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Ebola Versus The Ronulans Part I

[ths notes: this is unabridged/unedited (other than making the links live) for your comsumption and discussion, as sweet child, in an online fight-to-the-death with peer-group Ronulans, sent this along just as major dad and I were heading out for the morning. We haven’t had a chance to it its proper due. Oh, we DO love this wonderous kid of ours, who actually takes time to research and “think”.]

As much as I want to harp on multiple points outside of Foreign Policy, I’ll stick directly to what he’s actually said repeatedly strictly concerning foreign policy. I will analyze the initial individual policy and its subsequent impacts on (A) foreign relations/diplomacy, (B) trade, (C) logistics of military operations, (D) military operations and the continued ability towage force projected kinetic conventional and unconventional warfare in foreign and domestic defense of the United States, its territories, allies and assets.I will also investigate the historical fallaciousness Doctor Paul uses to legitimize his foreign policy decisions (ETC).

Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy thesis points:

I) Remove ALL troops from overseas. See also concerning historical accuracy of the overseas bases being the sole catalyst for Muslim terror operations.
REF: Here

III) (cont.) “If anybody dared touch us we could wipe any country off of theface of the earth within hours. And here we are, so intimidated and so insecure and we’re acting like such bullies that we have to attack third-world nations that have no military and have no weapon.”

IV) Illegality of conflicts outside of declared war hither to Constitutionality and his record on voting concerning “Unconstitutional” conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.
REF: Here|| Attn: Sept 14, 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, AKA PUBLIC LAW 107–40 which passed Congress as a whole Sept 18th, 2001.

I) Doctor Paul has repeatedly said his first order of business in office, through executive powers will be to recall all troops from overseas. Closing all bases and additional quotes:

(I-a) “All those troops would spend their money here at home. And besides those troops overseas aggravate our enemies, motivate our enemies. I think it’s adanger to our national defense and we can save a lot of money cutting out the military expenditures that contribute nothing to our defense.”
(I-b) “..We have 12,000 diplomats, I’m suggesting that maybe we ought to use some of them. But just think of how we prevented a nuclear war with the Soviets when the Soviet missiles were put in Cuba. We didn’t say we’re going to attack you, Kennedy and Khrushchev talked and they made a deal: “You take your weapons out of Cuba, we’ll take them out of Turkey”. That’s the kind of talk that I want. I think the greatest danger now is for us to overreact, and this is what I’m fearful of. Iran doesn’t have a bomb, there’s no proof, there’s no new information, regardless of this recent report. And for us to overreact and talk about bombing Iran, that’s much more dangerous. We got the Libyans to get rid of their nuclear power and their nuclear weapons, and look at what happened to them. So we got to understand that…”

These two statements show both a complete misunderstanding of history, economics, as well as strategic and tactical asset with their combined logistics.

Foreign relations/Diplomacy: The US currently has military accords and agreements with an amazing assortment of countries to the point that we do not have the space to list them so I’ll use specific examples and broaden as our discourse continues.

Imagine, if you will, that the US abruptly within 90 days of an executive order(the necessary time before Congress can act, provided it is issued properly) severs all military alliances, accords and agreements with its allies and trade/military partners as Ron Paul has repeatedly announced he will do. 12,000 diplomats do no good if the US breaks its word to hundreds of countries, never mind all at once. The impact here should be blatantly obvious, but I’ll illuminate further on it shortly.

Trade: With the dissipation of Status of Forces agreements with key regional allies, for this example we will use South Korea, Japan, Australia and European Union member states. Our trade with South Korea alone is projected at $10.1b for FY2010 additional GDP for the US, so let us assume thisis the mean amount for these four adding to a grand total of $40.4b additional GDP for the US. Far below the reality though enough to make a point for this argument. We can assume that there will be immediate non-military repercussions from our allies for failing to uphold our end of the bargain. There is no way to guestimate, but it would be irrational not to think that our once-allies would react quickly where trade is concerned and cut ties as well as free trade agreements as there would be little other way to react. However, even were they to maintain some semblance of the trade status quo, we haven’t accounted for the repercussions of removing our ability to protect trade militarily.

Logistics of Military Operations: This portion needs to be said in order to understand the direct impact on US military capability to project and conduct kinetic operations (blow shit up, bang bang, I realize a lot of people don’t get this term as it has recently popped up to more politely explain we’re killing people directly with conventional weapons).

The US military is limited by its logistic resupply capability, meaning that we are essentially dependent on hundreds of camps, stations, air fields, ports and War Reserve Stocks(WRS) around the world in order to project deadly force. By this I mean that in order to conduct effective missions against both insurgent activity and conventional forces (IE China, Russia). We do not have any platform, short of thermonuclear tipped Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) that can strike targets reliably,much less in mass, without refueling and rearmament necessity not to mention forward operating maintenance. With a 90day limit before Congress can intervene concerning “President” Paul’s issued executive order the military will lose the majority of its assets in any local theater of operations. This is at the cost of trillions $US as the military will be forced to abandon gear on short notice and transport hundreds of thousands of troops through civilian means as military transport assets will bealmost assuredly locked up in transporting equipment rather than key personnel.

Military Operations: Assume now that the military is now inside of the Continental United States (CONUS). Our only military assets abroad are now strictly submarines, which we’ll cover later. We’ve established that short of ICBMs we’ve no way of responding militarily to any threat to ourselves outside of CONUS and its surrounding waters. More importantly we have no way to defend our allies in strategically important theaters of war.

Within five years, rest assured that South Korea will be annihilated by North Korea backed by China/Russia. We will likely also lose Taiwan and Japan to China within five years of the last US boot leaving foreign soil in the region.Chinese predation through the region, already increasing (I-c: below) as our military capabilities diminish under the current administration in the region, will continue to increase throughout the South Pacific. Given the event of conflict with China we can assume the loss of ALL trade from the West due to the ease of Chinese or even Russian interdiction on trade routes. We won’t be able to stop them concerning this as we’ll have absolutely no method of projecting firepower with our logistical supply line being non-existent past the Aleutian Straits in the North Pacific (NORPAC), the Hawaiian Islands in the Central Pacific with the South Pacific belonging almost uncontested to whoever wished to claim it. Guam as well as our other South Asian island chain territories will be cut off with absolutely no effort on the part of enemy conventional forces.

As for Europe keep in mind the Georgian–Ossetian conflict of 2008. Also recall that the EU’s military forces are almost solely dependent on the US for mass transport and “rapid” response to conflicts as well as the fact that Europe is almost completely dependent upon Russia for natural fuels. Now, the Georgian conflict came to a rapid conclusion because the Russians were flexing their muscle but we responded by rounding up military assets. Without US presence in the region do you seriously think for a second that Russia, especially given its current socio-economic issues, would hesitate for a moment to make a power grab against a neutered Western Europe?

Finally our lack of military assets concerning non-conventional forces: Ignore the early concept of direct conventional power grabs by Russia, China or anyother would-be world power in this rapid power paradigm shift thanks to Ron Pauls’ policy of military isolationism. Piracy, as evidenced with the increased last few years of piracy along the Somali coast, is already on the rise. Currently it is requiring a coalition force to even limit its already considerable effect. With our military essentially landlocked for all pertinent purposes we will no longer be able to stop nonconventional predation on US trade fleets, something that hasn’t happened since a decade after this great nation’s inception to the world stage. That means that “indigenous insurgent” Somalitype forces could feed on our tradeships along with essentially state sponsored profiteering of larger states. This alone, ignoring a direct military move against the US, would cripple the economy beyond repair in short order.

Further REF for Section I:

Fallacies and Word Play: Doctor Paul has made a number of unfortunate remarks to back his isolating the US and hamstringing the effectivenessof the Armed Services.

“All those troops would spend their money here at home. And besides those troops overseas aggravate our enemies, motivate our enemies. I think it’s adanger to our national defense and we can save a lot of money cutting out themilitary expenditures that contribute nothing to our defense.”

While no one would argue that if we could magically transport all our gear, goods and personnel back to CONUS in all brand new or revitalized bases to house said assets it would save money …the undertaking of such an effort IRL would be so costly even in a surplus economy that it would nearly be economically unfeasible. His assertion that the troops would be home spending money isn’t incorrect as much as it purposely ignores that the vast majority ofthose troops would be discharged due to the lack of housing these Brigades, Wings,etc. The amount of money required to revitalize and expand current bases, purchase old bases and revitalize them as well as build new bases to house the amountof troops, supplies, ordinance and tactical assets makes maintaining the current military numbers completely infeasible. That is even ignoring the costof bringing them home instead of the far lesser annual cost of maintaining existing offshore assets. This means that Paul is suggesting adding hundreds of thousands of veterans to an already dismal jobs market, raising unemployed numbers and likely costing more as troops cash in on their Post-9/11 and Montgomery GI bills in order to keep themselves and their families fed for at least a short while. There could not be worse doublespeak or economic naiveté than this statement displays. It’s all pretty until you actually start realizing the legitimate numbers involved. If you’d like I can easily do some gross estimates backed by current statistics.

As for a danger to our national defense, I think just the initial A-D of Section I readily displays what the true danger to national defense is: This policy.

Next: “..We have 12,000 diplomats, I’m suggesting that maybe we ought to use some of them. But just think of how we prevented a nuclear war with the Soviets when the Soviet missiles were put in Cuba. We didn’t say we’re going to attack you, Kennedy and Khrushchev talked and they made a deal: “You take your weapons out of Cuba, we’ll take them out of Turkey”. That’s the kind of talk that I want. I think the greatest danger now is for us to overreact, and this is what I’m fearful of. Iran doesn’t have a bomb, there’s no proof, there’s no new information, regardless of this recent report. And for us to overreact and talkabout bombing Iran, that’s much more dangerous. We got the Libyans to get rid of their nuclear power and their nuclear weapons, and look at what happened tothem. So we got to understand that…”

While I realize the first sentence of this statement can be attributed to hyperbole I find it morally repugnant coming from the “Moral Choice.” As for the Cuban Missile Crisis portion of the statement, I can’t get over how idiotic it is. We prevented nuclear war not through removing all military presence. President Kennedy activated the Air Force in such a way that an eighth or more of our strategic nuclear bombers were in the air at all times. He blockaded Cuba to keep further Russian assets from reaching Cuba and aiding in the rapid completion of the launch sites. Please explain where all of this is a slackening in strength? So, after this increase in responsive posture and DISPLAY of military might, Khrushchev calls Kennedy and backs down. It wasn’t Kennedy removing military armament. Actually, it should be noted that the government actually OFFERED to remove existing armaments in Turkey. That didn’t aid in the negotiations, in fact nothing but an aggressive posture did.

For a man that rides on both his military service and his supposed dedicated “veteran” following I, nor 99% of my active duty brethren I’ve spoken to on the subject, have never met, this is a large flaw.

Something From Ebola to Make Your Head


I Have to Brag ~ There’s Gonna Be a Little Ceremony This Morning Out at Davis-Monthan

Our sweet Ebola, the best, smartest and surliest weatherman on earth, is going to be meritoriously promoted to Senior Airman and it’s a pretty big deal ~ called “Below the Zone” in AirForce parlance.

And we’re pretty damned proud.

We love you much, baby boy.

Ebola Sends: PhotoShop Can Take Years Off Your Face, Inches Off a Super Model

…and put thousands of teeny, teeny, tiny little Occupiers on a Google Map shot where there weren’t any before.


Note to rage-against-the-machine/banks/waterflouridation types: Other people know it can do that, too.

Ebola Just Purchased His Very First Firearm

As his mummy, I worry more than usual in this instance and NOT because my incredibly mature son is the issue.

“The idea that when a SWAT team breaks down the door of a home without a no-knock warrant and is thereby justified in firing on anyone who has a weapon in their hands — in their own home — particularly if that weapon might be aimed in their direction, is nothing less than horrifying. It is essentially saying that officers may shoot first — in fact that they may plan beforehand to shoot first — and be reasonably certain later.

If that is the case, anyone living in Sheriff Dupnik’s jurisdiction does indeed have to worry about “confrontation with the cops.”

Guess where he lives?

As I noted on his FaceBook page, young Jedi is a military member, out-of-state resident, with Florida plates on the Commando Wagon. The local sheriff has deputies who kill people with many holes in the body.

Please to carefully research all local, state and installation laws before said weapon makes it to your vehicle.“, I said (Pleasepleasepleaseplease.). But even that knowlege isn’t going to save you against a rogue police department, so be polite and use common sense, while always being in the right.

Sheesh. I’m a wussie wreck here.

(H/T Instapundit)

BIG Badda


New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism

NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth’s atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted, reports a new study in the peer-reviewed science journal Remote Sensing. The study indicates far less future global warming will occur than United Nations computer models have predicted, and supports prior studies indicating increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide trap far less heat than alarmists have claimed.

Study co-author Dr. Roy Spencer, a principal research scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and U.S. Science Team Leader for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer flying on NASA’s Aqua satellite, reports that real-world data from NASA’s Terra satellite contradict multiple assumptions fed into alarmist computer models.

“The satellite observations suggest there is much more energy lost to space during and after warming than the climate models show,” Spencer said in a July 26 University of Alabama press release. “There is a huge discrepancy between the data and the forecasts that is especially big over the oceans.”

In addition to finding that far less heat is being trapped than alarmist computer models have predicted, the NASA satellite data show the atmosphere begins shedding heat into space long before United Nations computer models predicted.

Ebola’s explanation accompanied the link for the article:

Idiots. No shit something that can only A) maintain atmospheric properties if attached to cloud conducting nuclei (CCN) B) At maximum can retain under .01% of said CCN ain’t gonna trap heat. That means it’s so miniscule it’s only capable of reflecting or “trapping” exceptionally short wavelengths.

We’re still waiting on a pie chart to turn that into English for us rubes, but, most assuredly, your taxpayer dollars have been well spent on at least ONE Air Force weather grad.

I wonder if Al heard the earth move under his feet?

UPDATE: Ebola plain Englishspeak:

Talking about carbon dioxide as a thermal reflector. Just the base idea that it can, on its own, reflect a significant enough portion of thermal radiation at any length to warm the atmosphere that much is a f*cking joke

Ebola has always been a “climate skeptic”.

Courtesy of Ebola Comes a Video He’ll Be Watching Over and Over, While Living

…in the back of the Commando Wagon down by the river, since his apartment complex WON’T take the government vouchers for rent payment that Congress will be passing out to active duty members, because they can’t get their heads remove á vous from their asses in a timely fashion.

ths notes: After watching, I tried to get into their website yesterday, but the servers were all blowed up from traffic. Seems LOTS of folks had inquiring minds.

In a Strange Twist of Fate, After Only Being in Tucson a Couple Months

Ebola has contracted Valley Fever.

Doesn’t that look weird?

I mean, my poor baby, of course.

But still.

UPDATE: Thank you all for your concern, but, ONE day after his diagnosis, a night’s sleep and disregarding the best medical advice the AirForce had to offer (like a month in quarters), my intrepid son was on his next secret mission for the country’s security: acquiring a virus known as H-A-N-T-A…

At least the medicine’s free for another four years.

This Will Take Six Minutes of Your Life

…and probably as many Kleenixes.

A couple who are professional stormchasers will never be the same.

The Joplin tornado.

Ebola Sends: Music For a Friday Evening

Twentynine Short Years Ago Today, Ebola Made His First Command Appearance

In a portent of things to come, he showed up at Naval Regional Medical Center, Long Beach, California, at HIS convenience, demanded our complete capitulation, some chow and started dictating terms immediately. Adorable child, is he not?

He will always be THE light of our lives.

Loveses you!

About That Whole, Liberal “Finally Having ‘An Intelligent Man As President'” Meme?

I should feel ashamed that Tony Bennett points these obvious truths out?


Oddly, enough, Ebola sent us something this weekend which covered that pretty succinctly.

Bitter clingers don’t need no old, fancy, Hollywood-type tellin’ who’s betteren us. Just takes yer own lyin’ eyes and anybody with ’bout half a brain kin do it. ‘Course, now, he might not have that much left a’ his.

When Someone Can Use a “Cat” To Torture His Dog

…somehow waterboarding Al-Qaeda scum pales in significance.

Captain Nathan J. Nylander, USAF

When he was the Company Grade Officer of the Quarter, the press release makes you smile:

Capt. Nathan J. Nylander – Flight Commander
· The best part of his deployment is the ability we all have to affect change within U.S. military units but also within the AAF
· His greatest accomplishment since joining the military is working up through the ranks of Airman Basic to Technical Sergeant, earning my Bachelor’s degree, and getting his commission with the support of his family
· His deployment goals are to work hard, making a difference, affecting change and build strong relations with the Afghan Air Force weather personnel.

How I wish he could’ve had that chance…

KABUL, Afghanistan — Eight American troops and a U.S. contractor died Wednesday after an Afghan military pilot opened fire during a meeting at Kabul airport — the deadliest episode to date of an Afghan turning against his coalition partners, officials said.

The Afghan officer, who was a veteran military pilot, fired on the Americans after an argument, the Afghan Defense Ministry said.

…The shooting occurred in an operations room of the Afghan Air Corps at Kabul airport.

…to make see if he could make that difference. To come home, grow old…watch his three kids grow up. Anything, but what happened. God bless her, how does she explain something so traitorous, so hateful, so evil…so horribly final?

Apr 29, 2011 TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – The United States Air Force has confirmed that an officer based at Davis Monthan Air Force Base was killed in Kabul, Afghanistan on Wednesday.

A Davis-Monthan Air Force Base spokesperson says 35 year-old Captain Nathan Nylander was killed after a shooting at Kabul International Airport, Afghanistan. His body arrived at Dover Air Force Base Friday. The Kentucky native was based in Tucson.

We thank you, Captain, for your service and sacrifice. God bless you, son.
Our most earnest thanks and heartfelt condolences to your brave family.

Ebola Sent This Specifically for the Air Force Weather Angle

…but if it doesn’t speak (in a completely bonofide and NSFW manner) to anybody who’s ever spent ONE DAY in the U.S. military, then you served somewhere else, I’m thinkin’.

It’s Tuesday

I feel so TECHNO.

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