8 Years Ago Today at About 3 in the Morning

…life was sucking bad.


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  1. currently says:

    Yeah, I remember at about exactly this moment (8 yrs ago), I was sitting in my living room with my golden retriever (the better half was in Atlanta visiting a friend and probably knew more than I what was happening) listening to the thumps, bangs, bumps and wind howling. Power was out and had been for about 5 hrs. Very dark. Last thing I saw before nightfall was a huge oak tree at the end of my driveway fall (found a litter of baby racoons in there the next morning and watched their mother take each one to a safer place).

    Was just waiting for a tree to crash through the roof.

    When morning broke I saw the destruction around me and heard of it elsewhere and Ivan was still in the area.

    Spent the next couple weeks cleaning debris from mine and friends homes and yards. I didn’t get flooded like some of my buds.

    But we all got together to cook (grill) and eat food that had to be eaten or lost at the end of the days.

    That’s what I remember most – everyone working hard and sharing what they had.

    Making the most of a bad situation.

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