“The 180…”

So that’s, what? CNN, now ABC, Fox from the beginning, of course…who next?


The push-back plan over the fuck-ups in Benghazi from the Obama Administration was on full view just a moment ago on Fox, with this (close as I quickly whip it down) comment:

“It’s amazing to me that someone like you could be so critical, who worked in the administration which allowed the worst terrorist attack in American history to happen on our soil during THEIR watch…”

They’re willing to go THERE.

ths update: A Benghazi TIMELINE from the Washington POST.

Oh, you KNOW they’re in some trouble if the WaPo’s willing to put it out there for people to draw their own conclusions.

Somebody Just Got A Message From God

Your Obama Administration Magical Economic News of the Day

That ROUSING durable goods nosedive is the worse in 3 1/2 YEARS and, well, what can you say about a leisurely GDP number in the low ONES, other than “THANKS for ALL the effort on our behalf“?

Four more years of this whiney douche-bag?

Telling you, won’t be much left after that.

What baffles me is his “likeability”, ’cause I haven’t seen one damn thing I could even STOMACH about him or his gang of toadies in, like, well, we’re talking years.

ths afterthought:

Oh Yeah? Bingley Will Create 30 Million!

You have my word on it

TODD: …I’ve not been able to get any kind of pledge. So you believe that’s the president’s promise, twelve million jobs?

CUTTER: That’s not a promise, that’s reality. That is what is forecasted by economists that would be created over the next four years on the path that we’re on. Now, we can do better than that, but…

Well, seeing as how our economic growth rate has been nothing short of pitiful; and what with all of those ill-thought-out, job-killing, burdensome financial/environmental/ObamaCare regulations being written and rolled out in the next few years; and with millions of people having dropped out of the labor force; and because of the Obama administration’s stupendously terrible history with ‘economic forecasts’ (the WFB has more on that score) — I guess she makes a pretty valid point, no?

You know, every time I see a video of Stephanie Cutter I can’t help but give her precedence over Jay Carney, much as I value the impudence and hypocrisy of the White House spokesman.*

*a line shamelessly stolen from the best Mr. Bennet the screen has ever seen.

Honor Flight

The film.

Obama and Co. Star on Drudge With a Wink

…and a nod.

Hilarious. Hats off to Drudge.

Marine Gunny: “We Don’t Like to Be Hushed.”

Gunnery Sgt. Stephen Roberts is the Assistant Marine Officer Instructor for the NROTC program at Ole Miss, SB Nation reported. He oversees the color guard at each Rebels home game, so he was on the field in the second quarter of the Sept. 16 Ole Miss game against Texas. That’s when ESPN cameras caught an interesting moment.

Longhorns receiver Marquise Goodwin made a 69-yard touchdown run to put Texas up 17-7 — and came face-to-face with Roberts. And then this happened:

Your Obama “What I’ve Done For YOU Lately” Chart of the Day

Can’t wait for four more years of him to finish us off.

Lies, Lies And More Lies

But really, it’s all about that video

Five days after the attack on the Benghazi consulate that left four Americans dead, including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, the Obama administration sent UN Ambassador Susan Rice onto five Sunday talk shows to insist that the sacking of the consulate was the result of a protest over a YouTube video that “spun out of control.” The government of Libya was already scoffing at that story, and by the end of the next week the White House began reluctantly admitting that terrorists had attacked the diplomatic mission. Today, however, Eli Lake reports for the Daily Beast that the Obama administration knew within 24 hours that the attack had not been a spontaneous event, but a well-planned terrorist attack:

But since Obama skips most of his intelligence briefings (one just can’t keep Beyonce and Jay-Z waiting, after all) he can still blame the video for the protest that didn’t exist spiraling out of control.

But of much greater importance to the MSM and the future of the Republic is Romney’s latest gaffe…

Euro Mess Returns

Protests in Greece and Spain as Summer winds down and bills come due.

Fun times!

But worry not: Obama is on The View and focusing on NFL replacement refs like a laser.

Madness Indeed: I Agree With David Axelrod

Or is it the Ghost of Axelrod’s Past

Gawd bless them Interwebs!

I especially love in the first clip how he talks about how “we need to talk about how working people can save and create and grow a nest egg.”

This from the Strategist of an Administration that has destroyed people’s savings on a scale never before seen via 0% interest rates and monetary expansion. How are those savings working out for you, Grandma?

At the United Nations

Dear. GOD.

ths update: Oh. This explains it:

“Y’all better vote for f–king Obama, OK? For better or for worse, all right? We have a black Muslim in the White House! Now that’s some amazing s–t,” Madonna said. “It means there is hope in this country. And Obama is fighting for gay rights, so support the man, g-damnit.”


She. Is. SUCH. A. HAG.

Smart Power!

Now with added Reset!

Egypt’s new president Mohamed Morsi on Monday described the relationship between the U.S. and Egypt as somewhere between friends and enemies, pointing to President Obama’s remarks that the two countries are not allies.

When asked by CBS’s Charlie Rose how he would characterize U.S.-Egypt relations, Morsi was evasive. He said that the two countries are not enemies, but he would not necessarily consider the U.S. an ally.

Thank god the Adults are in charge now.


Yet another face palm at Virginia

Justin Higgins at JHPolitics has obtained a rather awkward email detailing a meeting of the University of Virginia’s College Democrats chapter. In the email, we reportedly had a woman named Carmen who went nuts, a bad turnout at their phone bank, and a bad turnout canvasing. As Higgins noted, their plan to remedy their unenthused cohorts is to conscript “hotties” from their respective sororities. The first lesson of E-Mail 101 is to be mindful of who is on the recipient list.

Mind you this is the Democrats so there is of course nothing sexist about referring to “hotties;” in fact I’m sure they consider such terminology to be empowering.

There’s Jobs In Californy

Or maybe not

For decades after World War II, California was a destination for Americans in search of a better life. In many people’s minds, it was the state with more jobs, more space, more sunlight, and more opportunity. They voted with their feet, and California grew spectacularly (its population increased by 137 percent between 1960 and 2010). However, this golden age of migration into the state is over. For the past two decades, California has been sending more people to other American states than it receives from them. Since 1990, the state has lost nearly 3.4 million residents through this migration.

“I Can Never Forget That I’m a Failure…”

“…and it’s in the face of the nation, not just me.”
~ Dakota Meyer

Heartwrenching, God bless him.

…Believing he had become a burden to his family, Dakota turned to the bottle. One night driving home he stopped his truck and pulled out a gun.

“I was just like, ‘Now I’m done.’ And I always kept my pistol in my Trailblazer. I squeeze the trigger and [was] amazed that . . .there was nothing in it.”

“You put the gun to your head, and pulled the trigger?” asked Martin.

“Yeah. Click. That’s the loudest click you’ll ever hear.”

“Do you know why there wasn’t a round in that chamber?”

“You could state the obvious reason, that somebody took it out.”

After the click, Meyer said, he sobered up instantly.

Was that the low point? Martin asked.

“Oh, yeah, you don’t, you don’t get any lower than that,” he replied.

With Spokesfolks Like This…

…no wonder Obama’s State Department is such a disaster

On Sunday morning, BuzzFeed correspondent Michael Hastings emailed Philippe Reines, Hillary Clinton’s longtime aide and personal spokesman at the State Department, asking a series of pointed questions about State’s handling of the Benghazi fiasco, and Reines’ over-the-top attack on CNN. The emails quickly got personal, with Reines calling Hastings an “unmitigated asshole” before an exchange of harsh words on both sides.

Read the whole exchange.

I think CNN did the right thing. This part of the exchange sums it up:

From my perspective, the scandal here is that the State Department had such inadequate security procedures in place that four Americans were killed. And then the Ambassador’s diary–and who knows what else–was left behind for anyone to pick up. Thankfully, it was CNN–and not Al Qaeda or some other militia–that found it and was able to return it to the family. That CNN used portions of the material in the diary they found at the scene–material that appears to contradict the official version of events that State/WH has been putting out–is completely in line with practices of good journalism.

Total, unmitigated disaster.

Oh, sorry, I meant “bump in the road.”

My bad.

Gosh, The Department Of Education Sure Has Earned Its Keep

Since its creation in 1979 (Thanks Jimmeh!) Verbal SAT scores have dropped

Average reading and writing SAT scores for high school students declined to their lowest levels while math results stalled in the exam used for admission at most U.S. colleges.

For the class of 2012, the average critical reading score fell 1 point to 496 from a year earlier, the lowest since data became available in 1972, according to a report released today by the New York-based College Board, which administers the test. The average score for writing dropped 1 point to 488, the lowest since writing was added to the exam in 2006. Math results were unchanged at 514. Scores can range from 200 to 800.

And we’ve gotten all this for only a couple of hundred billion bucks.

Of course, the solution is “we haven’t spent enough!”

I humbly suggest we get rid of the Dept. of ed.

The 30% Solution

Romney gave 30% of his income to charity.

Mind you, that still left him multiple millions but none-the-less he gave 30 friggin’ percent to charity.

The cold, heartless, uncaring bastard.

I’d like to know what Chris Matthews gave.

Or any other of the millionaires at MSNBC.

Or Matt Lauer.

Or Soledad O’Brien.

Or any of the Hollywood types who make as much (and in many cases a hell of a lot more) as Romney.

Or John Kerry or George Soros.

Or Barack Obama.

Can You Say “Excessive Force”?

Cop: 1, Double Amputee in Wheelchair: 0

(CNN) — A Houston police officer fatally shot in the head a schizophrenic, wheelchair-bound double amputee threatening people with a pen at a group home for the mentally ill after authorities said the man advanced on the officer’s partner, police said.

…Claunch, who lost an arm and a leg in a train accident, trapped one officer with his wheelchair in the corner of a room “where he couldn’t get out,”

You’re joking, right?

said a Houston police department spokesperson who declined to be identified. The double amputee was “advancing towards” the officers and “refusing to show his hands.”

which would have been quite a trick since he only had one arm

I find it hard to believe this was in any way justified.


Oh, Noes!!! Mitts Romney’s FAILINGFAILING and Only Listening to Noonans and Tricksies Brooksies Will Saveses Him!

Or so says Sunday’s World News Tonight.

Me? I figure if Noonan and Brooks are the best screaming meemies they can get to represent disgruntled, “worried” Republicans play-yahs in an attempt to portray the Mittster’s campaign as dead in the water for the average TV viewer’s consumption, in order to get them to STAY HOME…well, DAY-YUM!

Old Mitt must be in pretty good shape, indeed!

Makes me smile.

DEMAND The White House Denounce “Piss Christ” Equally as “Reprehensible and Disgusting”

…as that piss poor excuse for a movie they’ve been groveling about , that has people who’ve never even seen it killing each other in foaming madness. Wherever Obama shows up to press the flesh and gets his palm greased, I think Americans (NOT just “Christians”) should show up, make he-who-kowtows-to-terrorists uncomfortable:

WH Silent Over Demands to Denounce ‘Piss Christ’ Artwork

Religious groups are blasting President Obama for not condemning am anti-Christian art display set to appear in New York City and one Republican lawmaker said he is “fed up with the administration’s double standard and religious hypocrisy.

I’m serious. It should be every American out there with a sign or sending Tweets or emails, since we ALL ~ for the moment ~ GLORY in that 1st Amendment he’s so intent on DESTROYING.

And no weasel words (Likely, right?) and excuses about the ‘high road’ and staying out of the fray. He and his Secretary of State opened this can of worms.

You Know How Hilary and Obama Got Chris Stevens and the Others Killed in Benghazi?

And have LIED ABOUT IT FOR DAYS (H/T Instapundit)?


Campaign says Romney’s average effective tax rate was 20 percent over 2 decades

Mitt Romney’s campaign, in its latest attempt to respond to calls to release more years of tax returns, announced Friday that the Republican candidate averaged a 20 percent effective tax rate for the years in question and never paid less than 13.66 percent.

But the campaign is sticking by the candidate’s vow not to release more than his last two tax returns, which critics have made into a potent campaign issue.

Romney plans to release his final tax return for 2011 on Friday. That document will show the Romneys paid $1.9 million in taxes on nearly $14 million in income, mostly from investments, giving them an effective tax rate of 14.1 percent, the campaign said in a blog post.

Mark my words.

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