Busy Hurricane Michael Morning

Hatches damn near battened.

And last shot at a poop and pooped out.

He’s finally started that turn to the NE. I’m torn, as always. Breathe a little easier if it continues, but would never, EVER wish that horror on anyone.

May God bless and keep all in his path safe.

3 Responses to “Busy Hurricane Michael Morning”

  1. Kathy Kinsley says:

    Tallahassee with all those idiot students – who won’t prepare… ugh.

    You stay safe!

  2. Dave E. says:

    Good luck and stay safe.

  3. tree hugging sister says:

    Thanks guys! Man, oh, man – I think we totally dodged a nasty one. Biggest gust over here about 40 mph. Had almost 70 mph during George just a bit ago, so WHEW! And it’s a complete miracle, that thing going in where it did.

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