FLASH : A TOWACA Press Int’l© Exclusive

SECRET, startling insider testimony about supply shortages in Iraq:

The Atomic Fireballs will come in handy. Not sure if you were aware of the Atomic Fireball deficit in Iraq, but it’s a real tragedy. I check the candy stash on Lt Plummer’s desk periodically with no luck. She said she was going to fix that.

Damning stuff, people. Damning. Only YOU can right this national wrong. Email me for a Marine if you don’t have one. Or send your jarhead another package. (Mention Lt Plummer and the Swilling if you do.) We must do everything we can to hold them until they get home.

She said she was going to fix that…

It doesn’t get any more heartrending…

7 Responses to “FLASH : A TOWACA Press Int’l© Exclusive”

  1. WunderKraut says:

    I, of course, blame that evil ChimpyMcHitlerBurton Bush!

  2. By GOD, Kraut ~ You’re RIGHT !!

  3. (Of course, if events unfold as they should, they ought to be able to face north, then look to their right and see an atomic fireball or two. Or whatever a reactor looks like when heavy munitions hit it…)

  4. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Time for a Walmart run!!!!

  5. Cindermutha says:

    I will be shopping for atomic fireballs. I haven’t had those in years. Any other supply shortages?

  6. That was the first specific request I’ve heard, CM. I know they’re tickled to have whatever anyone feels like shipping on out. DaveE said he was getting a box of nummies together to send Lt. Sarah to help her restock the candy desk and I know JeffS got an emergency shipment over. As I am Atomic Fireball challenged in this area, they will have to settle for Mardi Gras beads. (Can’t chew ’em, but they’re cheerful.)
    Flat rate boxes have gone up to just a smidge over $8, too.

  7. OOOh, man ~ I forgot! Remember to mention the Swilling and Lt. Plummer when you send your boxes ~ that way they know that it came from friends, vice anonymous sort of name pickings. And feel free to just send Sarah a box load of yumyums for the candy desk for everyone to share. I know it’s big $$’s to send individual shipments, especially after you all did so DANG much over the holidays. Every little bit is magic, ya know! {:^)

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