You Can Buy the Reissued 39¢ Eid Stamp

…in 2 days.
My buddies at CAIR want everyone to use them, bless their little pointy wrapped heads.

USPS to Re-Issue ‘Eid’ Stamps
(WASHINGTON, D.C., 9/28/06) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is asking members of the American Muslim community to contact local postmasters and request that they stock the stamp commemorating Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha when it is re-issued on October 6, 2006, as part of the “Holiday Series.” In past years, there have been reports that the Eid stamp was unavailable in some post offices.
CAIR is also asking Muslims to buy and use Eid stamps for all their mailing needs.

This stamp was originally issued on September 1, 2001 (Yes, that date is right), but not without it’s own prescient little controversy

November 14, 2001
Washington, DC – “The U.S. Postal Service today is reproducing its Holiday Stamp promotional posters in local post offices in response to recent concerns raised by the American Muslim community.
Due to an oversight, an image of the Eid stamp, which commemorates two important Islamic festivals, was left off the promotional posters*.
The Postal Service deeply regrets the oversight and is reprinting the holiday posters depicting the Eid stamp image in local post offices. Eid stamps will be available for sale at post offices nationwide this Holiday season.

…and darned if I don’t think *they got it right the first time. Now, I know this is a free country and all the money goes to the Post Office and not murderous thugs or anything, but…I’ll stick to the Ben Franklin series, ’cause I tend to bristle when I read a comment like this on an Islamic blog (SEE? I’m well rounded!) announcing the glad tidings.

That is so nice, the Americans are so friendly to Muslims – it is indeed such a Great Country that they have eid stamps for Muslims. We should be happy. Our government and postal service are so very Muslim friendly.
Could you also ask the postal service, if they are also going to issue stamps celebrating the slaughter of Iraqi Muslims, Palestinian Muslims, Lebanese Muslims?

Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Would that I could find a Babelfish Arabic translation for ‘f*ckwad’.

6 Responses to “You Can Buy the Reissued 39¢ Eid Stamp”

  1. DirtCrashr says:

    I have the Super Heros, Baseball Sluggers, and American Motorcycles – I’d never use one of those stamps, ever.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    If I have to use one I’ll lick it with booze on my lips.

  3. Brian B says:

    Eat a barbecued pork sandwich, then swill it down with some alcohol, THEN lick the stamp.

  4. Nightfly says:

    Could you also ask the postal service, if they are also going to issue stamps celebrating the slaughter of Iraqi Muslims, Palestinian Muslims, Lebanese Muslims?
    Is this guy talking about all the dudes killed by Egypt, Jordan, the Saudis, Saddam Hussein, Syria, etc. etc.? Or does he want us to act like the typical Islamobomber who celebrates the slaughter of the Copts, Christian Sudanese, Jews, schoolchildren of every creed, and victims of “honor killings”?
    I mean, I’m just a little confused on this point.

  5. Annalucia says:

    I just ordered a hundred of the reissued Ronald Reagan stamp; “Distinguished Marines” is still available too (though at 37c so you’ll need your penny stamps as well). I order ’em online so I’m not at the mercy of the local PO which rarely stocks any style worth buying.

  6. terrorfree says:

    CAIR – 1, FREE SPEECH – 0
    Islamonazi CAIR Intimidates Yet Another American Business In Dhimmitude – MSNBC video
    Free Patriotic Corner Banners:

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