6 Reasons to Love John Corzine

…besides the cute, fuzzy beard.
1) He’s a generous, gift giving kinda guy, which can save you lots in interest payments if you’re frisky enough. Call it “Fourhundredandseventythousandways to Leave Your Lover”.
2) He’s a ‘build it and they will come’ kinda guy. After all, 392 acre green tracks are a dime a dozen in the ‘Garden State’. That’s why they call it that, duh.
3) He won’t cost you a salary when he wins. (To be honest, that Forrester guy won’t either.)
4) He wants to let you toke up like they do in California. (Again, to be honest, so does the other guy.)
5) His scandals are much more popular with voters than the other guy’s (last paragraph).
6) He and Senator Frist have a lot more in common (last four paragraphs) than just a leather chair; a veritable “blind-trust leading the blind” club. It’s good he can work both sides of the aisle like that. Or just both sides.

Sure wish I was still a registered Jersey voter. (We’re stuck with boring old JEB. Big deal, famous brother.) You guys have real choices. Yup. New Jersey politics. Nothin’ like it.

2 Responses to “6 Reasons to Love John Corzine”

  1. kcruella says:

    Hmmm should I stop hanging up the phone when I hear “hello this is John Corzine and I want to be your Gov”? Maybe he just wants to talk over dinner and buy me a house.

  2. I keep telling you, you’re too picky.

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