Ukrainians Are Heroic in Their Resistance

Their military has been a lethal surprise to the Russians.

I’ll bet they’re doubly glad this traitorous, deskbound foodblister didn’t take the incoming administration up on their offer.

U.S. Security Official Vindman Testifies Ukraine Offered Defense Minister Post

The U.S. National Security Council’s (NSC) expert for Ukraine has told the Democratic-led House of Representatives impeachment hearing he was offered the position of Ukraine’s defense minister three times, a new revelation that came out as Republicans tried to undermine his key testimony.

Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman told the hearing on November 19 that Ukraine’s then-national security chief, Oleksandr Danylyuk, asked him if he wanted to become the country’s new defense minister when he visited Kyiv in May as part of the U.S. delegation attending President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s inauguration.

LtCol Bunson Honeydew

Yeah. NOT the guy who inspires, less mind would BE, someone who tells the Russian Bear,

 “Russian ship, go fuck yourself.

THAT would be a MAN.

There were 13 of them on Snake Island.


They paid the ultimate price.

He Got WWIII Started


It’s off to La Dee Da DELAWARE!!

Y’all have a great weekend!

Wargaming Ukraine

Part I

— What I would do were I Vladdy Daddy —

— — A short wargame COA narrative on social degradation — —

— — (e.g. Why this can go to shit in a hurry) —

This is a short, large strategic overview using publicly available data and limited in scope primarily to East European parties.

Realization: Vladdy daddy is an extremely educated and experienced intelligence officer at 69 years of age with a wish to see Russia return to its former glories. He needs to establish legacy. That legacy requires at minimum a return to Warsaw Pact era postures. A minimum timeframe of 5-10 years for conflict and 10 years to cement Russian hegemony as preeminent world power should be assumed. Do not assume MAD status, as this breaks any chance of legacy. Minimal forces can be contributed to these ends. No “Red Dawn” style attacks, but the US must be broken as a world leader. Preferably inculcating the seeds of destruction for NATO.

COA Goals: break NATO, ensure at minimum East Europe is brought into Russian hegemony. Preferably through the Baltics and Balkans. Capitalize on Western sentiment for IO campaign and current ground and ballistic missile advantages.


Step 1: Secure Ukraine leadership

Step 2: Neutralize technological hard targets

Step 3: Withdraw “peacekeeping forces” to borders and coast in order to secure Ukrainian logistics and keep them reliant, on threat of starvation.

A. Keep these forces just large enough on the Poland, Hungarian, and Romanian borders

Step 4: Ensure conditions in Ukraine show that you are not to be fucked with. Allow them to turn on themselves, present this as non-Russian enmity, “rescue” Russian forces, show how Russia is supplying food. Don’t supply any more than the cameras need.

A. Remove the bulk of ground assets to Belarus

B. Reinforce Kaliningrad by sea, secure Baltic Sea as a veiled threat to Finland and Sweden

C. Coordinate with China to assure SCS and Taiwan hostilities, if not outright invasion of Taiwan

D. Negotiate with Erdogan behind the scenes to provide IO opportunities in NATO and disgrace them within the Bosporus. Offer Syria, Greece and Bulgaria as contingent prizes to be supported.

Why – Because getting stuck in another Chechnya is not worthwhile and having secured the logistical corridors for the country, NATO’s unwillingness to intervene will continue. Turkey allows for one of many hinge points for breaking the alliance, so any and all gains made with them go towards that end.

E. Begin backing Iran more blatantly. Mutual Defense agreement being the end goal. Enable and enhance asymmetric tools in the Persian Gulf area

Springboard EuropeMayOctober

Step 1: Posture forces in Belarus

Step 2: Maintain “ethnic Russian” IO campaign.

Step 3: Announce that the joining of Sweden or Finland to NATO will be considered an outright act of war.

Step 4: Within week from announcement: Use little green men or uniformed Belorussian “peace” forces to secure the Sulwaki gap overnight.

Why – To break NATO we must maintain the pretense of not being the aggressor, allowing Western European and American sentiment to overthink positions, rather than capitalize on posture.

IF – NATO forces move on the Sulwaki corridor:

A. Surge sufficient forces to secure the corridor

B. Use intervention as excuse to use Avangard hypersonic capabilities to target US leadership within capitol with conventional weapons. Wait until SOTU or some emergency session requires most of US gov’t to be in office.

Why – Using current channels for deconfliction, inform US that ballistic missiles will be used within the day and none will be nuclear capable. Point to limited use and warn that any return will be assumed to be nuclear in nature and will warrant a MAD response. The limited time from launch to impact for the Avangard’s, likely counted in minutes, will likely not allow for US leadership to escape, even with advanced notice.

Intended results – Decimated US leadership will scatter. Existing political tensions will lead to leaders like Trump attempting to wrestle control of the remaining forces, fracturing command cohesion for the US forces and thereby the majority of NATO’s logistical capability. Ensure that the US media covers that Russia offers no more strikes on the homeland, provided the US hamstring NATO support and withdraw all forces to original Warsaw Pact era lines. Even if the US does not inadvertently collapse itself, faith within NATO as to its capabilities will fracture.

ELSE – NATO forces do not move on the Sulwaki:

A. Formalize expansion of Kaliningrad region.

B. Require removal of NATO assets from Baltic States in return for promises that they will remain untouched.

C. Enforce same basic measures used on Ukraine to slowly break the Baltics, publicly.

Why – The removal, through force or through threat of force, of the Baltic states from NATO will fracture the willpower of most Balkan states. This can be exploited in concert with Turkey, or at least keep Turkey a neutral player with chances of open reward if Russia is victorious.

D. Begin working with Balkan nations behind the scene, attempt to sway Romania, Slovakia and Hungary

PROVIDED – NATO has not fractured in Eastern Europe beyond this point //&// Chinese intervention has not occurred in SCS/ push for Chinese intervention in the SCS.


A. Push for Chinese intervention.

B. Posture Siberian Forces to “keep peace” along Finnish border

C. Enable Iranian blockade of the Persian Gulf, back Iranian strikes against Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Qatar. Ensure China is placated with its normal assets from Iran.

Why – 30% of European crude oil comes from Russia. 46% of EU solid fuel comes from Russia. 41% of natural gas for the EU comes from Russia. Removing OPEC, while simultaneously protecting non-Russian resources, would break logistical chains and economy. Those removals would likely break NATO over the winter, which is why this needs to be done in early October, when most house heating solid and liquid fuels are at their cheapest. Break NATO over the winter economically, offering prior Warsaw block countries access to resources for breaking with NATO, guaranteeing their “sovereign” status. Allow and stoke popular uprisings.

~ Ebola sends

Never Forget

This is the very first thing Joe Biden CRUSHED with executive orders. And ever since.


Ukraine/Russia isn’t making gas $6+gal.


SkyNews Live Coverage

Fugly ugly, but they’re on it.

Y’All DO See Where This Is Going

BIDEN didn’t do any of this inflation/gas prices/shortages/ad nauseum stuff.


The RUSSIANS did it to you.

Russia, Russia, Russia, and the media is running with it like the good toadies they are.

Ukraine isn’t “spilling over” into the U.S. economy. Our economy was already swirling the bowl long before President Puddin’ Head ginned up this cover for his malfeasance, ineptitude, dementia, and his family’s criminal ties to Ukraine.

The RUSSIANS did it to you. UKRAINE did it to you.



BIDEN VOTERS did it to you, and don’t you forget it.

Kamila Valieva Cheater-Cheater Pants CRISIS AVERTED

Which is pretty much how she’ll be remembered from this Olympics forward, thanks to a December 2021 dirty drug test, inexcusably late report of it, an official excusez-moi of “mixed up with Grampie’s heart meds” derailed by subsequent revelations of additional heart medications in the tainted sample, and the shameless, hopelessly corrupt IOIC waving the go-ahead flag, while ruining medal ceremonies and Olympic memories for every other single skater on the ice with her who has a podium shot.

It’s a crying shame she’ll forever be a cheater-cheater pants, because she is just mesmerizing to watch. I haven’t seen a skater so gorgeous in every aspect on the ice…sheesh. Since I can’t remember when. They’re either little monster jumpers with zero grace, or beautiful lines and not really the athletes today demands.

This little girl?


As the Olympics haven’t darkened our TV screens once, I found this video from SkateCanada to see what the fuss was all about. Like I said. Crying shame the Russian penchant for doping is ruining her.

But in the weird way life has…


WSJ Front Page just this second

IOC got to be pooping their drawers relieved.


20 Minutes Worth Your Time

If you’ve never heard of David Freiheit, he’s a lawyer from Montreal. He vlogs under the moniker “Viva Frei,” which is where Ebola and I came to be acquainted with him, as part of the Kyle Rittenhouse panel Nick Rekieta put together during the trial. The guys and gal were DYNAMIC in their commentaries as it progressed, and Frei really stood out as one of the leaders.

Fast forward to the Freedom Convoy landing in Ottawa. Frei listened to what the CBC, etc, had to say, what he was hearing from people on the ground with the truckers IN Ottawa proper, decided accounts were diametrically opposing, and took it upon himself to slide over to see what was actually going on. He live streamed 3 or 4 hours a day for (I think) almost a week, putting lie to the Trudeau government and their captive national media’s narrative almost immediately.

Ezra Levant of Rebel News had him on last night, and this 21 minute segment of the evening’s interview is really interesting.

(Note: it’s a Rumble link, which WordPress does not like, and REFUSES to embed)


Ooooo! That mid-term polling’s gotta suck worse than even WE thought.


…in Louisville, or so Norah O’Donnell said LAST night.

You can hear how she BITES. OFF. EVERY. SYLLABLE. Grrrr!

“No motive yet,” but you can hear the anticipation building for revealing the WHITE SUPREMACIST RIGHT WING NATIONALIST she knows is going to be behind this despicable, heinous, unhinged attempt on a DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE’S LIFE.

WITH A GUN, no less!

Oh, she wants to spit out “TRUMPERS!!!!” and wave her fist in the air like Charlton Heston on the beach…but she’s holding back ’til the goods are in her han…whut?



“Activist”? RIGHT WING activist, right? That’s how this works…no.


Scribble all this in your notebooks, because this is the LAST TIME you’ll hear about any of it.

Wrong “activists” being active and all.

Old Quintez all up in that “against gun violence” thing though, isn’t he?

Until he wasn’t. I guess he only means WHITE people with guns. Blacks shootin’ and killin’ seem to work for Quintez.

And the Joy Reid anti-gun activist stamp of approval goes to?

Man. Guy’s a gem.

The Most Important Point

Don’t let them spin this whenever they get around to panicked deflection because they can’t bury it any longer.


LURVES Me Some Winsome

LORD, she’s a national treasure!

Stolen Valor

This (CAUTION: NSFW language warning) made me so mad I could spit. I knew she was a fraud the second I saw the picture, because her collar emblems (the eagle, globe and anchors on her lapels) were anchors OUT. (Every Marine – EVERY REAL MARINE – knows they go anchors inboard.) And that’s before you get to the ridiculous chest candy, and unauthorized earrings.

But holy schamoly – the unmitigated gall of the fraud.

Spitting nails.

We Have Top People on It

WWIII is imminent.?? President Biden is chasing ice cream cones at Camp David – whaterya gonna do – but thank GOD SecState Winken Blinken Nod is on the job, saving the WORLD in…Fiji.

I shit you not.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has arrived in Fiji for the second leg of his Pacific diplomacy tour.

Mr Blinken was greeted by Fiji’s acting Prime Minister upon arrival.

The aim of the tour is reportedly to strengthen America’s interests in Asia with an intent to push back against increasing Chinese assertiveness in the region.

Hardest non-working bunch of fuck-ups I’ve ever seen.

Dr. Alice pointed out to me that, clearly, he was negotiating a water deal.

However, we all know Clearly is Canadian. Says so right on the bottle.

Unless, of course, mean terrorist #freedom truckers wouldn’t let him across the bridge, so he had to fly to the next closest water source. Blinken is light on his feet that way.

Happy Valentine’s Day

From your friendly Stasi peeps in the Biden administration.

“Hey, WAIT A MINUTE! I’ve got a couple gun running ex-boyfriends I’d like to report!!”

President Barack Obama hugs Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., after statements announcing Holder’s resignation, in the State Dining Room of the White House, Sept. 25, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Like the Medicare supplement commercial says, “I’m calling RIGHT. NOW.

Step Outside Your Media-Induced Bubble

…and actually TALK to people.

You’ll soon see who the liars are.

This is a lovely thread.

Grab a Toke and a Smile

Courtesy of President Puddin’ Head. #Priorities

If It Had Been Miracle Whip…

He would have been acquitted:

An Iowa man was sentenced to life behind bars for the murder of a friend he repeatedly ran over with a pickup truck after a fight about mayonnaise.

Kristofer Erlbacher, now 29, used his truck to ram Caleb Solberg, 30, outside a café in the small town of Pisgah on Dec. 17, 2020, the Des Moines Register reported. Erlbacher initially drove away, then came back and ran over Solberg two more times, according to the Register.

The two had been out drinking at a bar with another person earlier in the night in nearby Moorhead, but things took a turn when Erlbacher spread mayo on Solberg’s food, which riled Solberg and sparked a bar fight, the Woodbine Twiner-Herald reported.


…and should go down in FLAMES, never to be resuscitated.

The quote from the Rolling Stone article is UTTERLY DAMNING

It is just gobsmacking the utter and complete perfidy Trump had to deal with. The underhanded deals, the smug righteousness of this cadre of complete assholes, the casual disregard for the tenets of the trust that keeps a FREE PRESS FREE. They sold it all because Orange Man Bad. Crude Orange Man threatened their silver spoon world, and their casually confident machinations overturned all societal norms for honesty, ethical conduct, and faith in a democratic process.

Never again should CNN be considered a “news” organization. They have forfeited that trust. They are nothing more than a banana republic’s organ.

And Trump can say any damn thing he pleases. There is nothing so outrageous left, because Biden sits on a throne of lies, built for him by the media, and the Deep State. Every single accusation, every single conspiracy theory, has turned out to have a solid foundation. Has turned out to be even worse than the most lurid political thriller imaginable. In the most disgusting, stomach churning way imaginable. In all of Washington, there was not one safe haven for Donald Trump. The scorpions were – and still are – in every corner.

Our precious Republic means nothing to these people. Nothing.

These are the same scummy people who have lectured as you’ve lost loved ones, jobs, your very freedoms. Told you how selfish you were. How you have no right to influence your children, how you will never understand the finer nuances of this thinking so far above your head. So just take it. Trust the Experts™

They’ve damn near cost you your country. They have cost you a free and fair election. They’ll be lying on TV again tonight.

Are you mad yet?

Joe Did That

The Great Unifier

In point of fact, Puddin’ Head, ANYONE could own a cannon. Cost was a bit of an issue.

Keep running yer jibs, dude.

Cast Iron Treasure Acquired

I am soooooo tickled. I finally scored me a proper, OLD, cast iron griddle (the stitches where they took out the kidney I sold to pay for it still have to get yanked, and I’m sore as shit, but, HEY! GOT. MUH. GRIDDLE.) It is SO PRET-TEE!!!

PRET-TEE Wagner 11¼” 1110A Griddle
So pret-tee, pret-tee, PRET-TEE!!

You might be wondering what, besides being an addictive sort of personality (it’s inherited, don’t you judge me), would have someone scouring our admittedly sad little thrift and “antique” shops here in Pcola for such a specific thing.

It wasn’t a “what,” it was a “who.”

Her name is Brenda Gantt, and she’s from the state next door, and she is just KILLING me with her old timey cooking.

I dare you to watch this video of her making buttermilk biscuits without your jaw dropping to the floor, and without a sudden, OVERWHELMING urge to find yerself a CAST IRON GRIDDLE popping into your head.

Had to get me one, and it wasn’t easy. OR cheap. I was going to be pretty specific in my search – no Lodge anything – and knew there’d be some skyhigh prices for the older stuff like Wagner or Griswold. I was hoping to luck into a Birmingham Stove and Range (BSR) or other local, not quite as famous, but same quality piece. (I have one of their skillets, and schweet!) But what surprised me was the dearth of griddles, especially the larger sizes. I wound up ordering from a wonderfully talented cast iron restorer in PISCATAWAY, New Jersey. Thank you, Jesus, for the innerwebs. I am very much going to enjoy turning this beauty black with goo again.

Here she is making Potato Patties.

When I get a chance, Ima break into that biscuit thing, and will post failure or success. It’s worked for Brenda. She’s got, like, 2.8 MILLION followers now, does her hair up pretty, clothes are better, real production values, and all in the space of a year! Did you guys know Bingley used to chat with the Pioneer Woman Rhee Drummond way back when we were all blogging away? Really. He did! She was just as nice as I imagine Brenda is.

Old timey cooks seem to be that way. Unfussy and friendly.

We’ll see how friendly I am if I mess these biscuits up.

Sweet Potato Snausage Hash


Cancel Culture Is Wrong


Whoopi Goldberg ‘livid,’ threatening to quit ‘The View’ over her suspension: source

Whoopi Goldberg is “livid” after she was suspended from “The View” over her claim that the Holocaust was “not about race” — and is telling co-workers she is going to quit the show, according to a source.

Goldberg, 66, feels “humiliated” at being disciplined by ABC execs after she followed their advice to apologize for the ill-conceived comments, a well-placed insider told The Post.

“She feels ABC executives mishandled this. She followed their playbook. She went on ‘The Late Show With Steven Colbert’ and then apologized again on ‘The View’ the next day,” a source said.


I’m so ashamed.

Biden War Planning

Welp. It’s going about as well as you’d imagine, given their propensity to learn from mistakes, admit they made mistakes, and admit they could ever possibly be wrong.

So…not at all.

Biden voters should be proud as punch their geriatric dementia patient is right on track. The rest of us are appropriately horrified, worried about such things as “Whose kid does he get killed THIS time?” or “Why are Ukraine’s borders a ‘sovereign/must be respected’ thing, and our national borders aren’t?” The sort of abstract notions that keep normal people awake at night, whilst allowing the blissfully biased and brain dead to snooze on.

Presidential strategic planning in this administration being what it is, the report out from Axios today, detailing the panic stricken chicken-with-their-heads-cut-off machinations that led to falling bodies from airplanes, thirteen dead American military members, and BILLIONS in assets being left behind in Kabul, doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. Rather a vindication. We SAID it was going to be a clusterfuck, we saw a deadly clusterfuck unfold, and the Biden administration knew it was a clusterfuck from the second they took over.

Leaked notes from a White House Situation Room meeting the day before Kabul fell shed new light on just how unprepared the Biden administration was to evacuate Afghan nationals who’d helped the United States in its 20-year war against the Taliban.

Why it matters: Hours before the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan’s capital on Aug. 15, 2021, senior Biden administration officials were still discussing and assigning basic actions involved in a mass civilian evacuation.

Now it’s Ukraine’s turn…because I guess Puddin’ Head feels his tough guy schtick needs a burnishing, “SQUIRREL!!” or…Hell, I don’t know. Getting a cat didn’t work. Send the cat back to the farm.

He’s gone from 8500 troops on alert to an additional 3000 now (1000 repositioned from Germany to Romania, plus 2000 more coming in from the States to “Eastern Europe.”). And tough guy sanctions on Putin, whatever, whatever, blahblahblah.

So all this NeoCon posturing, and saber rattling with an Army that has had to loosen BCT (Basic Combat Training – their bootcamp) standards to maintain retention, is offering up to $50,000 bonus FOR ENLISTING (!), and is generally a pretty unsettled, unhappy place to be morale-wise at the moment.

In light of all that, they announce they’re doing what today?

Bet you’ll NEVER guess.

This should work out great.

The “Hey! It’s not my kid.” Experts™ at everything. What do they care.

And did you know Beau Biden died?

So Biden won’t have anyone in this fight either. Including himself.

He checked out a long time ago.

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