As Pvt Hudson Says in ‘Aliens’

“On the Express Elevator to Hell. Goin’ DDDOOOWWWNNNNN!!!”

Only problem is, this grift-ridden, dementia addled President 81LOLm Votes is taking the rest of us WITH him.

Happy Father’s Day a Tad Late

But we were busy. major dad was catching up with Ebola in Germany…

…admiring the BUC-EE’s gear we keep him well supplied with…

…and then hustling out to the grill to whip up a FABULOUS Gascony-style leg o’ lamb, smoked over Jack Daniels whiskey barrel chips.

major dad worked his BUTT off!

I hope you wonderful guys had similarly rewarding days. Big hugs, and thank you.

I’m Not a Biologist

…but I laughed anyway.

The New Authoritarians

An absolutely ON POINT essay.

Our WOKE overloads have become the Trumpian nightmare they warned the world about..

…After Trump’s election, many commentators expressed anxiety that his followers would plunge the country into far-right authoritarianism. Instead, it is the class of college-educated Democrats that now openly argues for the value of blind submission to authority and the elimination of personal freedoms. The trend Lasch wrote about in the 1990s has metastasized. It no longer poses a mere threat to democracy—it has become a full-fledged attack on basic democratic principles. Far from upholding civil liberties, the self-proclaimed “resistance” to Trumpism has itself exhibited many hallmarks of authoritarianism: suppression of dissent, demand for unquestioning obedience, and tight control over the flow of information. While scapegoating Trump supporters, a nexus of billionaires, woke corporations, public intellectuals, and Democratic officials have sparked the very descent into authoritarianism they claimed would emerge from the populist right.

…It is also the inevitable outcome of a discourse that allows some of the most powerful people to depict themselves as helpless and persecuted. When The New York Times editorial board recently decried the culture of “social silencing” that has permeated most American institutions, some prominent progressives were incensed. New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (whose election to Congress was powered by the most gentrified neighborhoods in her district) argued that only the left is subject to real censorship, and that concerns about cancel culture are merely “about protecting bigots from feeling embarrassed in public.” Ocasio-Cortez seemed to forget that she has explicitly advocated for censorship herself on more than one occasion. In 2019, she called on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to “take down lies,” and in 2021 she pressured Apple and Google to remove Parler, a social media service popular among conservatives, from their app stores after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t think she’s calling for real censorship because she believes that the entire political opposition is composed of violent domestic terrorists bent on killing her. (She was not in the Capitol building on Jan. 6.) It is precisely her self-image as a perpetual victim that allows her to justify a tyrannical approach.

DO read it.

US Army Secretary Takes “Believe All Women”

…to pretty uncomfortable places.

Secretary Warmuth told CBS News she wants to encourage people to come forward with sexual misconduct claims, so this is news:

She plans to sign a “Safe to Report” policy next month which would protect survivors who report assault from getting in trouble if there are other minor, disciplinary issues.

I have questions.

A “Get Out of Jail Free” card?

Who protects the accused?

What if he is exonerated of assault, but gets slammed for, say, underage drinking, some vague ‘conduct unbecoming,’ or one of the million other MINOR things that the current woke-ass military is so fond of slapping these kids around with…and she doesn’t?

I have questions.

Why don’t they try teaching these young women – whom they expect to be such hard chargers on a battlefield, guns, ammo, killing people, etc – how to assert themselves to begin with? They’re all being groomed into these shrinking violets, fawking tattle tales, instead of the Valkyries they need to be. The WARRIORS they’re supposed to be. One hand is saying “GIVE HER A RANGER TAB!!” while the paternal other is saying, “Oh, my gosh, RUN TO DADDY, you protected species, you!”

And we haven’t even BEGUN to address the revenge accusations that are endemic anymore.

He won’t date me?

Attempted rape.

Gave me deservedly crappy marks on an eval?

Sexually harassed me.

Criticized my work ethic/suggests I contribute the same as the rest of the shop members?

Hates women, hostile environment.

Dear God.

Doing My Daily Check

…fondly known as “What chapter of revelations are we doing today?” an…yup.

There it is.

West Coast Longshoremen Will Seek New Contract in 2022

U.S. West Coast ports and terminal operators are heading into their first round of contract negotiations in eight years with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union. Bloomberg News is reporting having seen an exchange of letters between the union and the Pacific Maritime Association confirming what most industry analysts expected which is that the union wants a new collective bargaining agreement with the employers.

The union, which represents an estimated 20,000 dockworkers at 29 ports in California, Oregon, and Washington, has not conducted contract negotiations with the PMA since 2014. Three years later, union members voted to accept a three-year extension for the contract to July 1, 2022, in exchange for increases in wages and pensions while maintaining health benefits at current levels.

Oh, hot DAWG.

Just wait’ll THEY walk out.

Like Nostradamus on CRACK

…it’s so accurate.

Democrats Don’t Want Blind Justice

They want a dead Conservative one.

It’s plain as day the Democrats are waiting for one of Senator Schumer’s summoned, unhinged minions to do the unthinkable to a Conservative justice.

Danger? What danger?

Paging Senator Schumer.

Your party has arrived.

Now’s a Good Time to Review

  1. YOU are a peasant
  2. THEY don’t give a rat’s ass
  3. YOU exist to keep THEM in that chair with those perks
  4. Lather, rinse, repeat with climate friendly, government approved materials

And the bonus round…

As someone in the thread comments, “You’d think it was funny if it wasn’t real.”

In the meantime, back to saving the planet from white folks, so PEOPLE OF COLOR FINALLY have their chance to ruin it.

Thought the Polish jokes at the firehouse were funny, huh, HATER? Now you know.

You. Racist.

Prince Would Have Been 64


My all-time favorite song of his.

Play it loud. You can’t help but smile.


God bless them. Every one.

Elizabeth Rex


We will NEVER see the likes of her again.

Happy Jubilee, Your Majesty.

Democrats United in Populist Messaging

Oh. Sorry.

I misspelled “COMMUNIST.”

President 81LOLm Votes stumbled into primetime last night (and major dad switched to the U.S. WOMEN’S OPEN FFS SAVE ME FROM THE APPEARENCES OF PRESIDENT PUDDIN’ HEAD), and promptly set about letting us ALL know we are bad people. Who have spent a couple centuries, now, blithely slumbering away under the false assumption that our “inalienable RIGHTS” were RIGHTS, when, in point of fact…NOT.

And, in point of fact, the geriatric dementia patient was only parroting what his malignant enablers have been spewing on the floor of the House all day long.

“Spare me the Constitutional bullshit.”

The outrageously outraged Democrat making this appeal to emotion doesn’t realize he’s stomped all over BOTH the Constitution, and every abortion argument the Left has ever come up with. The kids at Parkland, Uvalde, et al, were the victims of evil with guns, many illegally purchased, but in the womb? That “constitutional right to life” he’s heralding?



The legislative Idi Amin below is on a blustering roll – we’re gonna take them ALL, by ANY MEANS NECCESSARY .

“For the children” doesn’t cut it. If it meant ANYTHING, say, in Uvalde for example, DOORS WOULD HAVE BEEN LOCKED. COPS WOULD HAVE RUSHED IN AND SMOKED THE SUMBITCH.

Don’t tell me I killed those kids, when that town watched FOR YEARS as that very sick young man killed cats, harassed people repeatedly, threatened women online, and DID NOTHING. And to have some greasy, midget brained, Fang Fang Chinese spy banger run his mouth with holier than thou umbrage, images of those precious kids behind him as if he really cared about THEM?!

Gag. I want to take a shower.

The other tired trope? The “good guy with a gun is a myth” excuse. These sad Democrats can’t find a single one. Of course, their media accomplices make sure there are as few mentions of such phenomena as possible, so one could understand the confusion is not completely attributable to their collective tiny frontal cortexes.

Lucky for them I have a list of 315 times, in the past 3 years, that a good guy stopped something bad. You might also find it useful:

Shoot (giggle), there was one in WVa last week. Good GIRL with a gun.

A US woman has fatally shot a man who opened fire on a crowd of people with a semi-automatic rifle in Charleston, West Virginia.

Dennis Butler, a 37-year-old with an extensive criminal history, was killed after he targeted a group of around 40 people attending a birthday party.

Or THIS wonderful good guy with his barber’s gun…AND his barber:

Watch the quivering GOP jellyfish in the Senate very carefully over the course of the next few weeks. McConnell’s already shown his hand, and Sassy Susan Collins is making noises about how close they are to “bipartisan agreement.” That should chill any real American to their very marrow. As someone said, don’t EVEN be talking about touching my legal weapons until Hunter Biden gets charged for lying on his Federal Firearm Form.

Ned Ryan is right. They are swathing themselves in righteous Trudeau turbans, but there IS a truism at work here:

There is a reason those inalienable rights were enumerated, because, originally, they weren’t meant to be. Those who wrote the Constitution felt it said all that needed to be said, and all those things were enshrined already within the text.

“OH, NO, ” said the delegates. “We WANT THAT SHIT SPELLED OUT.

In case, you know, this whole “America” thing lasts, and somewhere down the line, someone gets the idea that what one citizen took for granted as his inalienable RIGHT, another citizen, or governing official, might point to the Constitution, and say “It doesn’t say that HERE…

They weren’t leaving anything to chance, having already been victims of governments who dispensed rights, as opposed to the inherent rights of men.

Thanks GOD they were on their games.

Tyrants to the Left of us, jokers to the right, here we are – stuck in the middle with…who?

We need to be on ours.

Democrats Must Be Anticipating Disaster

How do we know?

Yes, you heard the man.

Suddenly, it’s A-OKAY to talk about VOTING MACHINES BEING VUNERABLE, and not, you know, get run out of town on a rail.

And, oddly enough, it seems EVERYONE suddenly wants to talk about HOW AWFUL voting machines are, even…the government.


Now, you know me. I don’t want to seem too cynical in light of these developments…but. Does kind of make you stroke you chinny chin chin and wonder why the change?

AND why NOW?

AND…what happens to all those high dollar lawsuits Dominion filed against myriad people…TRUMP people?

AND if, as this AP report states, the advisory is based on another expert’s testimony at one of the Dominion lawsuits…WELL?

Questions, questions, questions.

And I didn’t just fall off the cabbage truck yesterday.

So, I got me an idea of pretty many of the answers already. I just want to see them squirm if someone has the nerve to ASK.

America’s Paper of Record

…strikes again.

Something In the Air Tonight

I’m feeling hopeful.

You know. About Twitter.

And ME

FREE @treehuggingsis


As Kliban Once Cartooned: MOUSE



You’ll notice the mouse doesn’t actually USE the legislative NAME of “Florida legislation” that became law today. Also, please note they’re not interested in standing up for the “rights and safety” of the 5, 6 and 7 year old CHILDREN, nor their families, who also comprise communities across Florida.

Another Potential International Embarrassment

THIS should be a laugh riot.

I can hear Puddin’ Head now:

“But you said Brussel SPROUTS! I KNOW you did! Who are these people anyway?”

Liberal Privilege

The privileged wife of NYT White House correspondent Pete Baker took time out of her busy day to offer her condolences to the family of a Fox photographer killed in Ukraine, and remind everyone that liberal media elites are soulless scumbags who want you dead.

In point of fact, she only did one of those things. GUESS.

How Did I Miss THIS Headline?

Sweet little old LADY couldn’t possibl…wait.

HER name was…Harvey??

“Ms. Marcelin — who was listed as male in earlier court records but now identifies as a woman…”


Happy Birthday THS!!!

You’re almost as old as Pelosi now!!


Almost Friday.

Ukrainians Are Heroic in Their Resistance

Their military has been a lethal surprise to the Russians.

I’ll bet they’re doubly glad this traitorous, deskbound foodblister didn’t take the incoming administration up on their offer.

U.S. Security Official Vindman Testifies Ukraine Offered Defense Minister Post

The U.S. National Security Council’s (NSC) expert for Ukraine has told the Democratic-led House of Representatives impeachment hearing he was offered the position of Ukraine’s defense minister three times, a new revelation that came out as Republicans tried to undermine his key testimony.

Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman told the hearing on November 19 that Ukraine’s then-national security chief, Oleksandr Danylyuk, asked him if he wanted to become the country’s new defense minister when he visited Kyiv in May as part of the U.S. delegation attending President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s inauguration.

LtCol Bunson Honeydew

Yeah. NOT the guy who inspires, less mind would BE, someone who tells the Russian Bear,

 “Russian ship, go fuck yourself.

THAT would be a MAN.

There were 13 of them on Snake Island.


They paid the ultimate price.

He Got WWIII Started


It’s off to La Dee Da DELAWARE!!

Y’all have a great weekend!

Wargaming Ukraine

Part I

— What I would do were I Vladdy Daddy —

— — A short wargame COA narrative on social degradation — —

— — (e.g. Why this can go to shit in a hurry) —

This is a short, large strategic overview using publicly available data and limited in scope primarily to East European parties.

Realization: Vladdy daddy is an extremely educated and experienced intelligence officer at 69 years of age with a wish to see Russia return to its former glories. He needs to establish legacy. That legacy requires at minimum a return to Warsaw Pact era postures. A minimum timeframe of 5-10 years for conflict and 10 years to cement Russian hegemony as preeminent world power should be assumed. Do not assume MAD status, as this breaks any chance of legacy. Minimal forces can be contributed to these ends. No “Red Dawn” style attacks, but the US must be broken as a world leader. Preferably inculcating the seeds of destruction for NATO.

COA Goals: break NATO, ensure at minimum East Europe is brought into Russian hegemony. Preferably through the Baltics and Balkans. Capitalize on Western sentiment for IO campaign and current ground and ballistic missile advantages.


Step 1: Secure Ukraine leadership

Step 2: Neutralize technological hard targets

Step 3: Withdraw “peacekeeping forces” to borders and coast in order to secure Ukrainian logistics and keep them reliant, on threat of starvation.

A. Keep these forces just large enough on the Poland, Hungarian, and Romanian borders

Step 4: Ensure conditions in Ukraine show that you are not to be fucked with. Allow them to turn on themselves, present this as non-Russian enmity, “rescue” Russian forces, show how Russia is supplying food. Don’t supply any more than the cameras need.

A. Remove the bulk of ground assets to Belarus

B. Reinforce Kaliningrad by sea, secure Baltic Sea as a veiled threat to Finland and Sweden

C. Coordinate with China to assure SCS and Taiwan hostilities, if not outright invasion of Taiwan

D. Negotiate with Erdogan behind the scenes to provide IO opportunities in NATO and disgrace them within the Bosporus. Offer Syria, Greece and Bulgaria as contingent prizes to be supported.

Why – Because getting stuck in another Chechnya is not worthwhile and having secured the logistical corridors for the country, NATO’s unwillingness to intervene will continue. Turkey allows for one of many hinge points for breaking the alliance, so any and all gains made with them go towards that end.

E. Begin backing Iran more blatantly. Mutual Defense agreement being the end goal. Enable and enhance asymmetric tools in the Persian Gulf area

Springboard EuropeMayOctober

Step 1: Posture forces in Belarus

Step 2: Maintain “ethnic Russian” IO campaign.

Step 3: Announce that the joining of Sweden or Finland to NATO will be considered an outright act of war.

Step 4: Within week from announcement: Use little green men or uniformed Belorussian “peace” forces to secure the Sulwaki gap overnight.

Why – To break NATO we must maintain the pretense of not being the aggressor, allowing Western European and American sentiment to overthink positions, rather than capitalize on posture.

IF – NATO forces move on the Sulwaki corridor:

A. Surge sufficient forces to secure the corridor

B. Use intervention as excuse to use Avangard hypersonic capabilities to target US leadership within capitol with conventional weapons. Wait until SOTU or some emergency session requires most of US gov’t to be in office.

Why – Using current channels for deconfliction, inform US that ballistic missiles will be used within the day and none will be nuclear capable. Point to limited use and warn that any return will be assumed to be nuclear in nature and will warrant a MAD response. The limited time from launch to impact for the Avangard’s, likely counted in minutes, will likely not allow for US leadership to escape, even with advanced notice.

Intended results – Decimated US leadership will scatter. Existing political tensions will lead to leaders like Trump attempting to wrestle control of the remaining forces, fracturing command cohesion for the US forces and thereby the majority of NATO’s logistical capability. Ensure that the US media covers that Russia offers no more strikes on the homeland, provided the US hamstring NATO support and withdraw all forces to original Warsaw Pact era lines. Even if the US does not inadvertently collapse itself, faith within NATO as to its capabilities will fracture.

ELSE – NATO forces do not move on the Sulwaki:

A. Formalize expansion of Kaliningrad region.

B. Require removal of NATO assets from Baltic States in return for promises that they will remain untouched.

C. Enforce same basic measures used on Ukraine to slowly break the Baltics, publicly.

Why – The removal, through force or through threat of force, of the Baltic states from NATO will fracture the willpower of most Balkan states. This can be exploited in concert with Turkey, or at least keep Turkey a neutral player with chances of open reward if Russia is victorious.

D. Begin working with Balkan nations behind the scene, attempt to sway Romania, Slovakia and Hungary

PROVIDED – NATO has not fractured in Eastern Europe beyond this point //&// Chinese intervention has not occurred in SCS/ push for Chinese intervention in the SCS.


A. Push for Chinese intervention.

B. Posture Siberian Forces to “keep peace” along Finnish border

C. Enable Iranian blockade of the Persian Gulf, back Iranian strikes against Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Qatar. Ensure China is placated with its normal assets from Iran.

Why – 30% of European crude oil comes from Russia. 46% of EU solid fuel comes from Russia. 41% of natural gas for the EU comes from Russia. Removing OPEC, while simultaneously protecting non-Russian resources, would break logistical chains and economy. Those removals would likely break NATO over the winter, which is why this needs to be done in early October, when most house heating solid and liquid fuels are at their cheapest. Break NATO over the winter economically, offering prior Warsaw block countries access to resources for breaking with NATO, guaranteeing their “sovereign” status. Allow and stoke popular uprisings.

~ Ebola sends

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