non-plussed by it all.
I guess it happens a lot.

I Really LIKE This Guy!!

Pope Benedict XVI said the debate raging in some countries — particularly the United States and his native Germany — between creationism and evolution was an “absurdity,” saying that evolution can coexist with faith.
The pontiff, speaking as he was concluding his holiday in northern Italy, also said that while there is much scientific proof to support evolution, the theory could not exclude a role by God.
“They are presented as alternatives that exclude each other,” the pope said. “This clash is an absurdity because on one hand there is much scientific proof in favor of evolution, which appears as a reality that we must see and which enriches our understanding of life and being as such.
He said evolution did not answer all the questions: “Above all it does not answer the great philosophical question, ‘Where does everything come from?’”
Benedict also said

the human race must listen to “the voice of the Earth

or risk destroying its very existence.

That has to be one of the most beautiful sentences I’ve ever read. And he has perfectly articulated what I have always believed.
The miracle is not how and what we’ve become ~ it’s how that first pulse of life on earth started.

If Only We’d Known Conquest

…could be so easy.

Giant badgers terrorize Iraqi town
“It ate a cow.” “It’s the size of a dog, with a monkey’s head.”

As always, the Truthers have the explanation…

…Some even allege that British forces have planted the beast there to spread panic.

…and this time they’re right. TPI© has obtained transcripts from a secret audiotape of the British High Command skulking secretly in a dark closet, planning this latest outRAGEous indignity to foist upon innocent Iraqi citizens.

Leftenant General Sir BEDEVERE:
“Oh. Um, l– look, i– i– if we built this large wooden badger–“

Who Needs Science Fiction

When we’ve got these weird beasties in our oceans.

Man, there are some nasty looking critters there.
(thanks to the Blogfaddah for the link)

Sounds Like It’s Gonna Be a Big Tent and Open Doors

…at the Obama Whitehouse.

…In Monday’s debate from Charleston, S.C., Obama was asked by a questioner via YouTube if he would be willing to meet — without precondition — in the first year of his presidency with the leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea.
I would,” he responded.

Kim Jong Il gonna be ronery no more. The other day, La Raza was assured of unlimited entry to the land of milk and honey for any Latino who wants to walk on over. And cavortin’ with Castro’s gonna go over real big at a Babalu backyard barbeque. CONGA!!

Can’t wait ’til primary time!

Islam’s Concept of ‘Honor’

…just gets more ‘HORRIFIC’.

A Kurdish woman was brutally raped, stamped on and strangled by members of her family and their friends in an “honor killing” carried out at her London home because she had fallen in love with the wrong man.
Banaz Mahmod, 20, was subjected to the 2-1/2 hour ordeal before she was garroted with a bootlace. Her body was stuffed into a suitcase and taken about 100 miles to Birmingham where it was buried in the back garden of a house.

How convenient to have your religion excuse every manner of inhuman perversion. Sweet Mary, Mother of God/Baby Jesus/God the Father (none of whom, incidentally, require this sort of thing)…is there no end to this?

A Shocking Discovery?

Three-million-year old mammal remains found in Greece

I think not. We pretty much already knew…

…it was at least that old.

Can We Kiss Gorgeous George


Galloway Suspended From UK Parliament
The British Parliament’s lower house on Monday suspended a lawmaker accused of concealing his financial dealings with Saddam Hussein’s government.
George Galloway, known for his fierce opposition to Britain’s role in the invasion of Iraq, was suspended for 18 days, following an investigation which found that a charity he set up was partly funded by the Iraqi dictator.
The decision, which came without a vote, followed a recommendation from a parliamentary disciplinary panel that investigated the charity.
Galloway accused his opponents of hypocrisy.
Being lectured by the current House of Commons on the question of the funding of political campaigns is like being accused of having bad taste by Donald Trump, like being accused of slouching by the Hunchback of Notre Dame,” Galloway said.

Hunchback and bad manners? Pot calling kettle, pot calling kettle!

Well, Damn! Ain’t the Truth

a bitch?

A judge dismissed former U.S. Rep. Gary Condit’s defamation lawsuit against an Arizona newspaper that said the Democrat had lied to investigators about his relationship with a Washington intern who was later found dead.
The Sonoran News, a weekly that describes itself as “The Conservative Voice of Arizona,” had included the statement in a 2005 article about Condit’s brother.
…Judge Kristin Hoffman ruled that Condit was a public figure, had failed to prove that the statement was false, and had failed to show that the newspaper published it with either knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard as to its truth.
An affidavit provided by Condit did not deny that he lied to investigators, and he balked at answering questions on whether he told investigators that he had a “romantic and-or sexual relationship with Chandra Levy,” Hoffman wrote in her ruling, filed Thursday.

I’m a little foggy on the whole concept of suing someone for saying you’d lied, when you’re not willing to say you didn’t. One should really read that stuff aloud in the mirror before filing papers. Finding out how ridiculous you sound ahead of time saves both time and money.

Best Wishes, RebeccaH!

As Tim and Ken have already said, best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!

Well Damn

I’ve spent all evening cooking a yummy Lamb Curry Soup and when I connected the camera to load the pictures it decided that the card was “not initialized” and now I seem to have lost all of the photos. Damn damn damn.

I’m So Ronery Again

Well, it’s true. My wonderful Bride and daughter are out of town again this weekend, leaving me to fend for myself in this cruel and heartless world. How’s a mild-mannered and kind-hearted fellow supposed to withstand the trials and tribulations that this theocratical chimpyteric world is sure to fling my way with such disdain?
Well, this will help

That’s 2.2 pounds of luscious rib steak ( or “a kilo” for those of you born after 1970 or who secretly wish to be Canadian) just dying to have its excess fat trimmed off and be slathered in Cajun seasoning

Now we let that come up to room temperature whilst we attend to the taters

and pop those suckers on to the side burner

Now, I’m going to put the rest of the photos below the fold, and I can not suggest any more strongly that my readers of Gentle and Kind disposition do not under any circumstances continue on, for what they will find below is so shocking, so disheartening that it may call into question their very will to go on. Even now I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I am honor bound to relay it to You, dear Loyal reader, regardless of what the consequences may be after you have fully ascertained the full depth and breadth of the horror I am about to reveal; indeed, the pitiless nature of this betrayal may in fact cause you to shed copious tears as you scream incoherent yet oddly moving rantings at your computer screen.

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